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    The Empire Strikes Back

    Theresa May’s lack of strategy is pseudo-pragmatism intent on old-fashioned separatism and an all-costs Westminster power-grab. The Tories are valued and respected as a strong […]

    Gary Hayes 22nd Mar'17 12
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    Graeme Purves 19th Mar'17 10
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    Compassion and Constitution

    So after taking a couple months away from social media I decided to peek back into Twitter after hearing about the FM’s announcement that there […]

    Kimberley Cadden 19th Mar'17 28
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    Joe Lafferty 17th Mar'17 0
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    Citizens of Nowhere

    Just when you thought that the depth of the democratic deficit could get no deeper, or the contempt shown for the Scottish people could get […]

    Mike Small 16th Mar'17 25
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    Jackie Kemp 15th Mar'17 12
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    Zen and the Art of Referenda

    Yes voter? No voter? Remain In, Brexit Out or shake-it-all-about political-party floater? Whatever your political persuasion we could surely all do with a happier, more […]

    Heather Pearson 15th Mar'17 5
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    Border Crossing

    This is a crisis of English politics and identity which is developing into a disaster for the British state. Within hours of Nicola Sturgeon’s Bute House speech Michelle […]

    Mike Small 14th Mar'17 19
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    Manic Monday

    More than ever, we need to hear the radical voices. We need to make sure that Independence isn’t the end goal, that it’s just the […]

    Jim Monaghan 14th Mar'17 12
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    A Smugasbord of Scotsmen

    And so it begins – the all-male, almost entirely white panel, the middle-aged men arguing with each other on prime time television. That’s right, a […]

    Eilidh Lean 14th Mar'17 20
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    Responses to #ScotRef

    We asked five commentators for their responses to yesterday’s announcement about a second referendum. A huge historic decision – Joyce McMillan The first thing to […]

    14th Mar'17 31
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    Broken Shire

    Shortly after Melanie Phillips startled the horses with a clearly bonkers analysis of Britain and the ‘family of nations’ as essentially one of a race […]

    Mike Small 13th Mar'17 11
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    Sylvina Tilbury 11th Mar'17 80
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    Roses of the World

    Recent Tory, Labour or unionist comments equate the Scottish independence movement with the most divisive aspects of the Brexit campaign, but we need only look […]

    Rose Strang 10th Mar'17 4

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