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    How to Build (and Demolish) a Country

    As the UK slides further into economic and diplomatic farce a new aspect to the cause for independence has emerged this week. Among the hotly […]

    Mike Small 11th Oct'17 27
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    May Day Warning

    Theresa May’s weekly media car-crash is now becoming so regular you could set your clock with it. This week’s self-inflicted catastrophe comes in the LBC […]

    Mike Small 11th Oct'17 20
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    Justifiable Assault

    “You haven’t hit me in a while Dad!” said my 10 year old self to my stepdad. “That’s because you’ve not given me a reason […]

    Laura Beveridge 10th Oct'17 19
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    Beyond Taboo

    To celebrate the start of the Scottish Mental Health Arts Festival , Nadine McBay explores the very different pressures affecting men and women’s mental health […]

    Nadine McBay 10th Oct'17 0
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    Travelling Folk

    Travelling Light – some thoughts about the Travelling People and their continuing difficulties by Timothy Neat, author of The Summer Walkers. The Travelling People are […]

    8th Oct'17 4
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    The British Dream

    The problem for the British Dream (that nobody had ever heard of before Theresa coughed it up this week in Madchester) is not that it […]

    Mike Small 6th Oct'17 12
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    Catalan, not Shrubbery

    I’m a Catalan. I’m not an armadillo, or a shrubbery, or for that matter a hair dryer or a 30-feet long Stegosaurus. I was born […]

    Kiko Amat 5th Oct'17 21
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    Car Crash with Lozenges

    It’s rare you see a speech so bad it should be career-ending. But that was what Theresa May ‘delivered’ today in so much as she […]

    Mike Small 4th Oct'17 4
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    All Points North

    The Nordic neebors and wir brother Balts … Friday last the Scottish Government released All points north: The Scottish Government’s Nordic policy statement. An it […]

    Ally Heather 4th Oct'17 20
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    Trafalgar, Magna Carta, Waterloo

    The despondent Tory cult gathering in Manchester has given the world some extraordinary rhetoric this week as they try to come to terms with their […]

    Mike Small 3rd Oct'17 8
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    Saving the Union

     Catalonia is not Spain – but Catalonia is not Scotland either.

    Mike Small 2nd Oct'17 22
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    George Gunn 1st Oct'17 7
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    The Key that Opens the Lock

    Make no mistake, what is happening in Catalonia is a thuggish and ugly right-wing coup.  The full mechanisms of Catalonian government, the police, the transport […]

    David Whyte 28th Sep'17 6
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    Self Determination and Human Rights

    “If I have a problem with my wife, I send flowers ,” Josep Borrell [1] Josep Borrell, Socialist former President of the European Parliament, who […]

    Andrew Anderson 26th Sep'17 8

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