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  • New Labour

    The Eds of March

    Once again Ed Miliband (accompanied by his ‘consigliere’ Ed Balls) visited Scotland last week to help shore-up Iain Gray’s leadership.  For two-Eds are better than […]

    Thom Cross 17th Mar'11 2
  • Anti-Capitalism

    Susan George, Crisis & Solutions

    For more than three decades ground-breaking scholar and activist Susan George has written expansively on the effects of neo-liberal economics on the poor. Product & […]

    Mike Small 16th Mar'11 1
  • Alex Salmond
    Lallands Peat Worrier 14th Mar'11 9
  • International

    Notes from Tokyo

    Tokyo 12:20 hrs, 19 March 2011 Not all doom and gloom despite what the media may sometimes say ( or me, ha ha). Expressions of […]

    Mike Small 14th Mar'11 2
  • International

    The Struggle in Wisconsin

    Events are still unfolding in Wisconsin, and may yet escalate further. But we can already draw some conclusions from them, which can guide us in […]

    Mike Small 14th Mar'11 1
  • English Culture

    First Wales, Now Berwick?

      Is Wales part of England? Is Berwick upon Tweed? I suspect most people would answer “no” to the first, and probably “yes” to the […]

    Ray Bell 14th Mar'11 33
  • International
    Mike Small 12th Mar'11 12
  • Events

    Another World Is Possible

    We all spend far too much time online staring at lightboxes. Here’s a chance to get out and get to some great live events you […]

    Mike Small 10th Mar'11 0
  • Women

    Independent Women

    As we approach the full-on Holyrood election campaign, there will be few poltical parties putting women centre stage of their platform for government which is […]

    Kate Higgins 7th Mar'11 9
  • Football


    The economic collapse has forced some unusual casualties. Woolies and the RAF went, Trident and Relocation Relocation Relocation didn’t (follow the logic if you can). […]

    Mike Small 4th Mar'11 80
  • Media

    Who are Scotland’s Fianna Fail?

    Scottish nationalists are often obsessed by the ‘unionist media’. Sometimes we are guilty of this at Bella. At times this all gets a bit tired. […]

    Mike Small 4th Mar'11 8
  • Uncategorized

    A revolution against neoliberalism?

    If rebellion results in a retrenchment of neoliberalism, millions will feel cheated. This article first appeared on the Al Jazeera website (on 24th Feb) under […]

    Mike Small 1st Mar'11 5
  • Commentary

    MayDay! MayDay for Britain!

    The primary role of the British state is to stop the nation happening, in the nation’s proper, civic, dialectical, inclusive sense – and the replacement […]

    Michael Gardiner 28th Feb'11 4
  • Ireland

    Irish Ayes

    Rampant capitalism has brought the country to its knees so the only cure is more rampant capitalism. Not that anyone really has engaged in policy […]

    Iain MacLaren 28th Feb'11 3

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