Sophie’s World

By Tracey Fallon The Better Together lobby have a new campaign to “target 300,000 female swing voter all across Scotland” with a letter from a 19 year old Sophie Sandor who, according to their website, is a Edinburgh University student… Read More ›


Amongst all the doom and gloom about the far-right, there are some inspiring examples from around Europe, like Sweden’s new feminist party F!

Wean’s World

By Fiona MacInnes When my children were young I never had time to read columns like this, I was like many women simply getting through each day surviving. Mothering is the most difficult job there is, emotionally draining, hard work,… Read More ›


I feel like Scotland has been swindled. We have been taught to feel grateful for the existence of the UK and that by being part of their ‘team’ we are better off

Moving On

Flora Napier on Ivor Cutler, bobbing seals, improbably high hedges and getting to Yes. It took a fair chunk of reading, chatting and mulling things over before I finally decided that I would vote for Scotland’s independence. It was not… Read More ›

Women for Yes

Kicking-off our series to celebrate International Women’s Day, Isobel Lindsay writes on power, gender and democracy. “If we weren’t so feart, this could be exciting” This was the comment from a Clydebank women who came along to one of Women for… Read More ›

Let’s Go Beyond ‘UK-OK’

“We have the opportunity to overhaul the way that we do things in Scotland. To make our country fairer and continuing to invest in our universal public services so that they are something we remain proud of paying for..”

Sex and Power

Juliet Swann is a feminist & environmentalist who passionately hopes that the independence debate can change the lives of women in Scotland for the better. International Women’s Day – why gender equality in politics matters Despite women making up more… Read More ›

1 Billion Rising, Scotland

Join One Billion Rising and take part in a global strike. Join women and men you know in saying enough. Dance and show your solidarity with women all over the world. And let’s all stop accepting violence against women and girls as a given.

No. 9

Podcast 9 is up. This time I speak with former Scottish Socialist Party MSP and founder member of Women For Indy, Carolyn Leckie. We talked about the Women For Indy group and what its origins and aims are and how… Read More ›

Harpies & Quines

Women for Independence, the grassroots network to persuade more Scottish women to vote yes to independence, officially launches today (Sunday 30 September) with an informal cultural and political event in Stirling. The project is sure to further unsettle the No… Read More ›

Indy Women

Women may have won the vote but they still struggle to be heard. It’s been frustrating to watch mainly men, representing political parties, slog out the questions in a generally polarised, aggressive way. Not always – but it has certainly been the main prism through which the hugely important question of our country’s future has been directed through.


By Mhairi McAlpine Feminists among Bella Caledonia readers will be familiar with the concept of “mansplaining”.  Its always gone on, but until recently we didn’t have an actual word for it.  For the uninitiated, mansplaining – a derivative of the… Read More ›

Off the Record

By Kate Higgins Having been mentioned in dispatches, I thought I’d stamp my purdy little foot and seek a right to reply.  Or at least, set out why the analogy of an abused woman was discomfiting and I considered inappropriate.

Independent Women

As we approach the full-on Holyrood election campaign, there will be few poltical parties putting women centre stage of their platform for government which is unfortunate. We need politicians who are prepared to think the unthinkable and totally redesign how we approach the design and delivery of public services.

Go Lassies Go

Women don’t need to be passive and risk averse. When convinced of the cause, there’s no holding them back. If that cause is independence, the only fair future for Scotland, they can be in the vanguard.

Independent Women 2

By Lena the Hyena My initial response to reading Caitlin O’Hara’s piece, Independent Women, was where is the breakdown of figures showing women’s support for independence?  What exactly are we talking about?  What influences women in casting their votes?  Do… Read More ›

Scotland Deformed?

By Kirsten Stirling The label “Bella Caledonia” below the portrait of the main character on p. 45 of Alasdair Gray’s Poor Things (1992) – surely familiar to readers of this journal – suggests that Gray wants us to read the… Read More ›

Independent Women

By Caitlin O’Hara I have been slagging the editors of this site for months that it is more ‘ Blokey Caledonia’ than Bella, and I’m afraid they’ve called my bluff. Listening to Joan McAlpine and Elaine C Smith speaking at… Read More ›

Precious Cargo

Anne McLaughlin was unexpectedly elected to the Scottish Parliament in February 2009 after the death of fellow SNP MSP Bashir Ahmad. She has campaigned for Scotland’s Independence for more than 20 years. Her approach as a parliamentarian is a practical… Read More ›

I Murder Hate

Happy 250th Birthday Robert Burns…Michael G (More Whisky Please)argues convincingly that our National Holiday should be Burns Day/Night and not the abstract and insipid St Andrews Day – which combines notions of corporate sanctioned Christianity with dodgy history. He’s completely… Read More ›