Month: February 2011

MayDay! MayDay for Britain!

The primary role of the British state is to stop the nation happening, in the nation’s proper, civic, dialectical, inclusive sense – and the replacement of a workers’ day by a ‘British day’ is an entirely normal sign of how Britain works.

Irish Ayes

Rampant capitalism has brought the country to its knees so the only cure is more rampant capitalism. Not that anyone really has engaged in policy debate to any extent in this election given that the major parties all agree on the IMF/ECB approach and all vow to slash public spending. No, the main motivation of many voters seems to be to destroy Fianna Fail and the, if anything more despised, Greens whose principles melted in hubris the day they signed the pact.

AV – Alba Voice

AV: It’s a smokescreen for real change. It’s British politics at it’s dire turgid worst. It’s puerile tinkering dressed up as change. As the people of North Africa are intent on throwing off tyrannical rule and exploring new democracies we are faced with some regurgitated constitutional sick which the Liberals, complicit in the wholesale dismantling of the public sector are – for some inexplicable reason – delighted about.

Wales Begins with a Yes

On the 3rd of March, people in Wales shall be voting on greater powers for the Assembly. This is a huge step forward for the country, and another nail in the coffin of the UK. Despite some narrow-minded gibes about Wales being the “slow boat in the convoy”, by Scottish activists, this is in fact not the case. Wales is unlikely to overtake Scotland, but for the last ten years, it has actually travelled further and faster than Scotland has in that time.

Neu Reekie 2

* It’s Neu like pie not Neu like Neo… “Neu! Reekie! is the very visceral meeting of avant-garde poetry and film. The night promises to shock and stun, playing host to the abstract and abstruse, the sinister and sanguine. Post… Read More ›

Not Burns

By Dougie Strang Last month the Robert Burns Birthplace Museum was officially opened by the First Minister and by Liz Lochhead, our new Scots Makar.  Earlier, it had opened to the public on the 1st of December 2010. There’s a hard… Read More ›

Take Caledonia

‘Stop the World – Scotland wants to get on!’ said Winnie Ewing after winning Hamilton for the SNP in 1967. As revolutionary action sweeps the world how can we find new ways of participating and building political movements and embolden Scottish political expectations?

Bye Bye Wendy

So Go Lassie Go has the lowdown on the story behind Wendy’s departure here.  The reality is she had to resign not because of dodgy expenses (she was definitely more McLetchie than Devine in the scale of things). No her… Read More ›

Catalonia at a Turning Point

What is happening in Catalonia, translated into Scottish terms, might be said to be roughly as follows. The largest pro-devolution anti-independence political party – that would be the group that calls itself the Scottish Labour Party – increasingly asserts that devolution is not serving the best interests of the country and that further attempts to develop it are not likely to be beneficial. Accordingly, it is flirting with the more alluring prospects which independence appears to offer in comparison and is drawing nearer to the SNP. Clearly, as things stand, that would be nothing short of a fantasy. In Catalonia, on the other hand, what would not so long ago have been regarded as fantastical is in the process of transforming itself into a reality the contours of which will become clearer over the coming months.

Huff Puff Enough?

How does it feel – as an occasional Huff Post Blogger who knew there would never be any payment involved – to observe the whole enterprise being sold to AOL for three hundred or so million dollars? I suppose I should be outraged that my free labour has contributed to a valuation from which I won’t receive a penny of direct profit. But I’m not…

Scottish Labour’s Conservative Disposition

It remains one of the most remarkable electoral phenomena in post-war Europe that Scottish Labour has won every single British general election in Scotland since 1964. What makes this all the more remarkable is that the consequences of this have proved so devastating for the majority of Scottish Labour voters themselves. Like Gladstone’s repeated bouts of self-flagellation after purposively and, we must assume, successfully resisting the temptations of London’s East-End prostitutes, it seems that Scottish Labour voters just can’t get enough of Tory governments at Westminster.

The Scotland Bill and the Crown Estate Commissioners

“Why is the Crown Estate still administered by Commissioners in London who are unaccountable to the Scottish Parliament and yet manage Scottish public land? Why, when all the planning and environmental regulation is carried out by Scottish local authorities and Marine Scotland at some cost to the public purse do net revenues still flow straight to HM Treasury?”

Mall Culture

More Tales from the Mall from Ewan Morrison…What do a cigarette, a medieval game and a wrecking ball have in common? More fascinating facts from the Mall: “The whole point of Tales from the Mall, is to set in motion… Read More ›