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Common Good

  • Common Good

    Everyone is the Mother of Victory

    Everyone is the mother of victory; No one is the father of defeat. Do we claim COP21 as a success, and risk watching it being used […]

    Justin Kenrick 14th Dec'15 10
  • Common Good

    The Pope & Naomi Klein

    We think the Pope – Naomi Klein double-act (‘though shalt modify thine own fricking lifestyle’) easily trumps the Dalai Lama hanging out with Patti Smith […]

    29th Jun'15 0
  • Commentary
    23rd Jan'15 76
  • Common Good

    Bella Futures

    Reading this in the Observer, in of these generic “How was it for you?” pieces: “As a historian I’m now not going to have to […]

    Mike Small 22nd Sep'14 120
  • Autonomism

    The Wind of Change

    I don’t believe the gold of today is under the ground. I believe we are the gold. Toby Shapshak, TED GLobal, Edinburgh The independence campaign […]

    Mike Small 21st Jun'13 6
  • Common Good
    Bob Hamilton 13th May'13 0
  • Arts & Culture

    Real Freedom Sounds Like Many Voices

    … freedom of the press is only one freedom and it does not offer blanket immunity to the media to trample over other fundamental rights…

    Robin McAlpine 19th Mar'13 4
  • Commentary

    The Seven Wonders

    Scotland’s Stories: Imagining and Making Our Own Collective Future Scotland’s future is about greater self-government but at the same time it has to be about […]

    Gerry Hassan 1st Dec'12 3
  • Collapsononics

    The New Disruption

    Disruption: break, an act of interrupting the continuity.

    Robin McAlpine 15th Oct'12 13
  • Arts & Culture


      Johann Lamont’s extended and public self-immolation has churned up some fascinating divisions in how our politicians see the world. One group sees the rich […]

    Mike Small 27th Sep'12 12
  • Climate Change

    Rio Grand Apathy

    Throw off the shackles of the so-called ‘debate’ on climate change – environmental problems are real, and they are here to stay. Forget about global […]

    Ross Croall 19th Jun'12 5
  • Commentary

    A State Fit for the 21st Century

    ‘Knowledge will forever govern over ignorance; and a people who mean to be their own governors must arm themselves with the power that knowledge gives.’ […]

    Mike Small 6th Jun'12 4
  • Civil Liberties

    I Am the Evidence

    There is a programme on Radio 4 called The Unbelievable Truth in which panellists compete to see how many nuggets of truth they are able […]

    Andy Wightman 28th Apr'12 4
  • Autonomism

    A Deep Democracy for Scotland

    Between now and 2014 do we need a society-wide dialogue on how best to trail-blaze the rebuilding of resilient communities in a resilient ecology? As […]

    Justin Kenrick 10th Apr'12 3

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