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Drone Wars

By Des O’Sullivan: UK Police are in talks with BAE to supply Unmanned Aerial Vehicles for surveillance purposes and hope to have them operational in time for the 2012 London Olympics. Their perceived success in Afghanistan and other regional conflicts… Read More ›

The Sense of an Ending

As Broonland is launched we feature this extended article by Christopher Harvie. He writes: “Since the crash the UK political world seems to have realised that it’s rooted in nothing: so rapidly has the dissolution of industrial membrane and post-industrial… Read More ›

Labour’s Fantasy Electoral Plan

Listening to Douglas Alexander’s evasive shuffling to James Naughtie a realisation dawned.  New Labour’s internalised belief in themselves and delusion that there is still an ideological umbilical cord between Labour’s Old & New will be Gordon’s death-knell. Yesterday the Twitterati speculated that… Read More ›

Bad News (again)

This is a story about the telly, the tabloids and what’s still referred to, semi-seriously as ‘the Scottish broadsheets’. It may seem repetitive but the affect of the process is a re-writing of history as it happens. Joe Middleton over… Read More ›