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Our Smiling Future

By Mike Small If the referendum debate is one giant selfie – yesterday Erraid Davies gave us another unlikely insight, another unlikely star. If township opera singer Pumeza Matshikiza warmed hearts on the opening night, Erraid Davies from Shetland broke… Read More ›

Generation Yes (ish)

It’s amazing when young people get involved in politics. It’s fantastic that Scotland’s radical left is finding its feet again. But, just this once, here’s to the thousands of folk who are in no political party, who work long hours, look after their kids or grandkids in the evening, and still manage to give a wee bit of their time each week to transform our country. When it comes time for us to hand out medals, they should be first in line.

Festival of Cliché

The whole country is divided like never before. Households are split. Relationships bitterly at peril. No, not the indyref but the Commonwealth Games opening ceremony. Maybe we should have blown up the Red Road flats after all? Was it a… Read More ›

You Do Not Exist

By Mike Small You know they are scared now, don’t you? Deeply unsettled. Despite endless proclamations of “I’m a proud Scot but …” the reality of a deep-seated cultural self-hatred is seeping out. Self-hatred amongst the Love Bombs. As the… Read More ›

What Can Be Done?

By Robin McAlpine You may have seen gossip about internal politics around the Reid Foundation in the media. I never conduct private business in public and in time the truth about what has been happening will become known. In the… Read More ›

Who are the Scots?

The future doesn’t come with guarantees. We know that. But a Yes vote can guarantee that the choice would remain in our hands.

Are we really going to give that away on September 18th? Are we really going to vote to leave the power in these islands exactly where it is?

BBC Gaza

By Jonathon Shafi As the crowds began to gather in Buchanan Street to stand in solidarity with the people of Gaza, it was clear that the demonstration would be vibrant, diverse and loud. About an hour before the assembly time,… Read More ›

Labour of Love

By Paul Bassett At university in the 1970’s, I was a member of Broad Left. This was an alliance of the Labour Party and various left-of-centre groups who, together, were very active and successful. Student politics and ages ago, you… Read More ›

Substantial Substates

By J. Simon Jones Across the world there are non-national states doing things differently to their nation-state cousins. Scotland has the opportunity to lead the breakaway in a more conscious way. Across Europe’s periphery the unquestioned status of the nation… Read More ›

Reclaiming the Media

I’ve spent the last few days catching up with the democracy movement and we’re preparing (long overdue) reviews of both Commonweal and Inspired by Independence. But it’s all pretty humbling, you think you’re doing your bit then you run into… Read More ›

Sleaze and Secrecy

By Mike Small The baffling incantations of the forces of lite entertainment released yesterday will do nothing but strengthen the contempt for the No campaigns messaging (amid a few giggles). But if the Let’s Stay Together video is a low… Read More ›

The Truth Team is Watching

By John S Warren There is always something slightly chilling about people or institutions that believe they have a special insight into the “Truth”. Philosophers approach the term “Truth” with caution, and the wisest or most acute philosophers of science… Read More ›

Work Begins Again

And so back to the desk after over a week offline disconnected from phone or wifi, cables or telecommunications, cut off from the world, or rather immersed in it. I have doused my head in the waters of the Atlantic,… Read More ›

Common Cause?

by Paul F Cockburn It’s a truism that, down the centuries, Scotland’s greatest export has been its people. Indeed, a strong element of the current Year of Homecoming—allied with the hosting of the 20th Commonwealth Games in Glasgow—is attracting visitors… Read More ›

Journey To Yes

by Deirdre Forsyth I am a single parent, now retired from local government where I worked most of my life, and have been a supporter of Scottish independence for many years.  So when the Edinburgh Agreement was signed and it… Read More ›

The Mindset of a Colony

by Margaret & Jim Cuthbert The May/June issue of the Journal of Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation and Prevention, which of course you will all have read, actually resonates in a surprising way with the Scottish referendum debate. (Actually, this journal is not… Read More ›

A sporting chance?

by Patrick Small Happy Andy Murray Day. It’s exactly a year since the eruption of joy as Murray raised the Wimbledon trophy aloft on that magnificent sunny afternoon. Most of us know where we were when Djokovic’s return hit the… Read More ›

Hexam Lament

by Cath Ferguson I have no idea why I read Douglas Hurd’s Scotch on the Rocks last year. An awoken interest in political propaganda perhaps. History that was before my time, discovered from the film Diomhair. The BBC version of… Read More ›

Late Call – Editors Blog 5

by Kevin Williamson It’s unlikely that the US state considers award-winning journalist Amy Goodman to be a national treasure but she’s in danger of becoming one of the great inspirations for radical media activists everywhere. Goodman, along with Juan González, is news anchor for the… Read More ›