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    Food Wars

    Bewildered by the Food boycotts, unboycotts and counter-boycotts. Here’s Bella’s nifty guide. The now traditional controversy goes way back to 2015, when Starbucks caused a […]

    15th Nov'17 0
  • Brexit

    On the Border

    That little Ireland can cause a hold up in the Brexit talks should put to bed the “too wee” arguments in Scotland argues Phil Mac Giolla […]

    Phil Mac Giolla Bhain 15th Nov'17 21
  • Poetry

    If This is a Lament

    Kurdish poet and activist Bejan Matur will be appearing at Neu! Reekie! in Summerhall Arts Centre on Thursday evening. Bejan is one of the international […]

    Kevin Williamson 15th Nov'17 0
  • Events

    A Season in the New North

    With the Arctic Circle Forum – Scotland and the New North – being hosted in Edinburgh next week – a fringe has developed with Nordic Horizons leading […]

    15th Nov'17 0
  • Journey to Yes
    Phantom Power 15th Nov'17 2
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    The Paradise Papers and HSBC. Who?

    Mr Ethical @nw_nicholas on the role of the media in reporting the HSBC element of the Paradsise Papers revelations – and why we didn’t hear […]

    Nicholas Wilson 14th Nov'17 6
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    14th Nov'17 1
  • Peace activism

    Support Faslane

    Recent reports confirm what we have known for a long time: that the British state is a military state and a military state is a […]

    Mike Small 14th Nov'17 3
  • Brexit

    The British Sense of Meaningful

    “Taking back control” is looking a lot like “draining the swamp.”

    Mike Small 14th Nov'17 12
  • Brexit

    Brexit’s Irish Border Problem

    Those pesky Paddies. Just as the sunny Brexit uplands were coming into view, the Irish have thrown a spanner in the works. Dublin’s demands for […]

    Peter Geoghegan 13th Nov'17 18
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    From Russia with LOLs

    So one of the outcomes of the RT debate has been some astonishing assertions that Russia is a democracy. This comes from the same thinking […]

    Mike Small 13th Nov'17 105
  • Media

    Alt Press History

    We are researching Scotland’s radical press and the history of the pre-internet alternative media. We are looking at: Cencrastus, Common Sense, Scottish Child, Calgacus, Radical […]

    13th Nov'17 35
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    You are the Spies

    American Presidents abroad sometimes have the impression that they are blinking into the sunshine over-briefed and overawed. Think Kennedy in Berlin, Ford in Austria, Obama […]

    Mike Small 13th Nov'17 0
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    RTs are Not Endorsements

    The news that two politicians who have more than many experienced smear, personal attacks, racism, sexism and political bias should start-up their own TV production […]

    Mike Small 11th Nov'17 60