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    Independence Day

    Rejoice! Bringing Back Control! Rule Britannia! Nothing offsets economic ruin like a stamp! Andrew Leadsom MP writes: “I’m joining @TheSun’s campaign calling for @RoyalMailStamps to […]

    16th Jan'18 3
  • Brexit

    The Way Back In

    On the back of polling showing Scotland now at 68% against Brexit, Kirsty Hughes (Director, Scottish Centre on European Relations) asks if “The SNP are […]

    10th Jan'18 6
  • Brexit
    Gordon Guthrie 2nd Jan'18 14
  • Brexit

    Our Finest Hour

    This is really going to piss Nigel Farage off. By any measure, the Battle of Britain stands with the October revolution as among the most […]

    Peter Arnott 18th Dec'17 47
  • Brexit

    Last Brexit Hero

    A new dawn is breaking … meet David Spokesperson By Shaun @Shiny02

    10th Dec'17 1
  • Brexit

    Something will turn up

    Wilkins Micawber and Theresa May have a lot in common. They both pin their faith on something turning up. “The DUP’s resistance to this fudge […]

    John S Warren 9th Dec'17 12
  • Brexit

    Arlene Foster Helps Both Ways

    To summarise then. Arlene Foster and the Irish Government have negotiated a soft-Brexit framework for the United Kingdom. Arlene Foster and the Irish Government may […]

    Oisin Murphy-Lawless 8th Dec'17 7
  • Brexit
    Mike Small 6th Dec'17 4
  • Brexit
    Oisin Murphy-Lawless 6th Dec'17 13
  • Brexit

    The Limits to Cakeism

    The Theresa May phoning SKY meme has hit hard. You know the one? “Hello, is that Sky? This is Theresa. I’d like to cancel my […]

    Mike Small 5th Dec'17 8
  • Brexit

    A Wake-Up Call

    Britain’s ignorance of Ireland is leading it blindly into crisis by Naomi O’Leary. Brexit has exposed profound ignorance, indifference, and retrograde beliefs towards Ireland in […]

    Naomi O'Leary 3rd Dec'17 48
  • Brexit

    The Theatre of Humiliation

    The Theatre of Humiliation: From The Province of The Cat by George Gunn As the ungainly farce of Brexit blathers to its inevitable conclusion, now […]

    George Gunn 30th Nov'17 3
  • Brexit

    Whistle for it Boris

    It’s like reparations for stupidity. Boris Johnson, Liam Fox and David Davis huffed & puffed, called the Europeans names, blamed the Irish, wrapped themselves in […]

    Mike Small 29th Nov'17 1
  • Brexit

    Brexit and the art of Deflection

    A few days ago The European Union provided an “absolute deadline” in ten days, for Britain to improve progress on outstanding issues, before turning to […]

    John S Warren 28th Nov'17 56

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