"The UK Scotland voted to stay in doesn't exist any more"

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    New Yes

    This from September 2014: “The No campaign remains doggedly other-worldly. With one leg planted firmly in the past, the other dangles still less probably in […]

    27th Jun'16 5
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    Matthew Zajac 27th Jun'16 3
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    Brexit: Measuring the Crisis

    The day after Britain voted to leave the European Union, BBC politics correspondent Nick Robinson told News 24 that he did not know where Boris […]

    David Jamieson 26th Jun'16 0
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    Cold Turkey

    The Brexiteers look like they’re staggering about after the party unable to get a cab home and rapidly sobering up. Nick Cohen suggests that Gove […]

    Mike Small 26th Jun'16 31
  • International

    Spain on the Brink of Change

    Colin Fox – in Madrid at the invitation of Unidos Podemos [‘United We Can’] the insurgent left-wing party hoping to win todays Spanish General Election] […]

    Colin Fox 25th Jun'16 33
  • Europe

    Happy Endings

    There are large historical events that have been going on beneath our feet, I think, for a long time. But, like an earthquake, tension builds […]

    Peter Arnott 25th Jun'16 27
  • Boycott Amazon

    Dear Jeff Bezos

    To: jeff@amazon.com Date: 23 June 2016 Dear Jeff Bezos I hope you enjoy Peter Sellers movies as much as I do. Although he’s often considered […]

    Gillian RobertsonKevin Williamson 25th Jun'16 5
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    The Three Tasks

    You may not like the result. You might be scared of what may come next. But on the other hand, can’t you feel a bit […]

    Robin McAlpine 24th Jun'16 80
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    Lame Duck Soup

    Marie-Le Pen, Geert Wilders, and Mateo Salvini are delighted. Nigel Farage called it a “victory for decent people”, then suffering with a bout of instant amnesia […]

    Mike Small 24th Jun'16 46
  • Longform

    Who will speak for Europe?

    At the outset of the so-called Brexit referendum campaign in February, the British tabloid The Daily Mail, in an attempt at setting out the merits […]

    Cathal Foley 23rd Jun'16 5
  • Tribe of Moles

    Your Money and Your Life

    Tribe of Moles is Bella’s new weekly column reflecting struggles against benefits sanctions, austerity attacks and state repression – encouraging resistance, counter-power and autonomy. Imagine […]

    22nd Jun'16 10
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    How to Win a Referendum

    Only in Britain could  the establishment have ensured that whichever way you decide to vote, they can’t lose the referendum. Boris Johnson, representing the EU […]

    John S Warren 22nd Jun'16 18
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    Scotland 2016

    On first hearing that someone was going to pull the plug on Scotland 2016, I thought, it has been a terrible year, it’s probably for […]

    Mike Small 22nd Jun'16 30

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