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  • EU membership

    In Continent

    As Dave orders the beige buffet for French and Italian leaders he looks increasingly like he is squirming to failure as the clock ticks down. […]

    Mike Small 19th Feb'16 21
  • Economics

    Balance of Payments

    Long ago, when I was young, we used to hear about, and worry about “The Balance of Payments” and the “Money Supply”. At one time […]

    Dougie Blackwood 18th Feb'16 17
  • Banking Crisis
    John S Warren 18th Feb'16 9
  • Europe
    Colin Fox 18th Feb'16 39
  • Renewable Energy

    The Myths of Scottish Nuclear

    Today it was announced that Torness nuclear power station would remain open until 2030. The announcement wasn’t made by the Scottish Government (or even the […]

    Mike Small 16th Feb'16 55
  • Arts & Culture

    Cringe Worthy

    Poor Alex Massie embarks on some predictable snarky cultural commentary in his wee corner of the Times today. But what has upset him so much? […]

    Mike Small 16th Feb'16 76
  • Arts & Culture

    And the next Makar is …

    “I accept it on behalf of poetry itself, which is, and always has been, the core of our culture, and in grateful recognition of the […]

    Kevin Williamson 15th Feb'16 16
  • International

    On Trump’s Wall Fascism

    “Build that wall! Build that wall! Build that wall!” the chanting in the Tampa sports arena went on for over 15 minutes as reported. Of […]

    Thom Cross 15th Feb'16 6
  • International

    Yes to Bernie

    My heart burns with hope when I listen to Bernie Sanders speak. As each word promises change and every statement emboldens listeners to believe in […]

    Katie Gallogly-Swan 14th Feb'16 17
  • Civil Liberties

    Football, Politics and Police

    Scottish football has always been plagued by outside political interference. As far back as a century ago when the establishment searched for a club where they […]

    Sean Baillie 13th Feb'16 33
  • Media
    Philip Schlesinger 12th Feb'16 13
  • Holyrood 2016
    Alistair Davidson 11th Feb'16 82
  • Commentary


    Bernie Sanders results in Iowa and then New Hampshire leave him now standing at a pivotal moment in US history. He is on the brink […]

    Mike Small 11th Feb'16 16
  • Music
    Jonathan Rimmer 11th Feb'16 14

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