"The UK Scotland voted to stay in doesn't exist any more"


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    Harry Alffa 28th Jul'16 69
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    United Togetherness

    A ‘Reverse Greenland‘ sounds like something from a Nordic Kama Sutra. It is instead the unlikely proposition that Scotland stay in the EU and in […]

    Mike Small 25th Jul'16 13
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    Wedding Invite meets Suicide Pact

    The letter from Jackson Carlaw to Kezia Dugdale calling for a new Tory/Labour “alliance” opposing #indyref2 via the marvelous and unlikely source of Michael Blackley, […]

    24th Jul'16 10
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    The Corbynite Manoeuvre

    It’s fashionable to deride anything and everything about the Labour Party. I’ve been doing it for a decade, charting their decline and collapse. There was […]

    Mike Small 24th Jul'16 33
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    Narrow Nationalism and the Missing

    “One by one the pillars of support for the Union have been removed” notes Paul Kavanagh. As the very credibility of Britain slides into disrepair […]

    Mike Small 21st Jul'16 58
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    John O'Dowd 19th Jul'16 17
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    Dreams of Normality

    Several years ago, in Inverness’s fabulous church of second hand books, I found what became my favourite (3 line) poem. Three lines that (you may […]

    Justin Kenrick 17th Jul'16 33
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    Tommy Sheppard for Deputy Leader

    Tommy Sheppard MP has announced tonight his candidacy for the Deputy Leader of the SNP, joining Alyn Smith MEP, Angus Robertson MP as well as […]

    Mike Small 15th Jul'16 17
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    The Party is Over

    The Party is Over…and both Corbyn and his enemies know it. What is going on now can no longer be seen as a fight for […]

    Peter Arnott 14th Jul'16 41
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    Goodbye to Cameron

    Commenting on today’s cabinet changes Robert Peston has said: “To repeat, this is a HUGE reshuffle – total remaking of government. Massive political, cultural and […]

    14th Jul'16 2
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    Boris Represents You

    A racist Prime Minister, a racist Foreign Secretary, a disgraced International Trade Secretary and a pro-capital punishment Brexit Minister. This isn’t a sick joke, this […]

    Mike Small 14th Jul'16 37
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    Right Here, Right Now

    Theresa May is the new Prime Minister. There will be no election, either by members of the Conservative Party, or (far more importantly) the British […]

    John S Warren 14th Jul'16 14
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    Peter Arnott 13th Jul'16 16
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    Delusions of a Gammon Robot

    It’s hard not to wish him well, but it’s also almost impossible to be completely sincere about that. Irvine Welsh reviews David Cameron’s time in […]

    Irvine Welsh 13th Jul'16 21

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