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  • Backing Bella

    An Dà Shealladh/Second Sight

    In the second of our occasional series of fund raising events for Bella at the Glad Café in Glasgow, we invite you to join us […]

    8th Oct'16 3
  • Commentary


    Bella is delighted to be part of IdeaSpace next week as the fringe gathering to the SNP conference. IdeaSpace is an exhibition of Scotland’s most innovative […]

    Mike Small 8th Oct'16 15
  • Arts & Culture
    Maxwell MacLeod 7th Oct'16 24
  • Europe

    Has the EU a Future without the UK?

    In recent weeks much attention has focused on the emerging policy of UK’s new International Trade Department, with Secretary of State Liam Fox’s recent speech […]

    Caroline Innes 7th Oct'16 52
  • Europe
    Emanuele de Vito 6th Oct'16 26
  • Austerity Britain

    Mayday Warning

    Theresa May’s speech today, and the whole tenor of the Conservative Party conference, marks a profound shift in the relationship between politics and economics in […]

    Jonathon Shafi and Ben Wray 5th Oct'16 31
  • Scots

    Scots: Oor European Leid

    As oor First Meenister speiks tae Europeans baith at hame an abroad, ah wunner whither ony o thaim wad recognise ane or twa wirds that […]

    Ashely Douglas 5th Oct'16 21
  • Media

    New Media Futures

    A Media Free of ‘The Axis of Corruption: Westminster, The City and the Media Establishment’: Scotland’s Independent Future Will Depend on It by John O’Dowd. […]

    John O'Dowd 5th Oct'16 20
  • Commentary

    Brexit Means Racism

    Hatred is spewing out of the Conservative conference and the wider English political culture. Till now most of it has been avoided, ignored or tolerated […]

    Mike Small 5th Oct'16 83
  • Radical Independence

    10 Reflections from RIC 2016

    On Saturday the Radical Independence Campaign held what will be looked back on as an important staging post in positioning the pro-independence left in relation […]

    Jonathon Shafi 4th Oct'16 11
  • Postcard

    Waitresses and the Arc of Stupidity

    Bella Postcards: our weekly series of micro blogs, a (very) random ‘best of the web’… Remember all that stuff about how the Tories had changed […]

    4th Oct'16 1
  • Radical Independence
    4th Oct'16 0
  • Arts & Culture

    The Ministry of Silly Buggers

    Semi-educated tenement Scots unite, our takeover of the English media is almost complete …

    Chris Cairns 3rd Oct'16 19
  • Commentary
    George Gunn 3rd Oct'16 11

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