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    Easter Abroad

    The main pillars of the case for continuing dependence are crumbling each week. The vision of an economy tied to a fluctuating petro-chemical resource was […]

    Mike Small 10th Apr'17 17
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    Face Palm Sunday

    With the sociopath and his mannequin daughter dictating Tomahawk diplomacy by whim, and the denials by Putin and his psycho-proxy being cheered-on by some confused […]

    Mike Small 9th Apr'17 24
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    The Great Edge

    What follows is fiction, but that doesn’t mean it is not true. It has yet to happen as described, but it has happened before. Differently. […]

    George Gunn 8th Apr'17 12
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    Rape Admin

    The government have released the form you have to fill in if you want to claim child benefit after being raped. Here it is.  Survivors […]

    6th Apr'17 0
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    We Could Send Letters

      Whether the political stylists are channeling Kellyanne Conway (why would anyone do that?) or Margaret Thatcher (why would anyone do that?) – no-one really knows. But the […]

    Mike Small 31st Mar'17 2
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    Trigger Happy

    Yesterday was a desperate day for the Scottish Unionist bloc. Cornered, frightened and facing obvious defeat, the Conservatives, Liberals and Labour united to try and […]

    Mike Small 29th Mar'17 27
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    Pop Up Dictatorship

    That the Prime Minister (you know, the one with legs) is about to accord herself the powers of a renaissance monarch, might give you pause for […]

    Mike Small 28th Mar'17 8
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    For those who have only just noticed that the British tabloid press is institutionally misogynist, well done! The idea that the ONLY thing wrong with the […]

    Mike Small 28th Mar'17 6
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    Plan for Britain?

    What fresh hell is this? Blink and you may have missed the Prime Minister’s visit. Channeling Hakim Bay Theresa May promised ‘temporary powers’ for Scotland […]

    Mike Small 27th Mar'17 11
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    Ten Years of the SNP, and Beyond

    Ten Years on the SNP and Scottish nationalism require a different politics for the future: Making real a vision of self-determination, argues Gerry Hassan. The SNP […]

    Gerry Hassan 24th Mar'17 28
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    The Empire Strikes Back

    Theresa May’s lack of strategy is pseudo-pragmatism intent on old-fashioned separatism and an all-costs Westminster power-grab. The Tories are valued and respected as a strong […]

    Gary Hayes 22nd Mar'17 12
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    Graeme Purves 19th Mar'17 12
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    Compassion and Constitution

    So after taking a couple months away from social media I decided to peek back into Twitter after hearing about the FM’s announcement that there […]

    Kimberley Cadden 19th Mar'17 28
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    Joe Lafferty 17th Mar'17 0

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