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  • Arts & Culture

    The Ink Truck

    There’a a flurry of writing competitions, prizes and opportunities … here’s some of them with deadlines looming this month: Gutter Magazine, Scotland’s Magazine of new […]

    16th Jan'18 1
  • Housing

    Homes for Everyone

    In a call to end the horror of slum homeless hostels in Edinburgh a protest is planned tomorrow outside Abbots House at Links Place in […]

    16th Jan'18 3
  • Land Ownership

    Support the Ulva Buyout

    Support the Ulva Buyout here…

    16th Jan'18 4
  • Brexit

    Independence Day

    Rejoice! Bringing Back Control! Rule Britannia! Nothing offsets economic ruin like a stamp! Andrew Leadsom MP writes: “I’m joining @TheSun’s campaign calling for @RoyalMailStamps to […]

    16th Jan'18 3
  • Commentary

    The Carillion Loop

    Breaking news of the Construction and services firm Carillion PLC going into compulsory liquidation with a threat of job losses to 20,000 people, is a testament […]

    15th Jan'18 15
  • Review

    Hamilton 1967

    Hamilton 1967: The by-election that transformed Scotland, by James Mitchell; Luath Press, £8.99 “Bliss was it in that dawn to be alive, / But to […]

    15th Jan'18 2
  • Scots

    In defence o SNHS

    A’ve been listenin a’ week tae the aggrievit crawin o oor sanctimonious media anent whit they see as the shortcomins o oor Scottish National Health […]

    Elizabeth Thoumire 15th Jan'18 3
  • Commentary

    In Praise of Shitholes

    President Trump has referred to African countries, Haiti and El Salvador as “shithole” nations and asked why the U.S. can’t have more immigrants from Norway. […]

    Mike Small 12th Jan'18 29
  • Commentary
    Cocteau2000 (and eighteen) 12th Jan'18 16
  • Commentary
    George Gunn 11th Jan'18 6
  • Media

    A Message from the Thought Police

    The furore over the attacks on the poor old Daily Mail by the “thought police” has been building for some time. Elements of the political […]

    Mike Small 10th Jan'18 17
  • Brexit

    The Way Back In

    On the back of polling showing Scotland now at 68% against Brexit, Kirsty Hughes (Director, Scottish Centre on European Relations) asks if “The SNP are […]

    10th Jan'18 6
  • Commentary
    Mike Small 9th Jan'18 7

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