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    Bein Yersels

    “Tae be yersels an tae make that worth bein, nae harder job tae mortals has been gien.” – Hugh MacDiarmid Author, language activist, playwright, documentary […]

    Mike Small 9th Dec'16 25
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    29th Nov'16 4
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    Instant Andrew

    Submit a photo to celebrate St Andrew’s Day – take a picture of your self, your place, your pals, your country. It can be a beautiful […]

    28th Nov'16 0
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    T Break

    The art media’s free pass for the shambles that is T in the Park is extraordinary. Today the Scotsman writes in gushing prose that Geoff […]

    Mike Small 28th Nov'16 19
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    Kevin Brown 26th Nov'16 10
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    Dazzle Ships

    Jen Stout explores the forgotten work of artist Norman Wilkinson, who created ‘Dazzle ships’  in the First World War to confuse German U-Boats by disguising a ship’s […]

    Jen Stout 19th Nov'16 2
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    The Real Mystery of Flannan Isle

    So the fantastic tale of the Flannan Isles lighthouse is going to be made into a film directed by the award-winning Danish director Kristoffer Nyholm, and […]

    Mike Small 1st Nov'16 26
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    Women of the Hill

    From Hanna Tuulikki: “As the festival we now call halloween approaches, marking the beginning of winter, and the nights begin drawing in, the veil between […]

    1st Nov'16 3
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    Maxwell MacLeod 7th Oct'16 24
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    The Ministry of Silly Buggers

    Semi-educated tenement Scots unite, our takeover of the English media is almost complete …

    Chris Cairns 3rd Oct'16 19
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    Chris Cairns 21st Sep'16 6
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    Witsherface Rap Sheet

    As social media went mental about the Witsherface comedy routine at the SIC Reassembly event, they issued this statement in response to the ‘controversy’: We’ve […]

    20th Sep'16 20
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    Dare to Dream

    Everything created must first be imagined. Explore the possible and Dare to Dream! From 1st September to the 30th November 2016, The Scottish International Storytelling […]

    Mairi McFadyen 1st Sep'16 1
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    Here’s Loki freestyle on Wavvy Music

    Loki 31st Aug'16 8

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