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    The Curiously Absent

    Newbie National columnist, bon viveur and reknowned Peat Worrier Andrew Tickell writes: “£28,354 seems to unite every wing of our politics in unease. The figure […]

    Mike Small 19th Jan'18 9
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    Trump: Year One

      A year on and the Trump carnival continues. But how should the media cover Trump, and what does his Presidency tell us about America? […]

    Mike Small 19th Jan'18 0
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    Baron Knights

    The Scotland in Union ‘data dump’ raises a number of questions about the nature of the Unionist coalition, the power of conservative Scotland and the […]

    Mike Small 17th Jan'18 7
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    Lost Leader

    The list of senior Tories slated to replace Theresa May when she is finally ousted from Number 10 Downing Street is getting shorter every week. […]

    Jamie Maxwell 17th Jan'18 12
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    Brexit will Break Britain

    The case for English nationalism, hiding behind its British proxy is based on a basket of Marmite, wine and gin, and a jar of Piccalilli.

    Mike Small 17th Jan'18 15
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    The Carillion Loop

    Breaking news of the Construction and services firm Carillion PLC going into compulsory liquidation with a threat of job losses to 20,000 people, is a testament […]

    Mike Small 15th Jan'18 18
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    In Praise of Shitholes

    President Trump has referred to African countries, Haiti and El Salvador as “shithole” nations and asked why the U.S. can’t have more immigrants from Norway. […]

    Mike Small 12th Jan'18 30
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    Cocteau2000 (and eighteen) 12th Jan'18 17
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    George Gunn 11th Jan'18 6
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    Mike Small 9th Jan'18 7
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    National Treasures

    In some kind of hell-hole of popular culture meets deranged far-right astro-turf indymedia, The Spectator writes: “Former Tory MP, borderline national treasure, and now Celebrity […]

    Mike Small 9th Jan'18 7
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    Watching the Cabinet re-shuffle is an eye-opener. If you had your political antennae set to “snooze” as you scoffed the last of the sherry trifle […]

    Mike Small 8th Jan'18 8
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    The Year without Summer

    In the wake of eruptions in Indonesia, Paul Tritschler wanders through the mad dream that is our existence, and weaves through the cosmic and volcanic […]

    Paul Tritschler 7th Jan'18 1
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    In these short days and cold dark nights, it’s time for reflection. The busy frenetic pace of contemporary life, with its whirring 24 hour news […]

    6th Jan'18 3

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