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    2017 Decision Time

    Sturgeon’s wrong – in 2017, liberals have to decide which side they are on, argues Ben Wray. What are the major political challenges of 2017? […]

    Ben Wray 5th Jan'17 94
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    Thinking Inside the Box

    On only the very first day of 2017, the political scene on Scottish Twitter seemed to be in full-flow silly season. Like the daftie I […]

    Iain Robertson 3rd Jan'17 66
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    Alvaro Huertas and Svenja Meyerricks 2nd Jan'17 3
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    Allan Grogan 2nd Jan'17 21
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    30th Dec'16 47
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    Bella’s Review of the Year

    Bella’s review of the year in full – from the Melting Pot, Edinburgh, December 21 Panel 1 – Joyce McMillan, Andy Wightman, Heather Burns, Christopher […]

    24th Dec'16 9
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    Merry Christmas from Bella

    As we hurtle towards a boozy-Yule I just wanted to say a tinselly thanks to all our readers and writers and to everyone who has […]

    Mike Small 24th Dec'16 16
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    I wandered back to the crinkly brain soaked in a jar. All the experiences of the world happen here in this faint grey galaxy of […]

    Paul Tritschler 22nd Dec'16 10
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    Jingo Belle

    Here we stand, approaching the end of 2016 and looking at a whole new year ahead. With Trump being inaugurated in January unless a Christmas […]

    Heather Pearson 21st Dec'16 15
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    Have I Got (Fake) News for You

    Tory Communities Minister Sajid Javid has recommended we introduce an oath of allegiance and swearing to a set of ‘British Values” for immigrants, elected officials, civil […]

    Mike Small 19th Dec'16 42
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    2016, a Dictionary

    Citizens of Nowhere – in this year of tumultuous change, let’s take another look at that most insidious beast, the language used to distort, manipulate […]

    Mike Small 11th Dec'16 17
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    Fix the Train, then Get On It

    It seems barely a week goes by without the debate on criticism from within the Independence camp rears its fire-breathing, double-sided head on social media […]

    Laura Waddell 10th Dec'16 37
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    Print Your Own Labels

    Every six months or so I meet my friend’s son for a catch up. He’s twenty-one and has left home in the highlands for uni […]

    Heather Pearson 9th Dec'16 22
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    Supreme Brexit

    The derision that followed Kezia Dugdales IPPR speech yesterday was amplified by its coming on the same day as the Supreme Court ruling on Article […]

    Mike Small 8th Dec'16 47

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