it's time to get above ourselves

  • Film and Animation
    Mike Small 13th Sep'11 0
  • Climate Change

    Reality Check

    Wind’s got up a bit eh?

    12th Sep'11 0
  • Uncategorized
    Kevin Williamson 12th Sep'11 13
  • Civil Liberties

    Love Life (Sept)

    Freedom, in Scotland and elsewhere, isn’t something that is given by governments or other authorities. It’s something that’s practiced. And not just in social movements […]

    Mike Small 12th Sep'11 4
  • Ireland
    David Tobin 11th Sep'11 16
  • Anti-Capitalism

    Reclaiming Independence

    I think Mhairi McAlpin and Paul Kingsnorth have done us a great service (see Mhairi’s previous post – Unite?) with the discussion they have provoked […]

    Justin Kenrick 11th Sep'11 19
  • Anti-Capitalism

    The Importance of Nation

    This extract from The Importance of Nation by Jim and Margaret Cuthbert is published over at Scottish Left Review (go here for the full article). […]

    Jim CuthbertMargaret Cuthbert 11th Sep'11 2
  • Arts & Culture

    EU Crisis as Seen by a 9 Year Old

    The toreador in a floppy hat, and the F1 driver with his helmet, represent Spain, Italy and the rest of the Euro Periphery. The three […]

    Mike Small 8th Sep'11 0
  • Anti-Capitalism


    I’ve been involved for several months now with the Coalition of Resistance in Glasgow, an interesting development with a participative format and an activist focus, […]

    Mhairi McAlpine 8th Sep'11 39
  • Autonomism


    Still from performance of ‘Liminal’ by Bella contributor Douglas Strang at the Dark Mountain Uncivilization Festival.  Report on the Independent here.

    Dougie Strang 7th Sep'11 0
  • Arts & Culture

    The Flag of our Unequal Union

    This letter to the Herald is the first in a series answering Iain MacWhirter’s question: “What is the Union for?” John Milne (Letters, September 5) […]

    Isobel Lindsay 7th Sep'11 7
  • Autonomism

    Radical Media Forum

    An open meeting for practitioners, groups and individuals involved in independent/ radical/ critical/ activist/ oppositional media, to discuss the development of a broader support network, […]

    Mike Small 6th Sep'11 0
  • Identity

    Real World Avatar

    Have you seen Avatar? I was a bit reluctant, mostly thanks to the hype. Hype’s never good. I remember seeing the Age of Stupid at […]

    Mandy Meikle 6th Sep'11 3
  • Referendum on Independence

    Death Quad

    Identity, personal or national, isn’t merely something you have like a passport. It is also something you rediscover daily, like a strange country. Its core […]

    Mike Small 5th Sep'11 15

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