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    Mike Small 28th Feb'13 0
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    For A That 15 – Good Grades

    For the 15th episode of the For A’ That podcast Andrew and I spoke with Kate Higgins of Burdz Eye View fame. We had a quick natter about the AAA rating […]

    Mike Small 25th Feb'13 1
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    The Union’s Credibility Gap

    Moody’s decision yesterday to strip the UK of its AAA credit rating (‘UK loses top AAA credit rating for first time since 1978’) represents a […]

    Jamie Maxwell 23rd Feb'13 10
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    Robert Alan Jamieson 22nd Feb'13 6
  • Climate Change
    21st Feb'13 0
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    Mike Small 21st Feb'13 2
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    Senior Citizens for Indy

    We have a referendum on independence for Scotland next year. It was suggested to me (by a young woman friend) that there should be some […]

    Dave Coull 20th Feb'13 56
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    Things aint wot they used to be

    The Better Together campaign has launched its strongest defence of the Union yet, warning that an independent Scotland will no longer be allowed to call […]

    Alan Bissett 19th Feb'13 10
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    Food, Unfit for Purpose

    What kind of a world is it when those who till the soil to fill our dinner-plates can barely make enough to survive for another […]

    Alyn SmithDaniel Wylie 19th Feb'13 4
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    Mike Small 18th Feb'13 0
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    The UK is not a modern country but one fixated and permanently living in the past; that fossilised, archaic undemocratic political culture and system has […]

    Gerry Hassan 14th Feb'13 10
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    The State of the Union

    An issue has been thrown into the humdrum melly of constitutional squabbling by the NO campaign which has raised the debate beyond the lofty matter […]

    Mike Small 12th Feb'13 19
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    For A’ That 13 – Down The Aisles

    We are back after a little unexpected break and this time Andrew and I were joined by Duncan Hothersall. Our agenda included the recent equal marriage vote in […]

    Mike Small 11th Feb'13 0
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    We Are Northern Lights

    Love this trailer for We Are Northern Lights! which will premiere at the Glasgow Film Festival (Feb 16) The film was created from footage submitted […]

    7th Feb'13 3

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