Let’s Go Beyond ‘UK-OK’

“We have the opportunity to overhaul the way that we do things in Scotland. To make our country fairer and continuing to invest in our universal public services so that they are something we remain proud of paying for..”

No. 9

Podcast 9 is up. This time I speak with former Scottish Socialist Party MSP and founder member of Women For Indy, Carolyn Leckie. We talked about the Women For Indy group and what its origins and aims are and how… Read More ›

Harpies & Quines

Women for Independence, the grassroots network to persuade more Scottish women to vote yes to independence, officially launches today (Sunday 30 September) with an informal cultural and political event in Stirling. The project is sure to further unsettle the No… Read More ›

Indy Women

Women may have won the vote but they still struggle to be heard. It’s been frustrating to watch mainly men, representing political parties, slog out the questions in a generally polarised, aggressive way. Not always – but it has certainly been the main prism through which the hugely important question of our country’s future has been directed through.

Better Together

By Mike Small Ed Miliband’s late entry to the independence debate is welcome. It’s impact was so big partly because he says so little. Two years into his leadership and it’s difficult to think of a single new policy he’s… Read More ›