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    Brexit Together

    As the indomitable Mash has it ‘British pride has been restored by grovelling to a Japanese car company’. It’s a unique twist to the Northern […]

    Mike Small 28th Oct'16 33
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    Show us Your Teeth

    This isn’t just a collapse of political norms, it’s a failure of values. Yesterday Tracy Brabin tried to make a few comments about Jo Cox […]

    Mike Small 21st Oct'16 69
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    The Sinking of the Whale

    On the nature of faith, the effect of the lingering horror of war and the dynamics of father-son relationship. “Maxie, Maxie, Maxie, wake up. Wake […]

    Maxwell MacLeod 21st Oct'16 42
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    Britannia Hits an Iceberg

    Even on the eve of the final Presidential Debate in this increasingly bizarre campaign, with, it seems, the Trump campaign finally imploding into a welter […]

    Peter Arnott 19th Oct'16 26
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    Getting a Grip

    Surely this mornings pearls of wisdom from our MEP @DavidCoburnUKip cements the case for his leadership challenge? The flamboyant if technically-challenged MEP told the radio […]

    18th Oct'16 17
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    Yeast Extract

    The euphoria about announcing a consultation was contained. Contained because whilst the unfolding nightmare of post-geography, pre-trigger Britain is a pretty unedifying spectacle, many of the […]

    Mike Small 15th Oct'16 13
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    Gerry Hassan 12th Oct'16 55
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    The Perfect Storm

    “There is a lot about Britain that I miss too. “Britain” seems like a long time ago and very far away” argues Peter Arnott. Maybe […]

    Peter Arnott 10th Oct'16 16
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    Clown Coup

    It’s difficult not to be smug when looking across the pond at the depths that US politics has sunk to. Gone are the days when […]

    Mike Small 10th Oct'16 28
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    Scotland 2021

    On Saturday 29 October at we are launching our new book ‘Scotland 2021′ at the 20th Edinburgh Independent Radical Book Fair. We asked writers and […]

    Irvine Welsh 9th Oct'16 19
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    Bella is delighted to be part of IdeaSpace next week as the fringe gathering to the SNP conference. IdeaSpace is an exhibition of Scotland’s most innovative […]

    Mike Small 8th Oct'16 15
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    Brexit Means Racism

    Hatred is spewing out of the Conservative conference and the wider English political culture. Till now most of it has been avoided, ignored or tolerated […]

    Mike Small 5th Oct'16 83
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    George Gunn 3rd Oct'16 11
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    Retro Unionism, Rewriting History

    You’ve got to love David Torrance – purveyor of a weekly corrective in your Monday Herald. This week he is explaining with all the patience […]

    Mike Small 3rd Oct'16 39

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