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  • EU membership
    Peter Arnott 14th Mar'16 22
  • International

    Another Fine Mess

    President Obama has at last acknowledged that Libya is a “mess”. An American President using a word like “distracted” to describe David Cameron’s contribution to […]

    John S Warren 13th Mar'16 15
  • Commentary
    Christopher Silver 12th Mar'16 19
  • Commentary

    The City of (Re) discovery

    The BBC Question Time seems to have gone down even worse than usual, which is bad, because the programme routinely has people throwing objects at […]

    Mike Small 11th Mar'16 53
  • Scots

    The Retour O The Grey Airmy

    Wi the ongaun dwaiblin, dwynin and dowffsome discombobulation o the aince thrang Labour Pairty (The commoner Ruid Tory: Blairius Scunneris) attour the face o Scotia, […]

    William Hershaw 11th Mar'16 16
  • Commentary

    The Black Black Oil

    Oil is a geological event, democracy is a system of governance. One is not dependent on the other, though they are not mutually exclusive. Oil […]

    Mike Small 11th Mar'16 40
  • Holyrood 2016

    Life, Energy, Ideas, Imagination

    Compared to 2014, when Scotland was alive, the scene today is dreich: parties in Holyrood going through the motions; the SNP, a wee bit complacent, […]

    Jim Sillars 11th Mar'16 20
  • Commentary
    Mairi Campbell-Jack 10th Mar'16 10
  • Banking Crisis

    Holyrood v Houdini Banking

    Banking’s corrupt and unassailable and there’s nothing we can do about it, right? On the day that its revealed the Cabinet minister Sajid David was […]

    10th Mar'16 17
  • Feminism

    IWD Scotland

    International Women’s Day in Scotland has grown arms and legs into a vast sprawling beast of a week with spontaneous happenings, direct action and celebrations all across […]

    9th Mar'16 8
  • Commentary

    Brexit and the Idea of Scotland

    It’s already a cliché, isn’t it? The Brexit campaigns, for leaving and remaining, are following so exactly the pattern set by the Scottish Independence Stooshie […]

    Peter Arnott 8th Mar'16 30
  • Review

    Lowlands Away

    The scene is familiar to anyone who lives, or has spent time, in the Highlands of Scotland: the ruined village tucked in a glen, surrounded […]

    Dougie Strang 6th Mar'16 22
  • Media
    Callum Baird 6th Mar'16 25
  • Holyrood 2016
    Cat Boyd 5th Mar'16 24

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