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  • Innovation

    Our Power Energy

    A new energy supply company has been launched which aims to cut millions of pounds from bills in some of Scotland’s most disadvantaged communities. Over […]

    By Bella Caledonia Editor 2nd Nov'15 0
  • Innovation

    Buy Less Be More #Scotland101

    Scotland101 – our series of extracts from Commonweal’s Book of Ideas.  #90 Set out a National Deconsumerisation Strategy Me-first economics has created a cycle of work-to-consume. […]

    By Bella Caledonia Editor 29th Sep'15 13
  • Innovation

    Scotland 101

    Today Commonweal launches it’s Book of Ideas. Here’s what it’s about: “The focus of this book is simple. There’s a Scottish election in May 2016 which […]

    By Bella Caledonia Editor 29th Sep'15 8
  • Innovation
    By Bella Caledonia Editor 26th Jun'15 11
  • Innovation

    The Atlas of Productivity

    Graham Hogg from research and design collective, Lateral North, introduces ‘Scotland : An Atlas of Productivity’. This is the first dedicated atlas of Scotland since […]

    By Bella Caledonia Editor 26th Nov'14 8
  • Alex Salmond

    The Edwin Morgan Memorial Lecture

    On Tuesday 27 November 2012 the First Minister Alex Salmond delivered a lecture on the subject of housing and social justice. The lecture took place at […]

    By Bella Caledonia Webguy 22nd Jan'13 1

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