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    George Gunn 6th Mar'17 21
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    I’m Done with Being the Token

    Born and raised in South Lanarkshire, I’ve lived the entirety of my twenty seven years in Scotland. I attended non-denominational primary and secondary schools (although […]

    Shola Da Rocha 2nd Mar'17 26
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    From No to Yes

    Listening to these damascene conversions from some of Better Together’s most vehement supporters is astonishing, whether it is representative of a larger sea-change or not […]

    Mike Small 27th Feb'17 47
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    Adam Ramsay and Peter Geoghegan 25th Feb'17 9
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    Alt-Right on the Night

    From Kirsty Wark’s hilarious opening diatribe in Latin for Newsnight last night, in which she declared Theresa May ‘the imperial master of all before her’ […]

    Mike Small 25th Feb'17 5
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    Michael Gove v Liam O Hare

    [View the story “Michael Gove v Liam O Hare” on Storify]

    Mike Small 25th Feb'17 5
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    The Mayor comes to Perth

    The former MP for Tooting, and now Mayor of London Sadiq Khan is one of Beleagured Labour’s most accomplished and talented souls. Or so we’re […]

    Mike Small 25th Feb'17 60
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    Beyond Logie Durno

    In the face of ongoing crisis of planning and community democracy, such as the recent farce of  a local council planting trees on a football […]

    Graeme Purves 24th Feb'17 9
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    Remembering Paddy Bort 1954-2017

    “So shocked and grieved to hear this. A grand European, a kindliest counsellor, a wise and merry man in so many countries. We all came to […]

    Christopher Harvie 21st Feb'17 2
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    Of Blair and Brexit

    Judging by the response so far in the newspapers and online, Tony Blair’s attempt at intervention on Friday morning in the headlong rush to Full […]

    Peter Arnott 19th Feb'17 24
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    Alf Baird 18th Feb'17 133
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    Journey to Yes #2

    The second in the Phantom Power series looking at people who have moved from No to Yes. Daniel – a Dundee based engineer originally from […]

    16th Feb'17 4
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    All. In. It. Together.

    The toxicity of contemporary politics is striking as values seem to circle the sewer. Last week Sir Nicholas Soames was making barking noises when the SNPs Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh […]

    Mike Small 14th Feb'17 24
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    All the Wee Fishes

    A voice on radio announced a record high in the number of suicide calls to the Samaritans. If the dim and yellowish light of recent […]

    Paul Tritschler 13th Feb'17 0

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