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    At the Intersection

    If you’re heads buzzing with the debate about privilege, class, power and how to talk to each other that’s been running before and through the […]

    Mike Small 21st Nov'16 5
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    Notes on the Crisis: Continuity Trump

    The crisis here, the discontinuity, is the collapse of the Republican Party. American social attitudes haven’t changed that much, Hillary won the popular vote handsomely, […]

    Gordon Guthrie 20th Nov'16 21
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    The White Nationalist Roots of Trump

    One of the more aggressive & virulent strands of the crypto-fascist Alternative Right (Alt-Right) that surrounds the Trump transition team is the racist ‘The Daily […]

    Thom Cross 18th Nov'16 32
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    One Last Throw of the Dice

    Earlier this week, in an act of possibly futile civic optimism, I wrote a piece which argued, essentially, for an inter-party deal that could, I […]

    Peter Arnott 17th Nov'16 57
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    Notes On The Crisis: Trump

    Trump is intelligent, hard-working, strategic and purposeful. He is a dangerous kleptomanic and a threat to life and liberty, but he is not a fool. […]

    Gordon Guthrie 16th Nov'16 7
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    On the No Plan Memo

    In response to the utter meltdown within the government over Brexit as reported in the Times today, John McDonnell for the Labour opposition is making […]

    Peter Arnott 15th Nov'16 55
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    Donald and the F Word

    As white supremacist Steven Bannon enters the White House a grinning chipper Evan Davies gives Raheem Kassam a free pass on Newsnight and the new normal […]

    Mike Small 15th Nov'16 17
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    Action not Normalisation

    There are broadly three emerging responses to the coming to power of Trump and his movement in America. The first is denial (it probably won’t […]

    Mike Small 13th Nov'16 44
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    13th Nov'16 23
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    The Machine is Broken, at last

    A few days ago, our dishwasher finally gave up the ghost. After months of intermittent malfunctioning, mysterious flashing lights, dishes half-cleaned if at all, a […]

    Robert Alcock 10th Nov'16 17
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    The Banality of Trumpism

    Human decency dies not with a bang, but with a whimper. That, in essence, is the central tenet of Hannah Arendt’s Eichmann in Jerusalem. The […]

    Peter Geoghegan 10th Nov'16 87
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    I Told You So

    We’ve not heard from John McTernan yet but I’m sure we will very soon. Meanwhile over at CapXecrable Chris Deerin admonishes people saying: “Time to […]

    Mike Small 9th Nov'16 35
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    Empire’s End

    It’s over. Nothing says ‘end of empire’ as much as the closure of Britain’s military presence in Scotland. Today’s announcement that the MOD naval base […]

    Mike Small 8th Nov'16 29
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    Beyond Trump Panic

    Jonathon Shafi puts the Trump and Brexit phenomenon in the context of economic crisis and political schism. On the day of the US election many […]

    Jonathon Shafi 8th Nov'16 5

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