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    Bad News (again)

    This is a story about the telly, the tabloids and what’s still referred to, semi-seriously as ‘the Scottish broadsheets’. It may seem repetitive but the […]

    Mike Small 17th Feb'10 0
  • Climate Change

    The Battle for Mainshill Wood

    This article from Rebecca Nada-Rajah on the recent battle for Mainshill Wood, where young people are leading the efforts to resist new coal against the […]

    Rebecca Nada-Rajah 15th Feb'10 0
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    Everything But the GARL

    The Lunchgate affair has been rumbling along nicely for the past week like a half-digested chicken tikka. Labour must be loving it. If today’s poll […]

    Mike Small 11th Feb'10 4
  • Northern Ireland
    Mike Small 8th Feb'10 1
  • English Culture

    Vice Captain for Englands Golden Age

    You’ve heard the jokes. Not since ‘No clean sheet for Seaman’  had the jokes of the terracing been so widely and quickly passed around. The […]

    Mike Small 5th Feb'10 1
  • Calman Report

    Elite Rule Has Failed

    On a sad day when the political charades of Chilcot will be gone through with rigorous predictability and we mourn the loss of Jerome David […]

    Joan McAlpine 29th Jan'10 7
  • Review

    Burke and Hare

    Burke and Hare Martin Conaghan and Will Pickering (2009) Insomnia Publications The Anatomy Murders Lisa Rosner (2009) University Pennsylvania Press Since Alan Moore and Dave […]

    Mike Small 27th Jan'10 0
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    A brand new news venture launched today: Caledonian Mercury revives an old Scottish title with Scotland’s first ‘truly online newspaper’. Good luck to them. I […]

    Mike Small 25th Jan'10 3
  • Iraq War

    Judgement Day

    It’s Burns Day and the news is that the British Government have tried to bury the facts about David Kelly’s death. Evidence relating to the […]

    Mike Small 24th Jan'10 0
  • Dungavel

    Precious Cargo

    Anne McLaughlin was unexpectedly elected to the Scottish Parliament in February 2009 after the death of fellow SNP MSP Bashir Ahmad. She has campaigned for […]

    Mike Small 22nd Jan'10 1
  • Referendum on Independence
    Mike Small 21st Jan'10 1
  • Environmental Justice

    Bhopal 25 Years On

    An important new book for the environmental justice movement has just been produced by independent Edinburgh publisher Word Power Books. ‘Saving the World: Twenty Five […]

    Mike Small 20th Jan'10 0
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    Is Comment Free?

    “Scotland might become to Westminster the nemesis that Ireland was a century ago, but analysis of it has all but disappeared.” Christopher Harvie on problems […]

    Christopher Harvie 15th Jan'10 1
  • International
    Grant Thoms 10th Jan'10 10

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