"The UK Scotland voted to stay in doesn't exist any more"


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    Spain on the Brink of Change

    Colin Fox – in Madrid at the invitation of Unidos Podemos [‘United We Can’] the insurgent left-wing party hoping to win todays Spanish General Election] […]

    Colin Fox 25th Jun'16 33
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    What Happened in California?

    Confused about the whole Hillary v Bernie thing? This podcast from The Nation on where next for the Bernie Sanders candidacy and movement is good […]

    15th Jun'16 3
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    The Republican Candidate

    The American Republican Party have just nominated an egomaniac racist liar as their candidate. Watch and share. “Look at him. Bigot. Racist. Nativist. Separatist. Sexist. […]

    27th May'16 9
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    The Pink Fire of Barcelona

    “A solar panel”, says Pablo Cotarelo, “is a way to redistribute wealth”. The energy analyst is sitting in the little courtyard of Rosa de Foc, […]

    Jen Stout 11th May'16 4
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    Dominic Hinde 9th May'16 21
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    Meet TiSA, TTIP’s Ugly Sister

    Wikileaks expose new secret corporate takeover plans. Wikileaks have released massive new information about the secret trade deals that support TTIP. These revelations from Wikileaks […]

    Mike Small 2nd May'16 6
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    America at its Best

    We may think that the only thing we are likely to hear from modern American politicians is bellicose shouting or stock neoliberal ideology; or from […]

    John Warren 29th Apr'16 26
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    War is Coming

    Today we publish the first of our series of ebooks. “The rotting sore of Iraq, the spreading fires of Syria, the disaster of Libya are […]

    27th Apr'16 13
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    All the Lost Wars

    The first of our series of ebooks, War is Coming launches at the Voodoo Rooms next week. Book your tickets here. The book charts the […]

    Gordon Guthrie 22nd Apr'16 3
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    War is Coming

    ‘War is Coming’ by Gordon Guthrie is the first of a new series of ebooks published by Bella Caledonia. It charts the last thirty years of […]

    12th Apr'16 37
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    Martin Spencer 9th Apr'16 44
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    Dispossessing the Sámi Peoples

    The ancient forest of Białowieża – the last remaining primeval forest in the European lowlands – straddles the Polish/ Belarus border, and is the last […]

    Justin Kenrick 30th Mar'16 20
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    28th Mar'16 3
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    Another Fine Mess

    President Obama has at last acknowledged that Libya is a “mess”. An American President using a word like “distracted” to describe David Cameron’s contribution to […]

    John S Warren 13th Mar'16 15

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