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    Mike Small 28th Jun'17 17
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    Gaslighting Scotland

    It’s the marching season in Belfast and Glasgow. The ethno-religious superiority of the Protestants will be on display emboldened by their pact and their raid […]

    Mike Small 26th Jun'17 16
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    Not Barnettable

      The (notional) Secretary of State for Scotland couldn’t really have been any clearer:   The deal murders devolution as well as the English language […]

    Mike Small 26th Jun'17 18
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    Glastonbury Blues

    So Corbyn spoke at Glastonbury reciting Shelley and it went down a storm and the right has gone into meltdown. Cultural incomprehension met petted-lip. Fraser […]

    Mike Small 25th Jun'17 20
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    The Brexit Trick

    This will not take long. I am able to give this guarantee because I am writing about the British Government’s “Plans”. This is a subject […]

    John S Warren 24th Jun'17 37
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    Generation Rent and Voter Intention

    Abi Wilkinson on the ABCs of Labour, and the demographics of political change in 2017. There’s a critique of Labour currently being pushed that goes […]

    Abi Wilkinson 23rd Jun'17 24
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    Independence Day

    It’s Independence Day today, though you might not have noticed and your home may not be festooned with bunting. Brexit is (and can only be) […]

    Mike Small 23rd Jun'17 19
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    Richard Gunn 22nd Jun'17 22
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    A Dangerous Narrative

    Lost amid the clamour of ‘Advice for the SNP’ articles – plus, of course, carnage in London, the Brexit fiasco and chaos at the heart […]

    Alan Bissett 21st Jun'17 87
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    Catching the Wave

    We have reached a watershed for UK politics: Time for independence to catch the wave of change argues Gerry Hassan. These are bewildering and often […]

    Gerry Hassan 20th Jun'17 22
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    McTernanator and the Quiet Victory

    Politics as we know is full of rough and tumble, and few have been schooled better in hard-knocks than one John McTernan, the sage like […]

    Mike Small 20th Jun'17 3
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    Jacob’s Crackers

    Something called Pollstation has a survey today asking readers Who Should be the Next Conservative Party Leader? – which is very divisive of them. I was […]

    Mike Small 20th Jun'17 10
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    Dark Tower

    This isn’t a political crisis for the Conservative Party, or an individual problem for Theresa May’s career trajectory, it is a much deeper crisis of […]

    Mike Small 18th Jun'17 21
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    Out of the Silos

    The reality of relations between the dispossessed and the elite of this country haven’t been as raw and exposed since Orgreave. But some of the […]

    Mike Small 17th Jun'17 15

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