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  • Consumer Culture

    Pizza the Polar Bear

    The plight of ‘Pizza’ the polar bear currently residing in a Chinese shopping centre is probably the most pitiful thing you will read about in […]

    Mike Small 20th Sep'16 3
  • Commentary

    Indyref – What we Won

    The Scottish Greens Maggie Chapman argues that  by defining ‘our identity as egalitarian, internationalist and committed to saving our planet we can claim back our souls […]

    Maggie Chapman 20th Sep'16 9
  • Arts & Culture

    Witsherface Rap Sheet

    As social media went mental about the Witsherface comedy routine at the SIC Reassembly event, they issued this statement in response to the ‘controversy’: We’ve […]

    20th Sep'16 20
  • Labour
    Tom Lomax 19th Sep'16 3
  • Commentary
    Alan McManus 19th Sep'16 29
  • Commentary
    Gerry Hassan 19th Sep'16 17
  • Commentary

    The Empire Fights Back

    Prestonfield House has been the location for some grand moments in recent Scottish politics. It was here in November 2004 that Baron Watson of Invergowrie set fire […]

    Mike Small 19th Sep'16 19
  • Ghetto na Gàidhlig
    Daibhidh Rothach 19th Sep'16 1
  • Yes Scotland

    After Britain

    “…in combination with a pro-independence majority in Holyrood, a terminally weak Scottish Labour Party, and a British ruling class in crisis means that there may […]

    Jonathon Shafi 17th Sep'16 47
  • Commentary
    David Black 16th Sep'16 10
  • Nuclear Free Scotland

    Hinkley, oh my god Hinkley

    There are few policy ideas so hauntingly stupid as Hinkley C. It is a catastrophic decision that will leave a legacy of nuclear waste, spiralling […]

    Mike Small 15th Sep'16 42
  • Media

    The Precariat

    This newspaper is being produced as part of the NewBridge Hidden Civil war project in Newcastle. Likes(11)Dislikes(0)

    Mike Small 15th Sep'16 5
  • International

    People of the Delta

    Each week Bella brings you the best documentary film-making from around the world. Here’s an extraordinary new film from photographer and director Joey L in […]

    15th Sep'16 1
  • Scots

    Tak Tent o William Alexander

    Tom Hubbard gies us an introduction tae the the work of North-East Makar William Alexander. ‘Heely, heely, Tam, ye glaiket stirk’: Tak Tent o William […]

    Tom Hubbard 15th Sep'16 9

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