Notes from the Armadillo

By Lauren Mitchison I’m still feeling inspired and raw with emotion after the RIC conference. Inspired if a bit hazy on detail. Before Saturday I thought Podemos was a toilet disinfectant and Syriza was a Ottolenghi baking ingredient. But that’s okay – I get the sense… Read More ›

Scotland in Transition

By Christopher Silver As Alex Salmond stepped out of the political limelight last weekend, I was reminded of a rare encounter with a middle class, conservative, yes voter during the referendum. Our conversation was inevitably stilted and largely consisted of… Read More ›

16 Days

As part of the 16 Days of Activism for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, Bella made space for Angus McFaddyen to write this. We offer a space for anyone to speak out on issues of violence against women. At… Read More ›

UKIP vs the Establishment

By Haniya Khalid Nigel Farage, it seems, has tapped into an incredibly lucrative mass market: electorate disillusionment with the establishment and mainstream politics in general. Couple that with the swift capitalization of crimes and social faux pas perpetrated by who… Read More ›

It’s No Game

“I want to speak to those beyond our party ranks, to no voters as well as to yes voters” – Nicola Sturgeon  By Peter Arnott I  have seen two kinds of expert reaction to Nicola Sturgeon’s own “vow” on Saturday that the… Read More ›

The Invisible College

Time lapse video animation of Rolf Roscher (ERZ) producing a wall drawing of his Kilmahew/St Peter’s map for NVA’s exhibition at The Lighthouse, film by Basharat Khan. Shot over the course of one day using the Canon 60d. Inspired by Kilmahew Woods… Read More ›

Black Labour

By Mike Small It’s six months before the general election and Labor are toast. We’ve had all hues and variations now, from the old Red, to Tony’s shiny New, to short-lived Brown and Maurice Glasman’s Blue. Tonight meet Black Labour. Black as… Read More ›

Yes Catalunya

Show your solidarity with Catalonia by leaving a comment below our Open letter: “In Scotland we recently came to the end of a long and unprecedented democratic process about the future of our society. Even though the referendum did not… Read More ›

Parallel Universes

By Mike Small In this still-liminal land, everyone is groping about to find meaning, clarity, purpose in the post-referendum Scotland. Longer-term strategies are being explored, schisms resisted, new-energies sought. We thought it was dawn but it turns out it was… Read More ›

Buying Power

By Margaret Cuthbert and Jim Cuthbert The potential power of supermarkets and large high street stores over our lives was brought into sharp focus in the run up to the referendum, when a number of them pointed out what they… Read More ›

A Yes Registry

  Continuing our series of new #IndyIdeas, Braco has a practical project he needs help with. Many thanks to Bella who have very kindly agreed to publish this short article simply requesting that any YES Shops that are currently still… Read More ›

The Fire Next Time

By Mike Small (part of our #IndyIdeas series) Each week up until the RIC conference we’ll be writing and commissioning practical movement-building suggestions and ideas. Here’s our first. Nobody’s going back in any box. Six weeks on and it’s getting clearer and clearer… Read More ›

What Next?

By Ivan McKee (part of our #IndyIdeas series) Part 1 : What has been achieved. Six weeks later, and time to take some perspective. There are many positives to take from the campaign. The age demographics (with a majority of under… Read More ›

Home Rule Now

By Christopher Silver For the millions who voted yes, the significance of involvement in the referendum campaign has yet to fade. Of this, there can be little doubt. That unprecedented display of public emotion: a plethora of perfectly rational acts… Read More ›


By Mike Small We’re losing democracy. One by one the consequences of a No vote are coming home to roost with extraordinary predictability. The Smith Commission, pictured in the Scotsman squeezed into what looks like a small glass shed boasts… Read More ›

Thank You

Thanks to all Bella readers and supporters, we’re creating an acknowledgement page but in the meantime THANK YOU ALL for your generosity and support. This movement isn’t going anywhere and is just about to have a much stronger and clearer… Read More ›