it's time to get above ourselves

  • Commentary
    Chris Cairns 7th Sep'16 24
  • Commentary

    Hidden Civil War

    Rather than thinking that civil war starts at the margins of society, what happens if its starts at the centre? What happens if its a […]

    Chris Erskine 6th Sep'16 16
  • Poetry

    The Zen of Brexit

    Now that we’ve voted for Brexit it’s time to discover what it is. Okay we didn’t vote for it, but that is beside the point, […]

    6th Sep'16 58
  • Commentary

    The NYR IndyApp appeal

    So, what is the NYR IndyApp? The IndyApp is a bespoke networking tool for the Yes movement. It is designed to first locate all the […]

    Jason Baird 5th Sep'16 2
  • Ghetto na Gàidhlig
    Duncan Sneddon 5th Sep'16 43
  • Scots

    A Scots Language Primer

    Billy Kay’s 6 part archive series on the history of Scots, The Scots Tongue is currently being broadcast on Radio Scotland. A new seventh programme […]

    Billy Kay 3rd Sep'16 13
  • WMD
    Paul Tritschler 2nd Sep'16 15
  • Music

    Machines That Breathe

    Every Friday we bring you our track of the week. To kick us off here’s Dundee’s finest @iambecharlotte with ‘Machines That Breathe’:

    2nd Sep'16 0
  • Renewable Energy

    As Long as the Moon is in the Sky

    FROM THE PROVINCE OF THE CAT by George Gunn There is a vivid passage in Fiona MacInnes’s brilliant novel “Iss”* where she describes the physical […]

    George Gunn 2nd Sep'16 16
  • Europe


    In between JK’s howling hissy-fit and the werewolf scare, things have been getting a little weird as summer wanes and autumn calls. But none weirder […]

    Mike Small 2nd Sep'16 63
  • International

    From Lewis to Standing Rock

    Growing in number and spirit, the Standing Rock Sioux protest against the Dakota Access Pipeline is swiftly gaining strength and international solidarity, and overcoming a […]

    Mike Small 1st Sep'16 12
  • Arts & Culture

    Dare to Dream

    Everything created must first be imagined. Explore the possible and Dare to Dream! From 1st September to the 30th November 2016, The Scottish International Storytelling […]

    Mairi McFadyen 1st Sep'16 1
  • Media

    Daisley Revisited

    ‘He’s not Robert Fisk’. I know everyone’s bored of this but I think Stuart Cosgrove and Eamonn O’Neill basically nail the whole Daisley fiasco in […]

    Mike Small 1st Sep'16 20
  • Scots

    Scots in the Curriculum

    John Hodgart casts a critical ee on developments in education. Scottish Studies an Scots Language Awards In ma last twa bits o scrievins I talked […]

    John Hodgart 31st Aug'16 4

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