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    Subsidising Bigotry

    Text of an email sent by Mick Doherty to Falkirk Council regarding their decision to not only allow, but to subsidise an Orange Walk in […]

    Mick Doherty 20th May'16 11
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    Pantomime Politics

    Now that the pantomime of the Opening of Parliament is over it’s worth looking at what they are up to – because as we know […]

    Mike Small 19th May'16 6
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    Getting Carried Away

    Alex Massie makes a brave defence of the Tory revival thesis proclaiming not just the popularity of Thatcher and the Poll Tax in Scotland but […]

    Mike Small 13th May'16 45
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    The East Renfrewshire Problem

    At the 2014 independence referendum, turnout in East Renfrewshire, one of Scotland’s leafiest constituencies, was 90 per cent. By contrast, in Glasgow and Dundee, the […]

    Jamie Maxwell 12th May'16 90
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    The Future of the Left in Scotland

    Now that the election has concluded, and people are looking for analysis, it is worthwhile noting some thoughts about RISE, and in more general terms, the […]

    Jonathon Shafi 12th May'16 30
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    Peter Geoghegan 10th May'16 31
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    RISE: an election post-mortem

    RISE had a brutal election. There’s no disguising that. Fewer than 1000 votes in the Highlands and Islands. Barely 600 in the North East. Losing […]

    Jamie Maxwell 10th May'16 92
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    Blue Order

    The past few days has seen the political movements in Scotland, England and the UK (in that order) realigned and exposed as never before. As […]

    Mike Small 10th May'16 23
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    Alan Bissett 8th May'16 93
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    Picture Imperfect

    In the same week as the Hillsborough Inquest finally delivered its verdict, to an outpouring of solidarity and shared celebration; the same week in which […]

    Peter Arnott 2nd May'16 170
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    Mike Small 29th Apr'16 43
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    Gerry Hassan 28th Apr'16 11
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    The Department of Work and Pensions

    It’s a sad day for BHS, asset-stripped by Sir Philip Green of hundreds of millions of pounds. There will be thousands of redundancies and a much larger […]

    Mike Small 26th Apr'16 12
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    Futurama at Holyrood

    We want to be taken care of. We want to be included. See all that “cradle to the grave” stuff that Tories so despise that […]

    Peter Arnott 22nd Apr'16 83

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