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  • Austerity Britain
    Liz Ely 24th May'17 16
  • Film and Animation

    An Erosion of Respect

    Sophie Grace-Chappell – a highly regarded Professor of Philosophy at The Open University – makes a powerful and articulate explanation of her journey from No […]

    24th May'17 4
  • Hot Takes GE17
    Mike Small 22nd May'17 25
  • Commentary

    The Psychology of Change

    When hope drains into the sands. Paul Tritschler follows the downward spiral of irrational thinking, and finds inner resources for activists and social change. Imagine […]

    Paul Tritschler 20th May'17 4
  • Media

    Chelsea is Free

    This week Chelsea Manning walked free [“Former Intelligence Analyst. Trans Woman. Former prisoner” – follow her @xychelsea ‏] Collateral murder’ exposed US war crimes against […]

    Mike Small 19th May'17 2
  • Media

    Real World Print Posters (for you)

    Celebrating a new series of FREE print posters for you, from the prolific and generous Stewart Bremner …

    Stewart Bremner 19th May'17 0
  • Hot Takes GE17

    The Principle of Consent

    Theresa May’s extraordinary manifesto launch, in which she appeared as equal parts Shiva, Inspector Gadget, and badly regurgitated Thatcher, has been poured over by faithful […]

    Mike Small 19th May'17 12
  • Journey to Yes

    Journey to Yes #11

    The next in the series by Phantom Power films …

    Phantom Power 19th May'17 2
  • Anti-Capitalism

    The Language of Resistance

    Author Madeleine Bunting reflects on place, language and capitalism, and the influence of gaelic in the creation of George Orwell’s Newspeak. The haunting brilliance of […]

    18th May'17 25
  • Ghetto na Gàidhlig
    Pavel Iosad 17th May'17 21
  • Antifascism

    Fascist Groove Thang

    The trouble with Nigel Farage’s threat to ‘don the khaki and pick up a rifle’, a threat you might have last heard at the Golf […]

    Mike Small 17th May'17 3
  • Ghetto na Gàidhlig
    Fearghas MacFhionnlaigh 17th May'17 3
  • WMD

    Protesting Weapons in our Communities

    “In this dramatic footage you can see the police restraining Brian Quail as he stands next to the road holding up a small peace sign. […]

    17th May'17 6
  • Hot Takes GE17

    The General Election as UK Crisis

    Neither strong nor stable: How the UK’s decline is on show in #GE17. David Jamieson surveys the General Election terrain and examines the deepening UK […]

    David Jamieson 16th May'17 5

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