Month: October 2009

The New 40% Rule

They’re just making it up now…Gerry Hassan in today’s Scotsman outlines the recent attempts to re-awaken an old debate that somehow we would need TWO referendums to gain independence. The first, you see, to sort of see if we wanted… Read More ›

Britain & Freedom

Our friend Tom Griffin argues that Anthony Barnett’s piece on the BNP and the BBC is the best he’s seen so far, and certainly Barnett is clear where some have been ambiguous: “It is necessary and important to stress that… Read More ›

We Are All Learners

Two absolutely superb new  ventures have loomed into view recently. The first is the rather luverly looking This is Central Station, who say:  ‘this is a space for exploring art, film and design. Come in, join the community, share and… Read More ›

Carbon Futures

As the SNP gathers in Inverness the slogan “It’s Scotland’s Oil” seems an awfully long time ago. We rightly celebrate the best climate change bill in the world, but this from Grist makes the mood seem a little less celebratory:… Read More ›

From Protest to Power

This week Edinburgh University Press have just published this book The Modern SNP from Protest to Power. This launch essay from author Gerry Hassan was published in the Sunday Times Ecosse section, which isn’t published online, so the link for the… Read More ›


This from Alastair McIntosh: “In the forecourt of Euston station sits a tractor-sized sculpture called Piscator. “Silvery and enigmatic”, said the Telegraph in its obituary of Sir Eduardo Paolozzi. He’d crafted the piece in honour of Erwin Piscator, the German… Read More ›