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  • Scots
    Ashley Douglas 23rd Jan'17 5
  • Trident

    A Ban Is Coming

    On Friday 19th August in Geneva, Bill Kidd MSP and co-chair of Parliamentarians for Nuclear non-Proliferation and Disarmament (PNND), and Janet Fenton, Scottish CND Secretary […]

    Janet Fenton 22nd Aug'16 9
  • Trident
    David Jamieson 19th Jul'16 64
  • Trident

    Trident is a Strange Beast

    A perverted potlatch, snake oil, charm to ward off evil. Like a protection charm that is worn around the neck while leaching poison into body […]

    Justin Kenrick 18th Jul'16 20
  • Trident
    John Finnie 24th Nov'15 31
  • Trident
    Lesley Docksey 2nd Jun'15 28
  • Trident

    Westminster, the Bomb and the SNP

    By Bill Ramsay The significance of the fact that the first outing of the new SNP Westminster parliamentary group was a set piece full frontal […]

    Bill Ramsay 29th May'15 59
  • Trident

    Life During Peacetime

    This is the first of a series of articles from Closer. The many dividends of living in a non-nuclear Scotland would include genuine security, democratic […]

    Isobel Lindsay 23rd Sep'13 4
  • Trident

    Scotland Loves Trident?

    As George Eaton points outs in the New Statesman this morning, the opposition of the Scottish public to nuclear weapons “has long been regarded as […]

    Jamie Maxwell 10th May'13 9
  • Trident

    Korea Advice

    After David Cameron’s recent visit a Bella reader wrote to Philip Hammond, Secretary of State for Defence seeking reassurance…(click on the big yellow graphic for […]

    Mike Small 25th Apr'13 5
  • Environmental Justice

    WMD Found

    “With devolution you get to ban air-rifles, with independence you can cancel Trident” … Likes(0)Dislikes(0)

    Mike Small 18th Mar'13 1
  • Trident
    Douglas Stuart Wilson 11th Mar'13 29
  • Nuclear Free Scotland
    David Mackenzie 20th Feb'13 3

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