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    The Drug Laws Don’t Work

    The failure of the War on Drugs in Scotland means we badly need a re-think. There were 706 deaths from drug overdoses in 2015, which […]

    Pete MacLeod 7th Feb'17 5
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    Mike Small 7th Feb'17 49
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    Mike Small 5th Feb'17 16
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    George Gunn 5th Feb'17 19
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    Three Go Yes

    Three very different defections from No to Yes this week have caused a ripple of anxiety amongst the usually bullish remnants of the Better Together […]

    Mike Small 3rd Feb'17 57
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    The Undiscovered Land

    Many years ago, just before my third year at University, I was raped towards the end of my year abroad on a US College Campus. […]

    Claire Buchanan 29th Jan'17 5
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    Mike Small 27th Jan'17 20
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    Tenement Stories

    This is for ‘half-educated tenement Scots’ everywhere. Years ago, my upstairs neighbour, living on the second floor of a three-storey tenement in Glasgow, broke her […]

    Paul Tritschler 24th Jan'17 1
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    Mother Theresa

    “Listen to the speeches and the corridor conversations in Davos and it is hard to avoid the impression that the west — as a political […]

    Mike Small 20th Jan'17 3
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    In the Shadow

    John McLeod reflects on emotion in political writing and how we should respond to what Nicholas Boyle has described as a crisis in English identity […]

    John McLeod 20th Jan'17 12
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    Cry Freedom

    Remember when Scottish nationalists were laughed at for their crude historical references, and the very idea of self-determination was mocked as surely just a stepping-stone […]

    Mike Small 19th Jan'17 8
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    18th Jan'17 0
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    Shameful Xenophobic Nationalism

    On the day when Spain’s largest circulation newspaper – El Pais – accuses Theresa May of ‘shameful, xenophobic nationalism’ – and German politician Michael Fuchs […]

    Mike Small 18th Jan'17 16
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    The Irony lady

    Pat Kane on the crippling irony of England’s Dreaming. Such a strange spectacle yesterday. As May invoked “sovereignty”, “national self-determination”, “negotiating positions”, I wondered how […]

    Pat Kane 18th Jan'17 4

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