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    Bella is delighted to be part of IdeaSpace next week as the fringe gathering to the SNP conference. IdeaSpace is an exhibition of Scotland’s most innovative […]

    Mike Small 8th Oct'16 15
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    Brexit Means Racism

    Hatred is spewing out of the Conservative conference and the wider English political culture. Till now most of it has been avoided, ignored or tolerated […]

    Mike Small 5th Oct'16 83
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    George Gunn 3rd Oct'16 11
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    Retro Unionism, Rewriting History

    You’ve got to love David Torrance – purveyor of a weekly corrective in your Monday Herald. This week he is explaining with all the patience […]

    Mike Small 3rd Oct'16 39
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    Pat Kane 3rd Oct'16 52
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    The Defence of Trident

    Trident isn’t a matter of left or right any more, or the ethics of pacifism or unilateralism, it’s become a constitutional issue. It matters that […]

    Mike Small 29th Sep'16 21
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    Jeremy Corbyn is Not the Issue

    This week starts with the end of a twenty year entryist takeover of the Labour Party. The Blairite missionaries efforts have crumbled like a PFI […]

    Mike Small 26th Sep'16 24
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    Like a lot of people, I’ve just been watching Jeremy Corbyn, overwhelmingly confirmed as leader of the Labour Party, say nothing I really disagreed with […]

    Peter Arnott 25th Sep'16 22
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    Indyref – What we Won

    The Scottish Greens Maggie Chapman argues that  by defining ‘our identity as egalitarian, internationalist and committed to saving our planet we can claim back our souls […]

    Maggie Chapman 20th Sep'16 9
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    Alan McManus 19th Sep'16 29
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    Gerry Hassan 19th Sep'16 17
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    The Empire Fights Back

    Prestonfield House has been the location for some grand moments in recent Scottish politics. It was here in November 2004 that Baron Watson of Invergowrie set fire […]

    Mike Small 19th Sep'16 19
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    David Black 16th Sep'16 10
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    Cold Ham


    Chris Cairns 14th Sep'16 0

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