Month: January 2013

Scientists for Indy

The Edinburgh International Science Festival today launches its 25th Festival programme today ‘Join our futuristic adventures’. 25th?! Wow. As usual it’s got amazing stuff happening. The ‘Get Ready for the Future’ programme  sees scientists, technologists, artists, designers and futurists ask… Read More ›

The Markheims in our Midst

We need a state run bank in an independent Scotland, a bank with a social function in its charter, which supports entrepreneurs, social projects, and the vulnerable in society, that gives the customer a reasonable and fair deal: a people’s bank. A bank devoted to that old fashioned idea of lending money to ordinary people with a project they want to carry out, as opposed to these corrupt institutions of today devoted to playing the stock market and passing on the bill to the tax payer. I would like to see a people’s bank written into the Constitution of an independent Scotland.


By Mike Small Cameron’s ‘Eurovision’ is a fundamental misreading of the mood of the nation (sic). While concerns about democratic deficiency are shared across the continent, there are quite different attitudes north and south of the border. All the talk,… Read More ›

Fuzzy Friday 2

Each week we offer you five great things, sites, events, people or projects which we think are Bella-isimo. 1. Come and Have a Go if you Think Your Bard Enough. Tomorrow night there’s the Neu Reekie Burns Supper in the… Read More ›


“If there’s people trying to do bad stuff to our guys, then we’ll take them out of the game. It’s a joy for me because I’m one of those people who loves playing PlayStation and Xbox, so with my thumbs… Read More ›

Celtic Connections

By Chris Cairns Qualifying Group no. 7 for the 1988 European Championship read as follows: Republic of Ireland Bulgaria Belgium Scotland Luxembourg I bumped into Big Charlie in the office the day the groups were announced. ‘Did you see who… Read More ›

Don’t Panic!

Is the No campaign losing the plot? The cacophony of scare stories about Scotland does seem to have tipped from the bizarre to the gently unhinged. A year ago The Scotsman actually ran a headline saying that “Scots would lose… Read More ›

We the People

By Susan Pettie. Susan runs So Say Scotland, a project inspired by Iceland’s grassroots national assemblies movement. The newly created and proposed Icelandic constitution, which we are hearing quite a bit about at the moment, has a preamble that starts… Read More ›

British Values

By Nicholas Mercer In 2006, Corporal Donald Payne was the first British soldier to be convicted of a war crime in this country under the International Criminal Court Act 2001. His crime was the inhuman and degrading treatment of prisoners… Read More ›

Fuzzy Friday

Something for the weekend sir? Each week we’ll be bringing you 5 great things we love. Things to do or watch, mostly non-political. Here’s our first top 5 … 1. The wonderful Overview movie has stunning footage and a profound… Read More ›

Unhealthy Media?

Is it because of cutbacks, or responding to party politics? Or is it just bad journalism? A. Balharry on the story behind the story of BBC Scotland and NHS Grampian. On Wednesday, 16th January, morning I switched on the radio… Read More ›

EU 2 Brutus?

So Cameron may walk into and flounce out of more EU meetings, he may renegotiate to his heart’s content, he may grandstand and bluster, he may shout loudly and wave a small stick, but all he can get out of it is what the other 27 states agree to…

Flag Daze

By Mike Small Gerry Hassan wrote recently: “Pro-independence forces cannot just imagine, as Welsh and Sturgeon did, that Britain is dead or beyond reinvention, and that we can seamlessly move on.” Why not? There’s much that is redundant and dying… Read More ›


Bella is in reflective mood and wants to respond to the challenge laid down by Gerry Hassan about ‘the thinness of much of what passes for public debate’. We want to move beyond the ‘one-dimensional’, the tribal, the certain. The… Read More ›

Arc of Innovation?

Here’s an unashamed plug for Lesley Riddoch’s Nordic Horizons series with two events coming up ‘The Great Green Danes’ in January and ‘Iceland Bounces Back’ in February. First up, something is renewable in the state of Denmark. Scottish Parliament Committee… Read More ›

On to a New Media

The media in Scotland remains a travesty of poor quality, underfunded, grossly biased and deeply conservative broadcasting and print media. There’s not a newspaper in Scotland that is pro-independence. Our radio oscillates between the crassly (and vacuous) commercial and the… Read More ›