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Banking Crisis

  • Banking Crisis
    By Bella Caledonia Editor 9th Aug'15 8
  • Banking Crisis

    LOBO, nastier than an irate Wolf

    For those not in the know, Lobo is wolf in Spanish or, in English, Lender Option Borrower Option – a kind of loan offered by […]

    By Bella Caledonia Editor 1st Jul'15 2
  • Banking Crisis
    By Bella Caledonia Editor 3rd Jun'15 8
  • Banking Crisis
    By Bella Caledonia Editor 2nd Jul'14 25
  • Banking Crisis

    Paul Mason at FutureFest

    Paul Mason (@paulmasonnew) Culture & Digital Editor, Channel 4 News, author of ‘Why It’s Kicking Off Everywhere’ (Verso). Blogs here. Here at Futurefest …

    By Bella Caledonia Webguy 7th Oct'13 0
  • Banking Crisis

    Mismanaging Money

    Unionists are fond of playing on the uncertainties of the future, imagining all the possible things that might go wrong in the economy of an […]

    By Bella Caledonia Webguy 15th Jul'13 7
  • Anti-Capitalism

    A New Economics for a New Scotland

    This is a debate you rarely hear in the independence movement and it’s an essential one. All else is fluff and denial. Tim Jenkins of […]

    By Bella Caledonia Webguy 26th Jun'13 4
  • Banking Crisis

    Riddle Me This…

    Michael Forsyth’s impact on the constitutional settlement – whatever that ends up being from the Stone of Destiny to the Euro Referendum – will be […]

    By Bella Caledonia Webguy 14th May'13 11
  • Autonomism

    Frankie Boyle and Max Keiser

    Max Keiser and Frankie Boyle discuss Scottish independence …

    By Bella Caledonia Webguy 11th May'13 10
  • Autonomism
    By Bella Caledonia Webguy 6th May'13 1
  • Banking Crisis


    The recent debate over the currency to be used by an independent Scotland has been drearily familiar.  The Yes camp point to the report of […]

    By Bella Caledonia Webguy 4th May'13 15
  • Autonomism

    RIC Edinburgh April 2013

    Cat Boyd @ Radical Independence Conference April 2013 Alison Johnston @ Radical Independence Conference April 2013 Kevin Williamson @ Radical Independence Conference April 2013

    By Bella Caledonia Webguy 1st May'13 0
  • Anti-Capitalism
    By Bella Caledonia Webguy 27th Apr'13 4
  • Banking Crisis

    Austerity Unionism

      Blink and you’ll have missed the great socialist coup. It must have been short-lived as the reality is we live in a society where […]

    By Bella Caledonia Webguy 12th Mar'13 17
  • Banking Crisis

    Hard Money

    Venezuela’s announcement on 8 February of an immediate currency devaluation was neither unprecedented nor unexpected. Despite government officials’ repeated insistence they were not considering it, […]

    By Bella Caledonia Webguy 22nd Feb'13 4

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