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    Weeping for Humanity

    Does people speaking a language that’s not important to you make you “Weep for Humanity”? Occasionally the rational version of Unionist discourse about “pooling and […]

    11th Dec'17 2
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    11th Dec'17 0
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    The Excruciating Detail of Existence

    Fair play to Molly Scott Cato – the Green MEP – who is taking David Davis to court over Brexit. Here she is questioned by […]

    11th Dec'17 0
  • Brexit

    Last Brexit Hero

    A new dawn is breaking … meet David Spokesperson By Shaun @Shiny02

    10th Dec'17 1
  • Brexit

    Something will turn up

    Wilkins Micawber and Theresa May have a lot in common. They both pin their faith on something turning up. “The DUP’s resistance to this fudge […]

    9th Dec'17 12
  • Brexit

    Arlene Foster Helps Both Ways

    To summarise then. Arlene Foster and the Irish Government have negotiated a soft-Brexit framework for the United Kingdom. Arlene Foster and the Irish Government may […]

    8th Dec'17 6
  • Scots

    Scots Keyboard

    Scots keyboard at lang last! Ye micht hae thocht, whan ye packed it in at schuil, that ye’d had yer last row for sayin ‘oot’ […]

    Tammas Clark 8th Dec'17 13
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    Short Cuts to Where?

    Class over nation? A left argument for independence. In a typically thoughtful piece (Short Cuts), Rory Scothorne argues that the Scottish Labour left have seized […]

    James Mackenzie 7th Dec'17 14
  • Music

    On Glasgow’s Music and Soul

    A guest editor pick by Laura Waddell, here’s Leo Condie of WHITE and Sarah Martin of Belle and Sebastian in conversation about Glasgow, music, and […]

    Leo Condie and Sarah Martin 6th Dec'17 0
  • Arts & Culture
    Sara Shaarawi and Henry Bell 6th Dec'17 2
  • Arts & Culture
    Nadine Aisha Jassat 6th Dec'17 1
  • Energy

    Energy Democracy

    How a country or individual approaches the politics of energy is perhaps one of the most significant bellwethers for party and personal politics there is. […]

    Magnus Jamieson 6th Dec'17 4
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    Setting out on a constitutional

    Welcome to Constitution Street in Leith. Maybe you know it. Maybe you don’t. You will certainly know another street well, perhaps the street where you […]

    Jemma Neville 6th Dec'17 5

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