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    Island Voice

    A central theme of Bella Caledonia’s new journal, Closer, is that democracy must become more localised – decisions should be made as near to the […]

    Malachy Tallack 27th Sep'13 15
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    From the Periphery

    As Flannery O’Connor wrote: “Somewhere is better than anywhere.”  Unless of course, you are HERE. Ian Smart’s column arguing that the problem with Scotland is that […]

    Mike Small 25th Sep'13 7
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    Britain, the Re-Boot

     This from A World to Win: One Nation Labour is to become a party of small business and angry consumers, raging at the energy corporations […]

    Mike Small 25th Sep'13 1
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    Energy Justice

    Continuing our series of articles from Closer Elaine Morrison explores a future beyond climbing prices, energy profiteering and fuel poverty. It’s 2016. The progressive green-left […]

    Elaine Morrison 25th Sep'13 10
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    On Becoming Foreign

    This morning on GMS Johann Lamont explained that she ‘believed in socialism’ but not universal provision. If you are feeling confused by Ed Miliband and […]

    Mike Small 25th Sep'13 6
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    You are a Virus

      ‘Zombie Nationalist accuses Democracy Movement of being a Contagion’. Okay, that needs to be filed under the heading ‘Headlines from an Imaginary Press’ but […]

    Mike Small 24th Sep'13 28
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    News from Nowhere

    News from Nowhere: Everywhere is peripheral; Everywhere is foreign; Welcome to the world; There is no centre, just place.

    Mike Small 23rd Sep'13 2
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    Saffron Dickson 23rd Sep'13 5
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    Fear Factor 3

    Scared at the prospect of running your own country? Terrified about what the future holds? Haunted by nightmarish visions of deep uncertainty? The Fear Factor […]

    20th Sep'13 2
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    Preserving the Union

    Today we’re jammin’ with Michael Moore and Douglas Alexander. What exactly is the point of even discussing the Liberal Democrats you might ask? A party […]

    Mike Small 20th Sep'13 15
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    Another Scotland …

      As we head enter the final 12 months before referendum day, momentum is gathering for this year’s Radical Independence Conference to be held in […]

    Jonathon Shafi 19th Sep'13 4
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    Land O Kilts

    Last night’s Newsnight special was like tv coverage of Scottish politics in a co-production between Matt Groening, BBC Scotlandshire and The Onion. View the whole […]

    Mike Small 18th Sep'13 23
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    Saffron for Yes!

    “We don’t want supremacy, we want equality!” This is why 16 Year olds get the Vote. This is brilliant. “We won’t be silenced by your […]

    17th Sep'13 30
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    Why Willie?

    The question ‘What is Willie Rennie for?’ has troubled political philosophers for years. The question was raised again this weekend as the Liberals Democrats met […]

    Mike Small 16th Sep'13 22

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