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  • Economics

    Who pays for higher inflation?

    One of the main macroeconomic consequences of Brexit is that inflation has reached a 22-month high. This is set to become worse- much worse- in […]

    Emanule de Vito 26th Oct'16 2
  • Scots

    Polis Learnin

    Hoo dae ye ken fan the chynges in yer Scoats dialect wes pairt o’ yer wark lang syne? Fan I jined the Bobbies in Aiberdeen, […]

    Hameower 26th Oct'16 1
  • Currency
    Ronnie Morrison 26th Oct'16 18
  • Commentary

    Show us Your Teeth

    This isn’t just a collapse of political norms, it’s a failure of values. Yesterday Tracy Brabin tried to make a few comments about Jo Cox […]

    Mike Small 21st Oct'16 68
  • Commentary

    The Sinking of the Whale

    On the nature of faith, the effect of the lingering horror of war and the dynamics of father-son relationship. “Maxie, Maxie, Maxie, wake up. Wake […]

    Maxwell MacLeod 21st Oct'16 38
  • Backing Bella

    An Dà Shealladh/Second Sight

    In the third of our occasional series of fund raising events for Bella at the Glad Café in Glasgow, we invite you to join us […]

    20th Oct'16 0
  • Commentary

    Britannia Hits an Iceberg

    Even on the eve of the final Presidential Debate in this increasingly bizarre campaign, with, it seems, the Trump campaign finally imploding into a welter […]

    Peter Arnott 19th Oct'16 26
  • Media

    Living in a Dictatorship

    We’ve become so used to a sort of Jockalypse Now racism in the English press, the like of which would create a cascade of condemnation […]

    Mike Small 19th Oct'16 42
  • Practical Radical

    On Energy Independence

    Chris Cook explores how resilience, security and independence are bottom up not top down. This is how we move from a national grid to a […]

    Chris Cook 18th Oct'16 14
  • Commentary

    Getting a Grip

    Surely this mornings pearls of wisdom from our MEP @DavidCoburnUKip cements the case for his leadership challenge? The flamboyant if technically-challenged MEP told the radio […]

    18th Oct'16 17
  • Football

    1998 and all That

    Andorra, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Cyprus, Estonia, Finland, Faroe Islands, Georgia, Gibraltar, Israel, Kazakhstan, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Malta, Moldova, Montenegro and San Marino. Of the 55 […]

    Callum Macdonald 16th Oct'16 15
  • International

    Peace, Israel and Scotland

    We need clarity, not confusion, over the SNP’s new pro-Israel group. The SNP conference at the weekend witnessed the first appearance of a controversial new […]

    Liam O'Hare 16th Oct'16 79
  • Citizens of Nowhere

    Brexit’s Grapes of Wrath

    “Taking migrant workers “out of the supply chain” would result in there being no homegrown produce on shop shelves” within five days we are told. […]

    Mike Small 16th Oct'16 16

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