Yes Launch

Yes Orkney

By Fiona MacInnes The official ‘Yes Orkney’ inaugural meeting took place in Kirkwall recently after several months building a twitter and facebook presence. The facebook page has grown to over 250 ‘likes’ from the local area and further afield. Similar… Read More ›

Indy Women

Women may have won the vote but they still struggle to be heard. It’s been frustrating to watch mainly men, representing political parties, slog out the questions in a generally polarised, aggressive way. Not always – but it has certainly been the main prism through which the hugely important question of our country’s future has been directed through.

The Yes Men

By Lesley Riddoch The Yes Campaign launch in Edinburgh was a strangely nervy affair. Queuing for Cinema 7 in the unlovely Cineworld complex started an hour before “curtains up” – but still the event began 15 minutes late. Outside in… Read More ›

How We Won

By Robin McAlpine Here’s how we won. For me, it started for real way back in May 2011. I had been planning to get to bed reasonably early because the recent Scottish elections had all been decided in the afternoon… Read More ›