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  • Football

    Still No Team GB

    It’s somewhere between Marvel’s Captain Britain and a Rangers top circa 1988 (has someone been a bit clever?). But don’t expect them to fly off […]

    Mike Small 9th Nov'11 10
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    The Power of Black and White

    Scottish political debate is characterised and marred by a host of difficult divides and fractures. There is anti-Nationalist Labour hatred; the rage of the so-called […]

    Gerry Hassan 9th Nov'11 28
  • Anti-Capitalism

    A Freire Future for Scotland

    Scotland is pregnant with liberty and awaits deliverance.

    Thom Cross 7th Nov'11 6
  • Scottish Culture

    Equal Marriage

    As we celebrate the first openly gay leader of a political party in Britain and as the Catholic Church organises to send out 100,000 protest […]

    Mike Small 7th Nov'11 23
  • Holyrood 2011

    The Ump

    “The Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party is very much alive and kicking. That has been very clear in the exhilarating debate we have had during […]

    Mike Small 6th Nov'11 9
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    Mike Small 5th Nov'11 9
  • Anti-Capitalism

    Revolutions in Reverse

    Essays on Politics, Violence, Art, and Imagination Capitalism as we know it appears to be coming apart. But as financial institutions stagger and crumble, there […]

    Mike Small 4th Nov'11 0
  • International

    The Irish Dimension

    If Scotland becomes Independent, suddenly, Northern Ireland is a constitutional Nobody’s Child.

    Shane McKenna 3rd Nov'11 70
  • International


    The political situation in Italy has for a long time been something of a running joke in Britain and people have enjoyed poking fun at […]

    Michael Greenwell 3rd Nov'11 6
  • Holyrood 2011

    Cyber Brits and Fish & Chips

    Poor Iain Gray’s parting shot was odd. Mr Gray warned his future replacement: “You will be attacked, you will be smeared, you will be lied […]

    Mike Small 2nd Nov'11 49
  • Football

    Should the Old Firm Leave?

    Would Scotland be better without the Old Firm? Scott Hill argues it is imperative that they remain within their homeland.

    Scott Hill 2nd Nov'11 11
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    Adam Curtis 1st Nov'11 5
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    Kevin Williamson 1st Nov'11 3
  • Alex Salmond
    Gerry Hassan 31st Oct'11 10

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