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  • Europe

    Scotland Continental

    Columba, herring, Burns and Ossian helped put Scotland in Europe a long time ago, argues Neal Ascherson. In those stunned days after the Brexit vote […]

    Neal Ascherson 30th Sep'16 0
  • Music

    How Long Has this Been Going On?

    Every Friday we bring you our track of the week. This week we give you How Long has this Been Going On? from Fear of […]

    30th Sep'16 0
  • International

    This is what democracy looks like

    Sarah Glynn – member of Scottish Solidarity with Kurdistan was part of a Scottish delegation to the Democratic Union Party Congress in Brussels, discussing the democratic […]

    Sarah Glynn 30th Sep'16 2
  • Commentary

    The Defence of Trident

    Trident isn’t a matter of left or right any more, or the ethics of pacifism or unilateralism, it’s become a constitutional issue. It matters that […]

    Mike Small 29th Sep'16 15
  • International

    Clinton Trumps the Donald


    Chris Cairns 27th Sep'16 6
  • Commentary

    Jeremy Corbyn is Not the Issue

    This week starts with the end of a twenty year entryist takeover of the Labour Party. The Blairite missionaries efforts have crumbled like a PFI […]

    Mike Small 26th Sep'16 24
  • Commentary


    Like a lot of people, I’ve just been watching Jeremy Corbyn, overwhelmingly confirmed as leader of the Labour Party, say nothing I really disagreed with […]

    Peter Arnott 25th Sep'16 21
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    Perspective (get some)

    We’re delighted to be partnering with Phantom Power films new venture, ‘Perspective’. He writes: ‘Our taster show is a magazine format with all kinds of […]

    Phantom Power 25th Sep'16 3
  • Europe

    Europe in Scotland #EU2

    In the third of our series inviting European citizens living in Scotland to reflect on the Brexit crisis, Svenja Meyerricks  contributes. #EU2 How has the Brexit […]

    Svenja Meyerricks 23rd Sep'16 8
  • Scots

    The Gypsy Traiveller “problem”

    Alistair Heather scrieves anent an ayebydand problem in landward airts o the kintrae, atween settled societie an the ‘gaun aboot fowk’ we cry Traivellers an […]

    Alistair Heather 23rd Sep'16 16
  • Tribe of Moles
    Bruce Scott 22nd Sep'16 23
  • Education

    Tunnelling Out

    Tunnelling Out: How Intellectual Property Created in Scottish Universities using Your Money is Given Away ‘For Free’ by the Neoliberal Scottish Funding Council. In a […]

    John O'Dowd 22nd Sep'16 26
  • Review


    Determination: how Scotland can become independent by 2021, by Robin McAlpine; Commonweal After “an independence campaign [that] was never more alive than after its loss”, […]

    John Herdman 22nd Sep'16 3

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