Month: November 2008

Growing Pains

An interesting piece by Elaine C Smith, Convenor of the Scottish Independence Convention in the impressively re-designed (but oddly static?) online version of Red Pepper. For me the Convention is still too reactive (‘We are an umbrella grouping for supporters of Scottish… Read More ›

Team GB?

Tom Gordon – the hack who presumably has been brought in to alter the dangerously-close-to-independent-balanced-reporting on ‘the National Question’ that the Sunday Herald has been dabbling in these past few years, must be pissed off with this eloquent article by Ian… Read More ›

Fear and Loathing

What’s a more motivating force, fear or hope? Across the pond Obama has inspired a generation, re-inspired another and put 9 million people on the electoral register. Here a halving of the Labour Partys majority has been represented to as… Read More ›