Month: April 2012


By Doug Daniel The furore surrounding David Starkey’s stupid comments, comparing Alex Salmond to a “Caledonian Hitler”, were more interesting for what people didn’t say, than for what they actually did. In comparison to the Economist cover, which was met… Read More ›

PFI Scotland

As the full catastrophe of the Labour / Tory PFI scandal unfolds before our eyes, Bella starts a series of articles and films looking at privatised Britain, what it means, who profits and what we can do about it, with… Read More ›

Boris Johnson: Midwife of Scottish Independence?

I suppose he needs to campaign on something solid – Barclays bikes and the likeable clown-toff strategies of yesteryear will probably not withstand another election. In amongst his economic campaign he is indirectly reigniting the question of Scottish Independence and provincial economic inequality …

Indy Max or the Status Quo

This is the second in our series on #IndyMax  (see also Trident Nowhere to Go here) By Justin Kenrick Four non-nationalist reasons for independence, and one reason against For those voters who could swing the referendum to independence, independence is not… Read More ›

British Justice

On 5 April 2012, Barbar Ahmad became the first prisoner in a British jail to be interviewed on television from behind bars in this BBC broadcast. He has been held for eight years in a UK jail without charge or… Read More ›