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    George Gunn 4th Feb'13 4
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    Is it Cos Wur Scots?

      In the first of a series of monthly columns published jointly by Bella Caledonia and National Collective, author Alan Bissett looks at what’s behind […]

    Alan Bissett 3rd Feb'13 63
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    The Unreconstructables

    In a keynote speech at the end of last year, Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon declared the United Kingdom constitutionally “unreconstructable”. Only complete political separation […]

    Jamie Maxwell 2nd Feb'13 17
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    Mike Small 1st Feb'13 21
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    Scientists for Indy

    The Edinburgh International Science Festival today launches its 25th Festival programme today ‘Join our futuristic adventures’. 25th?! Wow. As usual it’s got amazing stuff happening. […]

    Mike Small 31st Jan'13 6
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    Jim Sillars 30th Jan'13 45
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    The Markheims in our Midst

    We need a state run bank in an independent Scotland, a bank with a social function in its charter, which supports entrepreneurs, social projects, and […]

    Douglas Wilson 29th Jan'13 12
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    The Art of the Possible

    We’re delighted to announce that the multi-talented Kate Higgins – who may be known to you via her usual scribblings over at Burdzeyeview .Kate is […]

    Mike Small 27th Jan'13 158
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    On Yes, Flegs and Little England

    Three views on the national debates from around and about . . . First up the world from Dublin via the Irish Times, where Judith […]

    Mike Small 26th Jan'13 16
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    Celtic Connections

    Qualifying Group no. 7 for the 1988 European Championship read as follows: Republic of Ireland Bulgaria Belgium Scotland Luxembourg I bumped into Big Charlie in […]

    Chris Cairns 23rd Jan'13 72
  • Alex Salmond

    Westminster Democracy Style

    An extraordinary performance by Ian Davidson as Westminster passes its Section 30 order today, unopposed. A virtually empty chamber at Westminster saw a few bloated […]

    Mike Small 16th Jan'13 31
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    London and the Right to Govern

    Limited to the British press, it would be difficult to grasp the implications of the push against the informal UK constitution coming to a head […]

    Michael Gardiner 14th Jan'13 9
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    Scotland and the Nexus of Nationhood

    In a recent Scotsman essay Gerry Hassan cited Ernest Renan’s celebrated 1882 lecture to the Sorbonne: Qu’est-ce qu’une nation? “What is a Nation?” (ii) Renan, […]

    Alastair McIntosh 11th Jan'13 9
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    Reasons to be Cheerful

    As it’s announced that ‘Director of Creative Development’ Venu Dhupa is ‘standing down’, Ruth Wishart looks at the future. If you had a taste for […]

    Ruth Wishart 20th Dec'12 15

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