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    Bill Wilson 16th Jun'17 34
  • Austerity Britain

    State of Tension

    The fire is now precipitating a full-blown national crisis argues Jonathan Shafi, and instead of fear and racism people are showing strength and solidarity in times […]

    Jonathon Shafi 16th Jun'17 22
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    Build it and they will Come

    Build It and They Will Come: Scotland and Independence after the election by Gerry Hassan. The 2017 election marks the end of an era of […]

    Gerry Hassan 13th Jun'17 96
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    Grant Shapps Tells it Straight

    Here Grant Shapps (former Tory party Chairman – alter ego Michael Green) reveals just a little too much about the Conservative attitude to Scotland … […]

    Mike Small 13th Jun'17 7
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    Another Borders was Possible

    I was raised in Hawick, although moving there at six months old excluded me from Teridom. In the 1960s, Hawick was a close-knit town dominated […]

    Jim Bennett 13th Jun'17 12
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    Not My Circus

    The right are clinging on by threatening women’s rights and continuing with the Rape Clause. Ruth Davidson only cares about LBGT rights, which happen to […]

    Alec Finlay 12th Jun'17 7
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    Robin Cook at Heartbreak Hotel

    Christopher Harvie remembers Robin Cook (‘a Machiavelli of the Tribune left’) and his changing attitude to devolution – “by 1983 he had smartly changed step and by 1997 […]

    Christopher Harvie 6th Jun'17 7
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    Hopeful Things

    During the course of a meandering journey, Paul Tritschler asks whether contemplation has a role to play in socialist morality and activism. Abandoning religion wasn’t […]

    Paul Tritschler 4th Jun'17 10
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    Catastrophic Tory TV

    Catastrophic Tory TV appearances are becoming a daily occurrence. Michael Fallon moved quickly to double-up his epic disaster-zone interview with Channel 4’s Krishnan Guru-Murthy  – […]

    Mike Small 29th May'17 13
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    Top Gear with the Colonel

    Ruth has a moment. From @discontent_scot … Top Gear… — Discontent (@discontent_scot) January 29, 2017

    26th May'17 1
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    The 7p Breakfast *

    The are 13 million people in Britain now below the poverty line, 1 million of these has to use foodbanks. Hunger’s a real thing in […]

    Mike Small 26th May'17 7
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    Manchester – United

    Jonathon Shafi tracks the media and social media response to the attacks in Manchester … Most of us spent any spare time we had on […]

    Jonathon Shafi 25th May'17 4
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    This Election is Not Normal

    Theresa May’s forthcoming general election is not a normal election. It is being called in defiance of the Tories’ own 2011 Fixed Term Parliament Act. […]

    Allan Armstrong 25th May'17 12
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    Media, Terrorism, Democracy

    So the European Broadcasting Union [@EBU_HQ] has found the UK press the least trusted out of 33 countries. Again. This wouldn’t matter much, we’re used to it, […]

    Mike Small 24th May'17 22

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