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Aye Nominate

It’s dead simple. Take a short video of yourself giving your main reason for voting Yes, then nominate 5 people to do the same. Here’s the link to the Twitter and Facebook pages. We’ll post the best ones here. Come… Read More ›

Move Ouvre Darling

Mike Small on Borgen, sleaze, and dolly mixture. On the eve of the final day for voter registration for the Scottish Independence Referendum, grassroots yes activists have argued that the huge success of their efforts to engage and re-engage the… Read More ›

Yes Fife in the Sun

Activists across Scotland continued to celebrate the movement for change all weekend with mass actions everywhere. As Paul Mason writes: “Something incredible is happening in Scotland. The little pin badges – Yes or No – that people wear are sparking open… Read More ›

Yes Minister

By Mike Small There’s been a thread of progressive home rule agitation from the christian left in Scotland for a very very long time. It’s a tradition that encompasses the christian socialist movement, the peace movement and much beyond and… Read More ›

Zombie Britain

By Mike Small A report out today confirms what has motivated the independence movement for years: the realisation that Britain is an archaic, centralised society based on privilege and the hereditary principle that closes doors to the many and paves… Read More ›

Punishing Scotland

Scotland will be punished by the UK establishment if we vote No in the independence referendum, independence campaigners have argued at a press conference today. The Scottish Independence Convention unveiled a new leaflet (pictured) with quotes from David Cameron, Priti… Read More ›

Yes for More

By Alex Bell I’ve been Daily Mailed. Apparently I’ve ‘slated’ the Yes campaign and accused it of ‘deceit’. Who knew. To explain, when I left government I promised on Newsnight Scotland to present my case that the issues at the… Read More ›

Bella, the Album

When we trailed this idea a few days ago a prominent No campaigner scoffed back at us on twitter sneering: “What kind of a blog produces an album?!” with incredulous disdain. I’m thinking it would make great badge, so thanks… Read More ›


By Alistair Davidson And Eck was cast into a furnace of fire: there was wailing and gnashing of teeth. To Britain’s journalists there was no question, Darling bested Salmond. To many Yes activists it felt the same. During a gruelling… Read More ›

Two Worlds

By Christopher Silver As I grew up Scotland became for me more and more an emotion rather than a country, and I would surrender myself to the emotion with a pleasing melancholy.  – David Daiches, Two Worlds   They’re laughing at… Read More ›

Wee Blue Book

This week Wings Over Scotland launched their Wee Blue Book available to download across platforms HERE.  Mimicking the the Evening Times famous Wee Red Book, the blue version aims to provide ‘all the facts the papers leave out’. I’m never convinced… Read More ›

South Kessock for Yes

Jonathon Shafi responds to Better Together’s challenge to the idea that the most deprived area of Inverness is looking like one of the strongholds of the Yes campaign, according to Radical Inverness. Responding to another RIC canvass showing a big… Read More ›

Brain v Blancmange

By Mike Small As Jenny Hjul appears to be cooking nicely in a ceviche of her own bile, the contrasting experiences of the campaign strike home. For one side the entire last year is something they wish never happened at all, for… Read More ›

42 Reasons for Yes

By Adam Ramsay Better Together know they are ahead. They also know that, the more people hear the arguments for independence, the more likely they are to vote yes. For them, the strategy is therefore simple. It is what football… Read More ›