Month: April 2011

This is Not a Wedding

Stop telling me it is wrong for me to object, to think for myself or to feel this is wrong. Take your hands off my neck and take back your flag. I will not take one of these and I will not forget what has been done to us all. We are not all in this together.

Alba Voice – Vote Independence on 5th May

The reality is that the longer the AV ‘campaigns’ drone on the less anyone cares. So let’s turn a miserable little compromise into a voice for real change. You now effectively have 3 votes for independence on the 5th May – let’s make our voice heard. AV=Alba Voice. Vote Yes Yes Yes for independence!

Mixed Messages for the Greens?

In California, this is “John Muir Day”, a public holiday. Why don’t we celebrate it here? John Muir is practically a saint in the USA (actually he is considered a saint in at least one church), but this great Scottish environmentalist is still barely known in his home country.

Deaf Faker

We’ve posted this brilliant seven minute film for all our deaf readers.  They’ll love it.  At long last a normal person gets to find out what it’s like being deaf.  Well done brave Charlotte for making the effort…

What if?

With the People’s Toff and the increasingly miserable Krampus figure of Nick Clegg Labour should be romping home. It’s testimony to the complete failure of Miliband to master any sense of direction or vision that Labour are struggling to make an impact in this election.

Wean’s World

Twelve years of devolution have largely failed Scotland’s children. In twelve years of plenty, with record billions at our disposal, we have conspired to create a Scotland in which educational attainment has flatlined and health has deteriorated. Our children are now less well fed and less well off; they are more vulnerable, more abused and more neglected; violence and alcohol blight their lives daily.

Mapping Online Scotland

By Mike Small Following the Scottish tradition of visual thinking, Bella C and collaborators will be charting online activity over the summer of 2011. Inspired by the above map we expect to have to traverse the Northern Wasteland of Unread… Read More ›


From the people at D8: Scottish people have a long history of innovation. You name it, we invented it. Yes, everything (almost). Admittedly, it’s been a while since we gave the world anything that could support such outlandish claims of… Read More ›

Barely Regal

By Mike Small The news that Rangers FC could be going bust would come as a shock only to the pliant Scottish football media (CEO Chick Young) and the follow followers who believe that talking frankly about football finance is… Read More ›