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Direct Action

  • Direct Action

    Reclaim the City

    As the campaign to defend Edinburgh’s Cental Library steps up a gear, Ray Burnett looks at the Old Town’s radical history – and what we are losing […]

    Ray Burnett 5th Dec'17 16
  • Direct Action

    The 5 best moments in activism 2015

    Those of us who spend a significant amount of our time trying to change the world for the better can’t help but get downhearted and […]

    Stuart Rodger 31st Dec'15 29
  • Direct Action


    Human rights violations are discovered to be commonplace within civic police force. The British State doesn’t care and the practice will continue. Laura Cameron Lewis has […]

    Laura Cameron Lewis 27th Oct'14 15
  • Direct Action

    The Tarpaulin Revolution

    British democracy is locked down, for now. Police have placed barriers around Parliament Square opposite Westminster in an attempt to barricade Occupy Democracy protests. 15 […]

    Steve Rushton 21st Oct'14 10
  • Direct Action

    Why We’re Marching

    This is about Raploch not Bannockburn. A reminder – if any was needed of why we need a better Scotland – was brought to us […]

    Mike Small 22nd Sep'12 0
  • Civil Liberties

    I Am the Evidence

    There is a programme on Radio 4 called The Unbelievable Truth in which panellists compete to see how many nuggets of truth they are able […]

    Andy Wightman 28th Apr'12 4
  • Anti-Capitalism

    Occupying a non-place

    In an exclusive new essay for Bella Caledonia, author Ewan Morrison has some critical words to say about the direction taken by the global Occupy […]

    Ewan Morrison 19th Mar'12 19
  • Death of Capitalism
    Justin Kenrick 14th Jan'12 9
  • Anti-Capitalism
    Justin Kenrick 13th Dec'11 1
  • Digital Culture

    For a New Scottish Democracy

    How we Democratise Scotland’s Future: Challenging the Conceit that ‘There is No Other Way’

    Gerry Hassan 8th Dec'11 8
  • Anarchism

    New Organisational Forms

    One thing that helped a lot was a smattering of people from Spain and Greece and Tunisia who had been doing this sort of thing […]

    Mike Small 3rd Oct'11 2
  • Catalonia
    Kevin Williamson 13th Apr'11 6
  • Direct Action
    Kevin Williamson 11th Feb'11 4
  • Direct Action

    Mobs and Monarchs

    On 29 October 1795, George III was on his way to open Parliament, when his carriage was surrounded by a crowd calling for ‘peace’, ‘bread’, […]

    The Heckler 10th Dec'10 6

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