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    Mike Small 25th Mar'13 0
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    The Lamont Paradox

    TOO many unanswered questions. Too much confusion, uncertainty. When, oh when is the SNP going to ‘come clean’ and provide us all with the facts […]

    Chris Cairns 23rd Mar'13 28
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    Relentless Egalitaliarism

    In what is (slightly comically) known as my ‘spare time’ I am Secretary of the Scottish Independence Convention. We issued a statement celebrating the date […]

    Mike Small 22nd Mar'13 1
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    Alan Bissett 21st Mar'13 9
  • Autonomism

    A Napster Moment for Politics?

    Dougald Hine @dougald  – lecture at Dalarna University. We’re living in a web of crises, with no route back to the world in which we […]

    20th Mar'13 1
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    Real Freedom Sounds Like Many Voices

    … freedom of the press is only one freedom and it does not offer blanket immunity to the media to trample over other fundamental rights…

    Robin McAlpine 19th Mar'13 4
  • Civil Liberties

    The Gallowgate Blues

    This eyewitness report of heavy-handed policing of a peaceful protest on Saturday by journalist Angela Haggerty (see also “Police were “commendable” at banned demonstration by […]

    Angela Haggerty 18th Mar'13 16
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    The Belt

    Carole Ewart is a public policy and human rights consultant and currently works with CHILDREN 1ST on the campaign to end the physical punishment of […]

    Carole Ewart 14th Mar'13 4
  • Banking Crisis

    Austerity Unionism

      Blink and you’ll have missed the great socialist coup. It must have been short-lived as the reality is we live in a society where […]

    Mike Small 12th Mar'13 17
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    Johnny Gailey 12th Mar'13 11
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    Mike Small 10th Mar'13 4
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    Paying for Higher Education

      This article reviews existing tuition fee arrangements for higher education throughout Europe, and drawing on this, suggests a number of approaches which the Scottish […]

    Jim CuthbertMargaret Cuthbert 4th Mar'13 5
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    Broken Britain

    My first ever job on leaving university was as a graduate trainee for a retail company and it involved spending time in different stores around […]

    Kate Higgins 3rd Mar'13 11
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    When the Boat Comes In

    There’s something fishy going on. Funded to the tune of $500,000 by the Oak foundation ‘Hugh’s Great Fish Fight’ (Channel 4) with the great proletarian […]

    Fiona MacInnes 3rd Mar'13 4

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