An Unholy Alliance

ELECTION DIARY As the pressure mounts on Jim Murphy for tonight’s debate Tony Blair stepped out of whatever Gold Digging corporate hellhole he’d been working to announce his ‘100% backing for Miliband’, a strangely un-reassuring commitment probably about as welcome… Read More ›

Oh! Take me back to dear old Blighty

What does the media frenzy over Richard III tell us about Englishness? Probably nothing new. At the core of modern English identity, at least in the television version for decades, lies Shakespeare’s sceptred isle of the Tudors, a lost country where England really was England and not Britain…

Gael Power

By Mike Small Scotland is a multicultural country where at least 160 languages are spoken. That gaelic should be one of them seems to irritate people at some deep level and they’re getting angrier about it every day. The week… Read More ›

The Folly of Austerity

By John S Warren In his Budget speech the Chancellor described Britain as “the comeback country”; a quite remarkable assertion of triumphalism following a much longer, far slower economic recovery in Britain not only than in any of its recent history,… Read More ›

Notes from Jockistan

By Mike Small Yesterday Chris Roycroft-Davis was not a happy-chappy. “When George Osborne, Chancellor of the United Kingdom, today presents a Budget that will be welcomed by millions of voters, there’ll be a spectre at the feast. The Ghost of Salmond… Read More ›

The X-Men

By Mike Small Last week UKIP’s David Coburn, who was elected as a Euro MP last year, referred to “Humza Yousaf, or as I call him Abu Hamza” in an interview with the Sunday Mail. The comment marked Coburn and… Read More ›

Foote in Mouth

By Mike Small It’s a sad day when someone inadvertently puts one of their own to the sword. But that dear readers is the position this grey morning. Yesterday was full of fevered speculation about who wrote ‘the Vow’. It’s… Read More ›

Domestic Extremist

By Mike Small Welcome to Powellite Britain (2015), where old men write of rivers of blood and BBC presenters talk of niggers and slopes, where people can’t make up their minds whether immigrants are here to steal jobs or loll… Read More ›

Double Standards

By Mike Small We live in a democracy of double standards. Je Suis Charlie and all that, but Steve Bell’s cartoon is just racist. Worse than that, it’s not funny. A relentless anti-Scottish rhetoric has become mainstream. To protest is… Read More ›

Callous Absolutism

By James McEnaney David Torrance isn’t happy. On Monday he accused me – in my earlier article for CommonSpace – of arguing that “greed and rule breaking is somehow an inescapable product of a particular constitutional arrangement”, as if the… Read More ›

Looking for Lincoln

By Mike Small Martin Kettle, quoting Abraham Lincoln, is getting all dewy-eyed and panicky: “We are not enemies, but friends. We must not be enemies. Though passion may have strained it must not break our bonds of affection. The mystic… Read More ›

Support Commonweal

By Robin McAlpine I have now written seven different intros to this article, which is unusual for me. It’s the result of an inheritance from my gran, a working class Presbyterian reticence to ask for money. But we need to… Read More ›