"The UK Scotland voted to stay in doesn't exist any more"

Environmental Justice

  • Environmental Justice

    Crapitalism – a Rubbish Exhibition

    “Crapitalism – a rubbish exhibition” opens at The Creative Exchange, Leith tonight Friday 17 June at 6.30pm by Leithers Don’t Litter who argue: “together, we really […]

    Mike Small 17th Jun'16 1
  • Environmental Justice

    Fracking Posturing

    Do Labour actually want to see fracking in Scotland? Looks like it. Because a fracking free-for-all is the real risk of their pointless political gesture […]

    Joan McAlpine 2nd Jun'16 45
  • Environmental Justice


    As Shell outlines for the first time what a ‘below 2C’ climate change scenario looks like, as a new report shows that fracking wells released […]

    Mike Small 11th May'16 33
  • Economics
    Katherine Trebeck 8th May'16 5
  • Environmental Justice
    Daibhidh Rothach 27th Jan'16 34
  • Environmental Justice
    Daibhidh Rothach 8th Jan'16 12
  • Environmental Justice
    Louise Ramsay 8th Dec'15 10
  • Environmental Justice
    23rd Nov'15 0
  • Environmental Justice

    Credo (Heresy alert!)

    Economics is much more than the study of money, writes Paul Mobbs. It is a belief system, and in its ‘mainstream’ incarnation, one that serves […]

    Paul Mobbs 15th Nov'15 6
  • Environmental Justice

    Paris Texas

    This week, it was announced that Shell had pulled out of a multi-billion dollar project in Canada’s tar sands. The infrastructure to take one of […]

    Maggie Chapman 1st Nov'15 20
  • Environmental Justice

    Renminbi Me

    As China buys into ‘The Most Expensive White Elephant in British History’ we explore what it might mean for Scotland. This must be a poignant […]

    Alistair Davidson 21st Oct'15 32
  • Environmental Justice

    Weed Killer

    I’m an organic gardener, I don’t like weed killer and have avoided using it as much as possible which used to mean total abstinence and […]

    Billy Noland 8th Oct'15 15
  • Environmental Justice

    Wild Fisheries Review Failure

    To our early ancestors, the Atlantic salmon must have seemed like divine bounty, reaped without sowing, returning year on year from an unknown place in […]

    Daibhidh Rothach 3rd Oct'15 15
  • Environmental Justice

    On Land and Purpose

    It was no accident that Jim Hunter’s excellent book, ‘On the other side of Sorrow’ was republished twenty years after it was first released. Its […]

    Mike MacKenzie 28th Sep'15 12

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