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  • International

    Bob, Jamaica and the Booker

    Blaaad Clatt! Hail the man! The Jamaican Marlon James won the Booker Prize with A Brief History of Seven Killings on the assassination attempt on […]

    Thom Cross 14th Oct'15 4
  • Commentary

    Transforming Child Care in Scotland

    What would a community-based, intergenerational approach to early learning and childcare look like? Professor of Childhood Inclusion John Davis and freelance researcher Jamie Mann compare […]

    John Davies and Jamie Mann 13th Oct'15 11
  • Commentary

    Qualified Words

    Congratulations to England, Wales, Ireland, but especially Northern Ireland for qualifying for the 2016 European Championships in France. I can remember the chaos and joy […]

    Mike Small 13th Oct'15 7
  • Commentary

    Holyrood Exposed

    To coincide with the SNP conference this week, Spinwatch, Unlock Democracy and Electoral Reform Society Scotland have published Holyrood Exposed: A Guide to Lobbying in […]

    13th Oct'15 9
  • Commentary
    Kimberley Cadden 13th Oct'15 58
  • EU membership

    Thinking of EU

    As a socialist and a yesser, I’ve often been puzzled at the hostility of the Scottish far left, towards the EU and I can’t see […]

    Jimmy Kerr 12th Oct'15 31
  • Arts & Culture
    12th Oct'15 3
  • Football

    Wide Boy Attitude Kills Scotland

    The question posed in the old Radical Scotland magazine, was ‘Stands Scotland where she did’? The answer in football terms is sadly, yes. Our failure […]

    Jim Spence 9th Oct'15 51
  • Commentary

    Water Torture

    Water is something we’ve got a lot of in Scotland. It’s something that has given us hydro power and boosted our renewable sector for decades, […]

    Mike Small 9th Oct'15 37
  • Women

    Doing Politics Differently?

    Early this year the Scottish government backed down on plans to build a new ‘super-prison’ for female offenders. Though Scottish Labour, late to the party, […]

    Jen Stout 9th Oct'15 3
  • Environmental Justice

    Weed Killer

    I’m an organic gardener, I don’t like weed killer and have avoided using it as much as possible which used to mean total abstinence and […]

    Billy Noland 8th Oct'15 15
  • Poetry


    Dòchas – rionnag anns na speuran. Dùil – rocaid agus rionnag anns na speuran. Creideamh – adhar làn rionnagan. Cinnt – grian a’ deàrrsadh   […]

    8th Oct'15 6
  • Moodievision

    MoodieVision: We Are The Rich

    [vimeo 141640115 w=1024 h=576] Series 2 Episode 12 of MoodieVision animation: We Are The Rich The follow-up to ‘Greg Moodie Versus The Union’, ‘Greg Moodie’s […]

    Greg Moodie 7th Oct'15 0
  • Commentary

    Theresa May Day

    As Labour are uniformly denounced for being beyond the pale in their alleged shift left under Corbyn, the Tories in Manchester have marked out new […]

    Mike Small 6th Oct'15 29

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