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  • Brexit

    The Rough Wooing

    The Westminster Parliament EU (Withdrawal) Bill provides invaluable illumination of the British problem of Brexit, and is a surprisingly transparent demonstration of Parliament’s limited power […]

    John S Warren 17th Jul'17 11
  • Brexit

    Purposeful Stupidity

    Watching Theresa May’s latest desperate grasp for power, as the prospects for Brexit look more and more dire, it becomes obvious that the Brexit experience […]

    Mike Small 10th Jul'17 7
  • Brexit

    From Hamburg to Warsaw

    The once powerful United States of America are aligning themselves with the values and policies of Putin’s Russia. We should be alarmed not by secret […]

    Mike Small 8th Jul'17 17
  • Brexit
    Adam Ramsay 5th Jul'17 9
  • Brexit

    Nowhere Land

    Last October Theresa May announced to her party conference: “If you believe you are a citizen of the world, you are a citizen of nowhere.” […]

    AL Kennedy 4th Jun'17 9
  • Brexit

    Ex Brit Shambles

    “Juncker’s team now think it more likely than not that Brexit talks will collapse & hope Brits wake up to harsh realities in time.” The […]

    Mike Small 1st May'17 24

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