Scotland's 5th Estate

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    A Hollowed Out Britishness

    The tender paranoia of Unionists in Northern Ireland towards the now imminent Irish Language Act is palpable. It mirrors some of the hostility and hysteria […]

    Mike Small 12th Feb'18 17
  • Human Rights

    Gender, the GRA and Women’s Rights

    Here is the second our six-part series on the debate around trans issues, identity, feminism and solidarity aimed at building understanding and in a spirit of […]

    @indy_leya 12th Feb'18 47
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    Paul Tritschler 10th Feb'18 15
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    The Fluffitive

    Readers will recall way back in June 1994:  OJ Simpson was on the run and live tv channels tracked the police chase as the former […]

    Mike Small 9th Feb'18 19
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    Scotland: A continuing conversation

    Prompted by a twitter chat about Pete Kravitz’ seminal ‘Book of Contemporary Scottish Fiction’ I locate my copy on the dusty analogue bookcase, recently installed […]

    Ewen McLachlan 8th Feb'18 15
  • Commentary
    Lucy Brown 8th Feb'18 6
  • Human Rights
    Mike Small 7th Feb'18 14
  • Scots

    For the fat romantics

    Accordin tae the UN Food an Agricultur Organisation, the UK is the ‘fat man o Europe’. An tae ma mind, even mair concernin, Public Health […]

    Elizabeth Thoumire 6th Feb'18 0
  • Arts & Culture

    Creative Accounting

    Music has the right to children. Children have the right to music, and theatre, and books, and art and film. It’s hard to reconcile the […]

    Mike Small 5th Feb'18 3
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    Imperial Fantasies

    First a simple but uncomfortable truth remains: “Scotland is not a colony, a semi-colony, a pseudo colony, a near colony, a neo-colony, or any kind […]

    Mike Small 5th Feb'18 29
  • Review
    R. Eric Swanepoel 4th Feb'18 15
  • Commentary

    Deluded Democracy

    In Fugue State Britain, feudal hangovers and anachronistic establishments mean power remains in the hands of a chumocracy dominated by Lady Mone and her ilk. […]

    Mike Small 3rd Feb'18 49
  • Arts & Culture

    The Last Days of Creative Scotland

    Scotland’s artists mustn’t fall for this any longer. A change of management won’t be enough to save CS this time. It’s time for artists to […]

    Neil Cooper 3rd Feb'18 28
  • Human Rights

    From Politics to Panto

    Iain Dale, the Conservatives favourite blogger-turned radio star is celebrating Ann Widdeecombe, urging his readers: “Ann Widdecombe needs your vote. For those of you who […]

    Mike Small 2nd Feb'18 1

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