A Common Programme

By Mike Small & Justin Kenrick Somewhere between ‘Things can only get better’ (D:Ream, 1997) and ‘We’re all in this together’ (nightmare, 2010) large sections of the population lost faith in the political process in Britain. Something changed. It could have… Read More ›

I Want What You Want

By Lesley Docksey When I first became engaged in the debate about independence for Scotland it was because of anger and embarrassment at the slant presented by the Better Together campaign.  But as I talked to friends, acquaintances and strangers,… Read More ›

Toddler Terrorists

A leading Scottish children’s charity has issued a warning about the likely impact of a Westminster Bill in Scotland. Children in Scotland has expressed serious concerns over plans in the Counter Terrorism and Security Bill for a new duty on… Read More ›


By John S Warren The sub-title of HMG’s Cm 8990, “Scotland and the United Kingdom” is “An Enduring Settlement”. Is it? No. What does the title “An Enduring Settlement” mean? Even Alistair Carmichael MP does not seem to understand what… Read More ›

Indyref Awards 3

  In the last feature on the #indyrefawards we hear from Michael Geenwell, creator of the Scottish Independence Podcasts.  Voting closes tomorrow. If you haven’t voted already GO HERE. In the Funniest Blog category, I have to say I enjoyed… Read More ›

Indyref Awards 2

Voting closes this week for the #indyref awards. We feature some of the runners and riders. There will  also be special Bella awards in the following categories: Outstanding Contribution to the Campaign, Best Public Speaker, Voice of Wisdom, Most Creative… Read More ›

Indyref Awards 1

Showcasing some of the nominees vying to win our #indyrefawards. We’ll be promoting each of the nominees before polls close next week. Go here to vote. Book of the Year Blossom by Lesley Riddoch. The author writes: “Blossom is an… Read More ›

Just Say Yes

By Jamie Szymkowiak, part of our #newvoices series “The dream shall never die”. That was my moment. It just hit me but I tried to ignore it for weeks. I had been asked to think about getting involved in politics… Read More ›

Murphy’s Law

By Peter Arnott Let’s get something out of the way first.  For the Labour party in Scotland to announce that their fundamental principle,  is now “Scotland First” is as much as of an insult to the Labour Movement as it… Read More ›

A Passion for Winning

Former Sport for Yes leader Michael Stewart is one of three candidates in the running to be named the SNP’s Westminster candidate for Edinburgh West. Part of our #newvoices series I started my footballing career at Manchester United, trying to… Read More ›


By Mike Small Jim Murphy’s first week into the fray after the festivities hasn’t gone well. He’s looking more and more like an assemblage of parts: socialism; catholicism; vegetarianism, teetotalism. So many isms so little ideology. The real ideology driving… Read More ›

Risk and the Union

By Mike Small As the institutional violence promised before the referendum now sets in, and as Labour acolytes get jumpy nearer the General Election, it’s necessary to respond to the clipped chippy wee voices on the (theoretical) left such as… Read More ›

The Messenger

By Mike Small Gerry Hassan’s article ‘Message to the Messengers’  chimed with several recent outbursts exploring discontent in the wider movement in the post-referendum political landscape. As the fallout of defeat and a subsequent lack of focus deepens accusations of… Read More ›

Murphy’s Law

Robin McAlpine on the changing media and the problems it poses for Scottish Labour’s new man. On the day of the launch of CommonSpace we got a tweet from a journalist claiming that our digital news service looked like it… Read More ›

The Thirled Way

By Alistair Davidson So, Jim Murphy has found the answer to Scottish Nationalism: a “commitment to patriotism” by a Scottish Labour Party with a renewed mission to create “a more equal and fairer society”. Also, did you know he plays… Read More ›

No Way

As we stagger about the burnt-out shell that is post-indyref Scotland, we are trying to make sense of it all. So next week we are offering a space for No voters to have their say. Understanding what the hell just… Read More ›