kirstin_innes_6We’re delighted to announce a trove of Guest Editors lining up over the spring and summer. These kind folks will slip into the Editors Chair for a week at a time and bring fresh-thinking to this dopey publication, allowing the present incumbent to focus on other things needing doing (like lying down). These hand-picked dilettantes will bring their own panache to the proceedings (and potentially some new readers). Under the instructions to Expand! Change! Diversify! these dudes will be sprinkling Bella’s pages with sparkly prose, wit and new writing – shaking us out of our slumber-zone.

The first batch of guest editors include: award-winning first-time novelist Kirstin Innes; Scots super model and actress Eunice Olumide; poet, writer and swimming pool-enthusiast, Jim Monaghan; and multi-talented writer and photographer Robert J Somynne.