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    Can We Reinvent Ourselves?

    As the possibility of independence draws nearer, some of us are wondering whether this will be the moment when Scotland re-invents herself. The precedents for […]

    Chris Thomson 16th Dec'12 9
  • Commentary

    Culloden via Tesco?

    A preview of Unstated: Writers on Scottish Independence, ed. Scott Hames This book (which I think and hope will enliven the whole debate) started in […]

    Scott Hames 12th Dec'12 11
  • Arts & Culture

    CREATE Scotland

    Does the departure of the head honcho of an outfit such as Creative Scotland herald a possibility of change, or is it more a case […]

    Hannah McGill 11th Dec'12 8
  • Commentary

    Scotland in Europe

    Scotland and the EU is the Brigadoon issue of Scottish politics: it appears, disappears, reappears, goes quiet, explodes onto the front pages again only to […]

    Alyn Smith 8th Dec'12 14
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    A Cluster of Cells and a Form of Rule

    We thought that @WingsScotland had neatly summarised the entire Royal pregnancy debate in this tweet:   “Let me say this… a Royal baby is something […]

    Paul Leinster 5th Dec'12 10
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    The Seven Wonders

    Scotland’s Stories: Imagining and Making Our Own Collective Future Scotland’s future is about greater self-government but at the same time it has to be about […]

    Gerry Hassan 1st Dec'12 3
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    This is not a protest

    Anyone who was involved in yesterday’s Radical Independence Conference knows the political buzz is justified, but the big question is ‘what next?’ The Radical Independence […]

    Robin McAlpine 26th Nov'12 9
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    Pat Kane 26th Nov'12 3
  • Collapsononics
    Michael Greenwell 11th Nov'12 2
  • Collapsononics
    Gregor Gall 9th Nov'12 14
  • Arts & Culture
    Donald S Murray 8th Nov'12 32
  • Commentary

    Calm Your Jets

      When Obama won 4 years ago, a number of people took the huff with me for mentioning these facts that I had found (via […]

    Michael Greenwell 8th Nov'12 5
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    Mike Small 7th Nov'12 13
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    Book Review: Thinking in Pibroch

    Dougie Strang reviews Voicing Scotland, a new publication written by musician Gary West and published by Luath Press THINKING IN PIBROCH Voicing Scotland is a timely […]

    Dougie Strang 7th Nov'12 1

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