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Bella, the Album

When we trailed this idea a few days ago a prominent No campaigner scoffed back at us on twitter sneering: “What kind of a blog produces an album?!” with incredulous disdain. I’m thinking it would make great badge, so thanks… Read More ›


By Alistair Davidson And Eck was cast into a furnace of fire: there was wailing and gnashing of teeth. To Britain’s journalists there was no question, Darling bested Salmond. To many Yes activists it felt the same. During a gruelling… Read More ›

Two Worlds

By Christopher Silver As I grew up Scotland became for me more and more an emotion rather than a country, and I would surrender myself to the emotion with a pleasing melancholy.  – David Daiches, Two Worlds   They’re laughing at… Read More ›

Wee Blue Book

This week Wings Over Scotland launched their Wee Blue Book available to download across platforms HERE.  Mimicking the the Evening Times famous Wee Red Book, the blue version aims to provide ‘all the facts the papers leave out’. I’m never convinced… Read More ›

South Kessock for Yes

Jonathon Shafi responds to Better Together’s challenge to the idea that the most deprived area of Inverness is looking like one of the strongholds of the Yes campaign, according to Radical Inverness. Responding to another RIC canvass showing a big… Read More ›

Brain v Blancmange

By Mike Small As Jenny Hjul appears to be cooking nicely in a ceviche of her own bile, the contrasting experiences of the campaign strike home. For one side the entire last year is something they wish never happened at all, for… Read More ›

42 Reasons for Yes

By Adam Ramsay Better Together know they are ahead. They also know that, the more people hear the arguments for independence, the more likely they are to vote yes. For them, the strategy is therefore simple. It is what football… Read More ›


Our Songs for Scotland concert has met its target 19 days ahead of schedule. But we still have tickets available. Because we’ve had donations and people have bought advance sales of the album, it means we’ve met our target but this… Read More ›

Referendum TV

The referendum is changing Scotland and the impact is unpeeling into unexpected places. Tomorrow sees the launch of Referendum TV with Iain Macwhirter, Lesley Riddoch and Pat Kane hosting a stotious array of characters live from the Edinburgh festival, Venue 41,… Read More ›

Beyond Thunderdome

By J Simon Jones It’s official-the Refendum Debate has been kickstarted. Never mind the discussions up and down the country, the grassroots campaigns for Yes, the insidious media buys for No. This was the day it all began. A titanic… Read More ›

Beyond Yes

By J. Simon Jones Something, it seems, has changed. Things seem different. With August comes the realisation that it’s next month. Soon, all this might be over. One afternoon recently I spent some time canvassing in Pollokshields which, alongside neighbouring Govanhill,… Read More ›

All Hail …

The Executive Committee of the Socialist Party of Great Britain on the 2nd August adopted the following as a statement on the Scottish Breakaway Referendum on 18 September:- “Most of us don’t own a single square inch of Scotland. It… Read More ›

Glasgow’s Games

By Mike Small As a Commonwealth Cynic I have to admit to a certain pre-Games bah-humbag grumpiness, perhaps fuelled by the whiff of empire-past, the Jaconelli story, the Red Roads Flat debacle and a general default disdain for anything-that-is-not-football. But I’ve been… Read More ›

The Net of Saint Andrew

Alastair McIntosh reveals some little-known sectarian pillars of UK constitutional law that fuel the Orange Order’s “loyal” opposition to Scottish independence. It wasn’t just Question Time a few weeks ago with Nigel Kirk Hanlin of Inverness – “the Braveheart of… Read More ›

Yes or No? The Idiotic question with the intelligent answer

The real political meaning of a Yes vote is to give a mandate to start a conversation that can save democracy. The real mandate is for a Scottish government to start the conversation that can save the best of Britain from the worst that Mr Cameron and Mr Blair and their ugly ilk have in store for us. To vote Yes is to start the conversation. Not finish it. To vote No is to disappear, to sign a piece of paper saying we, as a democratic culture, do not count, we do not exist.

Pure Class

By Stewart McDonald It’s one of the dirty words of politics. The thing that our political culture doesn’t want us to talk about and, worse, wants us to think has gone away. The dirty c-word of all dirty c-words, that… Read More ›