Month: September 2011

For Scottish Democracy

‘Democracy’ is a term that has become tattered and bandied about, it has come to inhabit a similar terrain to words like ‘family’, ‘fairness’, and ‘aspiration’. Democracy in our times has become like a prostitute referred to as a ‘working… Read More ›

The Word

By Thom Cross I had an animated conversation in an Edinburgh howf during the recent Festival. I attempted to record this dialogue of feeling within the standard structure of the article/essay-but failed. I couldn’t capture the passion of the trio… Read More ›

Program or Be Programmed

Douglas Rushkoff expounds on his new book “Program or Be Programmed’. Rushkoff is an American media theorist, writer, columnist,  graphic novelist and documentarian. He is best known for his association with the early cyberpunk culture, and his advocacy of open… Read More ›

Scottish Labour’s Ratner Moment

Jimmy Reid began in the Communist Party, moved to Labour but ended up in the SNP. Latterly, whichever party he was in, he was fond of saying that ‘the rat race is for rats.’ But would he recognise the Labour Party today, or is it as Tom Harris says just less crap than the others?

Bella Review

What are we reading at the moment? Each month we’ll be publishing a series of book, film and music reviews. If you want to write a review articles or send us books or albums to review, email us at: bellasletters… Read More ›

Red White and Blue Labour

Just as Brown materialised in fits and starts out of the glaur, Scottish Labour seems to be appearing like some sort of political miasma drifting forth but without any real substance. Gray announced he would resign immediately after the SNP won its overall majority at Holyrood in May, but the new Labour leader will not be in place until 17 December. If Brown was the Undead of British Zombie politics Scottish Labour are the Unborn.

Love Life (Sept)

Freedom, in Scotland and elsewhere, isn’t something that is given by governments or other authorities. It’s something that’s practiced. And not just in social movements or halls of power. It’s part of everyday life. It’s in our bodies, in our… Read More ›


By Mhairi McAlpine I’ve been involved for several months now with the Coalition of Resistance in Glasgow, an interesting development with a participative format and an activist focus, designed to draw together disparate groups resisting the cuts across Glasgow offering… Read More ›

Radical Media Forum

An open meeting for practitioners, groups and individuals involved in independent/ radical/ critical/ activist/ oppositional media, to discuss the development of a broader support network, archiving, collaborations, future events, and encourage debate on current directions of ‘media from below’ in the… Read More ›

Death Quad

By Mike Small Identity, personal or national, isn’t merely something you have like a passport. It is also something you rediscover daily, like a strange country. Its core isn’t something like a mountain. It is something molten, like lava. –… Read More ›