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Hot Takes GE17

  • Hot Takes GE17

    The Battle for No 10

    At one point in last night’s awful #BattleforNo10 experience, the artist formerly known as Strong and Stable uttered the immortal lines, with teeth and fists […]

    Mike Small 30th May'17 2
  • Hot Takes GE17

    Nobody Knows Anything

    It may be only for this weekend, it may be an anomaly in the polling, it may not take account of the fearsome intelligence of […]

    Peter Arnott 27th May'17 19
  • Hot Takes GE17
    Mike Small 27th May'17 6
  • Hot Takes GE17

    24 to 5

      “Our involvement in Iraq, for want of a better word, radicalised a whole generation of young people, some of them British citizens who saw […]

    Mike Small 26th May'17 11
  • Hot Takes GE17
    Mike Small 22nd May'17 25
  • Hot Takes GE17

    The Principle of Consent

    Theresa May’s extraordinary manifesto launch, in which she appeared as equal parts Shiva, Inspector Gadget, and badly regurgitated Thatcher, has been poured over by faithful […]

    Mike Small 19th May'17 12
  • Hot Takes GE17

    The General Election as UK Crisis

    Neither strong nor stable: How the UK’s decline is on show in #GE17. David Jamieson surveys the General Election terrain and examines the deepening UK […]

    David Jamieson 16th May'17 5
  • Hot Takes GE17

    Seeking Peace

    Corbyn’s spokesman saying Jeremy wasn’t on the side of the IRA, but simply seeking peace is offensive to anyone who’s worn the uniform. — Ruth […]

    Mike Small 15th May'17 25
  • Hot Takes GE17

    Extreme Right Torywatch

    After this weeks revelations about John Buchan (‘Ruth Davidson poses with bigoted trawlerman‘) , we are charting the role of the far-right in Scottish Tory […]

    Rosemary Hunter 13th May'17 15
  • Hot Takes GE17

    Media Wars

    In general elections the true colours of the media really come in to focus. Here (right) are the Barclay brothers getting their knighthoods for services […]

    Mike Small 12th May'17 5
  • Hot Takes GE17

    Territory Wars

    Peter Arnottt argues we are witnessing Peak Union in the last chance saloon. Two weeks in, and it is already clear that this is going […]

    Peter Arnott 11th May'17 15

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