I Predict a Riot

By Mike Small News that ‘FAR right campaigners from the Scottish Defence League will be allowed to march through Edinburgh at the height of the Festival next month’ according to the Scotsman does not bode well for cultural expression in… Read More ›

Scotland UXB

By Mike Small What was the point in fighting a War on Terror if your own allies were busy boiling people alive? The quote is from a book by Dominic Streatfeild, A History of the World since 9/11, published in… Read More ›

Zombie Nation

Here’s a film by Adam Curtis ‘The Living Dead’ – about how Britain thrives on fictional notions of the past. It’s a powerful reminder of why it’s an irredeemable state. It starts with the best corrective to the flood of… Read More ›

Independence from UKIP?

By Jonathon Shafi Scottish viewers of Question Time, This Week and the local election results in England as they come in could be forgiven for thinking that they have walked into a strange parallel universe. From Starkey to Farage to… Read More ›

Sweet 16

By Michael Bartlet The Ministry of Defence wastes £94 million every year training minors for army roles which could be filled more cost-effectively by adult recruits, says a new report launched today by human rights groups Child Soldiers International and… Read More ›


By Phil Mac Giolla Bháin What do you call a scandal that already has “gate” in the name? “Gallowgategate” doesn’t do it for me, but what happened last Saturday a few hundred metres from Glasgow Cross was a scandal. As… Read More ›

The Reign in Spain

As British bankers criminality under Libor is laid bare Douglas Wilson looks at endemic Spanish corruption. There are so many corruption scandals going on in Spain at present it is difficult to keep abreast, from the allegations against the Duke… Read More ›


“If there’s people trying to do bad stuff to our guys, then we’ll take them out of the game. It’s a joy for me because I’m one of those people who loves playing PlayStation and Xbox, so with my thumbs… Read More ›

Our Demands are Simple!

Comrades! In the Eurozone and beyond, capitalist crisis deepens.  From Greece to Govan the ruling class is imposing brutal austerity.  From Mount Olympus to Mount Florida, titanic class confrontations loom.  In this context the communique below from the frontline of… Read More ›

Infinitely Demanding

…we are entering into a period of increasingly massive social dislocations and disorder which harbors within it countless risks, defeats, dangers, false dawns and fake defeats. But…we are all coming to the powerful and simple realization that human beings acting… Read More ›

Not in My Name

The ceremonies every year on November 11, to mark the anniversary of the end of the First World War in 1918, commemorate the dead but leave no reason for doubt that their deaths were justified. The red poppy, now compulsory… Read More ›

Something is rotten in the United States of Amerikkka

The attempted assassination of Arizona Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords was a terrible and cowardly act of homegrown American terrorism which is rightly sending shockwaves throughout the civilised world. It brings to mind the high-profile assassinations of the Kennedy brothers, Martin Luther King Jnr, Malcolm X and many others who opposed the Vietnam War in the 1960s.

If You Have a Racist Friend

While we have idiots like Labours Michael McCann, while we have the far-right operating amongst the orange disorder, Sarkozy expelling the Roma and a German leader like Merkel spouting forth, we are in dangerous times. While we remain tied to the racist British State its essential we make clear a different approach. It’s vital that here in Scotland we articulate a progression vision for our country.

Britain & Freedom

Our friend Tom Griffin argues that Anthony Barnett’s piece on the BNP and the BBC is the best he’s seen so far, and certainly Barnett is clear where some have been ambiguous: “It is necessary and important to stress that… Read More ›