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  • Media

    Dìomhair *

    This has been a packed month of intrigue and shifting sands in UK constitutional politics, starting with news that polls show support for Independence stiffening […]

    Mike Small 25th Feb'09 6
  • Community Education

    The Pedagogy of the Depressed

    A Critique and Riposte – The Edinburgh Papers 2008 The papers under the general title “Reclaiming Social Purpose in Community Education” were written by members […]

    Mike Small 15th Feb'09 6
  • Anarchism

    I Murder Hate

    Happy 250th Birthday Robert Burns…Michael G (More Whisky Please)argues convincingly that our National Holiday should be Burns Day/Night and not the abstract and insipid St […]

    Michael Gardiner 25th Jan'09 8
  • Politics

    The Ambience of Empire

    A remarkably coherent piece by Andrew O’Hagan appeared in the Guardian at the weekend. He writes about assimilation and sedation: “The Gordon Brown who wrote […]

    Andrew O'Hagan 13th Jan'09 6
  • Anarchism

    1960 – 2008

    This article was originally a talk given by Stuart Christie at the Aye Write festival in Glasgow. Stuart, “who tried to assassinate General Franco and […]

    Mike SmallStuart Christie 19th Dec'08 1
  • Greenland

    Our Friends in the North

    One of Scotland’s largest neighbours has just voted for independence. I don’t mean England, or Ireland, or Scandinavia, but a country which is bigger than […]

    Mike Small 1st Dec'08 6
  • Commentary

    Growing Pains

    An interesting piece by Elaine C Smith, Convenor of the Scottish Independence Convention in the impressively re-designed (but oddly static?) online version of Red Pepper. For […]

    Elaine C Smith 25th Nov'08 0
  • Media

    Team GB?

    Tom Gordon – the hack who presumably has been brought in to alter the dangerously-close-to-independent-balanced-reporting on ‘the National Question’ that the Sunday Herald has been dabbling […]

    Mike Small 18th Nov'08 0
  • International

    Fear and Loathing

    What’s a more motivating force, fear or hope? Across the pond Obama has inspired a generation, re-inspired another and put 9 million people on the […]

    Mike Small 7th Nov'08 0
  • Elections

    G Day Looms

    Every now and then a really remarkable thing happens in the media. This week the Scotsman newspaper published a decent article. To mark the occasion […]

    Mike Small 27th Oct'08 1
  • Elections

    From Glenrothes to EWNI

    Norman Dombey puts a geopolitical question over at the Guardians Comment is Free: “What will be the fate of “Britain’s” nuclear deterrent if Scotland becomes […]

    Mike Small 14th Oct'08 1
  • Death of Capitalism

    Ability and Needs

    The collapse of the financial markets, industries and associated ‘businesses’ presents us with a great opportunity as a world society. As the veil is lifted […]

    Mike Small 25th Sep'08 2
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    Hey, sorry about the l  o  n  g  gap in service. We have been busy writing poetry, having babies, running festivals and on other projects […]

    Mike Small 25th Sep'08 0
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    Things Can Only Get Better

    The key fact that Scottish Labour seem to have missed is,that the SNP are now the Scottish Govt. This level of denial has led them […]

    Mike Small 7th May'08 3

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