Thank You

Thanks to all Bella readers and supporters, we’re creating an acknowledgement page but in the meantime THANK YOU ALL for your generosity and support. This movement isn’t going anywhere and is just about to have a much stronger and clearer… Read More ›

From Clacton with Hate

Mike Small asks Who are the narrow nationalists now? Remind us who the Death-Eaters are? Where is the denouncement of bigotry and prejudice? The noise from Scotland’s ‘silent majority’ is deafening. A few more doors knocked and UKIP might have taken Heywood… Read More ›

Strong Roots

  By Mike Small Looking back at our posters now has a different feel. In new circumstances they take on new perspective. Some are just unbearably sad now, others come into their own, like this, above. The referendum was supposed to… Read More ›

A Way Forward

By Robin McAlpine OK, even by my standards this is a rather rapid run-through of how we can pursue the twin-track approach of making Scotland a better place for its citizens and showing them in the process why independence will… Read More ›

Five Years from Now

By Jamie Frame Can you remember five years ago? Can you imagine Scotland five years from now? Gordon Brown was the PM, the SNP were still a minority government in Holyrood, Iain Gray’s Labour were fancying their chances of taking over… Read More ›

The Illusion of Power

Chloe Burges assesses the fallout and suggest that what we are essentially being given is the illusion of power, with a probable accompanying sweeping budget cut. With the announcement of the result of the Scottish independence referendum now several days behind… Read More ›

Back to Business

By Mike Small As Alistair Darling and Johann Lamont come together In Manchester to gloat and dwell in unpleasant self-congratulation, how are things going for Labour across the land?  Former leader Henry McLeish says Scottish Labour “are in danger of… Read More ›

Beyond the 45

Tommy Sheppard, former assistant general secretary of the Scottish Labour Party, on why he’s joining the SNP. Sign me up. Only four days into the aftermath of the Scottish independence referendum and my emotions are still raw. From this distance I’d… Read More ›

England After Scotland

by Mark Perryman In a recent Counterfire article on the Scottish referendum campaign Alex Snowdon used a rarely mentioned phrase, the ‘English Left’. Apart from a few mavericks, amongst whom I number myself, who have been arguing for a progressive Englishness for… Read More ›


Jenny Lindsay argues for the need for reflection and (re) organisation. In the gut-wrenching weekend that has followed the referendum result, social media is awash with people calling for action. A march, a 45 twibbon, another petition, getting back on… Read More ›

Divide and Rule

Kate Gallogly-Swan Our 18th century European ancestors were talented at remorselessly colonising the globe. Among many successful methods, one tactic prevailed in the destruction they waged: that old chestnut, Divide and Rule. The vestiges of Divide and Rule, where the… Read More ›

We tried our best

by Kevin Williamson All over Scotland people are hurting right now.  Myself included.  The professional commentators probably don’t realise just how deep nor how wide this hurt runs.  When my partner took our five year old son to his primary school this… Read More ›

Dear Scotland

By Christopher Silver When you wake up on Friday, don’t change. A lot will have changed by then, obviously. A line will have been crossed, you’ll find yourself thrown into a new space, perhaps a different mindset. Either way, in… Read More ›

The New Reality

By Peter Arnott Raymond Williams, the Welsh critic whose lectures I was once privileged to attend (free) as a student  in England, wrote in Culture and Society (1958) these words I have tattooed on my heart: “There are ideas and… Read More ›

Yes, But

By Richard Gunn I know that it’s late in the day, but maybe it is time to reconsider fundamentals. In Scotland, perhaps we should support not a YES campaign, but a YES, BUT campaign. A YES, BUT campaign would (as… Read More ›

Among the Atavists

By Jamie Allinson (republished with thanks from The Disorder of Things) If there is one especially lazy characterization among the many about Scotland’s independence referendum, it is the description of the Yes movement as motivated by ‘atavistic ethnic tribalism’ or… Read More ›