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    Hate Van Tactics Moved North

    Good to see that Nicola Sturgeon has condemned the disgraceful pilot scheme running in Glasgow. This from Yes: Yes Scotland advisory board member, Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh, […]

    Mike Small 10th Sep'13 1
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    What Remains?

    Interesting mixture of category error, genuine regret, inappropriate possessiveness and complete confusion in this polling from the Scottish Times …

    9th Sep'13 9
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    The Magical Spectacles of Revolution

    We seem to be obsessed at the moment with the idea that The Truth is being hidden from us. The government of the world conspire […]

    Ewan Morrison 5th Sep'13 8
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    Testosterone Democracy

    It’s entirely appropriate on the day that Scottish Women’s Aid and Zero Tolerance protest outside the parliament about the Bill Walker fiasco that we look […]

    Mike Small 3rd Sep'13 5
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    Domestic Affairs

    Shona Robison MSP, Minister with Responsibility for Equalities, recently stressed the Scottish Government’s continued commitment to preventing domestic abuse and to challenging public attitudes. She […]

    Anni Donaldson 2nd Sep'13 16
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    George Gunn 1st Sep'13 5
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    Leading by Example

    Coverage of the independence debate has so far thrived on fear and smear – but is the truth more inspiring? JUSTIN KENRICK believes an independent […]

    Justin Kenrick 30th Aug'13 16
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    Kevin Williamson 29th Aug'13 3
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    Democracy Max

    As the Edinburgh festivals celebration of artistic endeavour and creativity drew to a close ERS Scotland shared the results of 13 months of political endeavour […]

    Juliet Swann 27th Aug'13 12
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    The Land that Time Forgot

    Steve Richards and Alex Massie can’t both be right. Richards has argued in the Guardian (‘Scotland is going it alone’): Scotland becomes more markedly different […]

    Mike Small 24th Aug'13 7
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    Kate Higgins 17th Aug'13 7
  • Arts & Culture
    Mike Small 16th Aug'13 7
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    Big Thanks for Attending …

    A statement from Graham Barton on the whole Labour for Independence ‘story’: “The photograph that was used in the article written by Euan McColm  entitled […]

    Graham Barton 7th Aug'13 11
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    Allan Massie 7th Aug'13 4

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