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    Lords Lawyers and Racist Tweets

    The hypocrisy of the No campaign and their media cheerleaders is both overwhelming, and, slightly comic. As a touchstone of what’s happened to Labour though […]

    6th May'13 9
  • Anti-Capitalism


    Most of us are waking leisurely to the prospect of a day aff. If we’re really lucky we’ll get the weather to do something nice. […]

    Kate Higgins 6th May'13 1
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    500 Days

    500 Days before Independence Day and a group of economists and academics have published a major new vision for Scotland, called ‘the Common Weal’ based […]

    Mike Small 5th May'13 14
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    Victory Against Cheap Booze

    As the battle to overcome Scotland’s drink problem reaches a significant victory – Scottish ministers just won the first round in a lengthy court battle […]

    Mike Small 5th May'13 7
  • Antifascism

    Independence from UKIP?

    Scottish viewers of Question Time, This Week and the local election results in England as they come in could be forgiven for thinking that they […]

    Jonathon Shafi 3rd May'13 22
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    The Axis of Incredulity

    Despite the litany of threats and ‘warnings’ of the dangers of self-governance, the reality is that we are governed by reckless ideologues. Cameron threatens to […]

    Alyn Smith 2nd May'13 7
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    I’m trying to get my head around the weariness and antagonism of the referendum campaign. Lots of people (on all sides and none) are bored […]

    Mike Small 2nd May'13 32
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    From Songthrush to Telephone

    Here’s some great things coming up in the next few days and weeks that Bella thought it was essential you should know about  … First […]

    1st May'13 0
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    CyberBrits and Spectator Sports

    There was something depressingly predictable about the way George Osborne’s intervention in the independence debate last week provoked a spate of Scotland-focused editorials and comment […]

    James Maxwell 30th Apr'13 4
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    It’s important to connect up propaganda, media distortion and the lies that we are being told, both about the independence campaign and the state of […]

    Mike Small 30th Apr'13 10
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    The Pound In Your Pocket

      On 19th November 1967 Prime Minister Harold Wilson made his famous “Pound In Your Pocket” speech.  His government  had just announced a devaluation of […]

    Kevin Williamson 28th Apr'13 14
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    Walking west on Argyle Street, I once enjoyed a fleeting, one-sided exchange with a man slumped against a bin. Crossing the road at the Park […]

    Mark Ryan Smith 25th Apr'13 3
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    Mike Small 24th Apr'13 5
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    Northern Exposure

    We’re celebrating George Osborne’s visit to Scotland to threaten us (see Ian Bell’s response here) with a look at some of the spectacular distortions and […]

    Mike Small 23rd Apr'13 7

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