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  • Radical Media Forum

    An open meeting for practitioners, groups and individuals involved in independent/ radical/ critical/ activist/ oppositional media, to discuss the development of a broader support network, archiving, collaborations, future events, and encourage debate on current directions of ‘media from below’ in the… Read More ›

  • Real World Avatar


    By Mandy Meikle Have you seen Avatar? I was a bit reluctant, mostly thanks to the hype. Hype’s never good. I remember seeing the Age of Stupid at a Climate Camp and was so disappointed. Not sure why and I… Read More ›

  • Death Quad

    George Osborne U.K. Chancellor Of The Exchequer Ahead Of The Budget

    By Mike Small Identity, personal or national, isn’t merely something you have like a passport. It is also something you rediscover daily, like a strange country. Its core isn’t something like a mountain. It is something molten, like lava. –… Read More ›

  • The Party that Died of Shame


    ‘NUD’ or ‘Archie Stirling’s Scottish Voice 2.0’? Bella has stepped in to support the brand new Conservative re-launch…

  • The Gallic Village of Keratea

    By Athanasios Georgilas Here is a video accompanying this article. It is particularly valuable because it was produced by students of Keratea. A few days before Easter, the most important religious holiday in Greece, officials from the “Ministry for the… Read More ›

  • Lockerbie: The Pan Am Bomber (Al Jazeera’s essential documentary)

    As al-Megrahi, the only man convicted of the Lockerbie bombing, nears the end of his life, this al-Jazeera investigation (first broadcast in June) is worth another watch. Scottish private investigator George Thomson sidesteps the politics, conspiracy theories, alternative suspects and… Read More ›

  • The Assassination of al-Megrahi

    “Let’s put it this way. If al-Megrahi is found dead at any point in the next few weeks – irrespective of the convoluted official explanations of how he died – then we can take it as read that a) it… Read More ›

  • Writer’s Bloc


    The Guardian recently published  a panel of views from Scottish writers: AL Kennedy, Iain Banks (‘I support the idea of an independent Scotland’), Shena Mackay and Janice Galloway (‘The SNP needs to establish that its motivation has more in common… Read More ›

  • LoopLoop

  • Brain Networks


  • Review of Not in my Name


    Have you been to a great show at the festival? Send us your reviews… Kate Higgins reviews Not in My Name. Well the circus is about to leave town. The first two weeks of the Fringe are exciting, but come… Read More ›

  • The Silent Blockade

    A short film about this summer’s attempt by a few hundred Pro Palestinian and human rights campaigners to access the West Bank by Jon Pullman. Jon writes: “The Israeli reaction was a remarkable one yet it has been largely ignored… Read More ›

  • Why Iceland Should Be in the News But Is Not


    The 2008 world financial crisis was terrible for Iceland. At the end of the year the country declared bankruptcy. Contrary to what could be expected, the crisis resulted in Icelanders recovering their sovereign rights, through a process of direct participatory democracy that eventually led to a new Constitution….

  • The fall of Gaddafi and the assassination of Abdelbaset Ali al-Megrahi

    Gaddafi and Friends

    by Kevin Williamson As opposition forces move into Tripoli the final chapter of the Gaddafi regime seems about to be writ large, and in blood.  This time there seems little chance of yet another miraculous reprieve for The Colonel, his… Read More ›

  • Inspiring Capital


    By Mike Small Auld Reekie’s catchphrase is, I think, a throwback to the golden age (about 7 years ago) when the city’s financial elite (let’s be polite) were in  more ebullient mood. Few of them had been sacked or exposed… Read More ›

  • Yob Culture


    And so we continue, hurtling back, day by day with a sort of deformed debauched British State led by the Bullingdon Club Cabinet. As K-Punk tells it: “the most breathtaking aspect of the Bullingdon swindle is the “we’re all in… Read More ›

  • Heckler


    Remembering Harry Stanley, Jean Charles de Menezes and Ian Tomlinson. This from John Pilger This is not in any way to excuse the violence of the rioters, many of whom were opportunistic, mean, cruel, nihilistic and often vicious in their… Read More ›

  • The Sovereign Grant Bill: Bad for Scotland and Bad for the UK


    The crown estate represents a varied mix of property – with a book value currently estimated at £6.6 billion, a figure which almost certainly underestimates the true value. It includes large holdings of rural and urban land, as well as extensive marine assets. These marine assets include over half of the foreshore of the UK, all of the seabed out to the 12 nautical mile limit, and mineral rights, (excluding hydrocarbons), over the continental shelf.

  • Justice, Tory-style

    This piece of shit got four years for distributing 100,000 child porn photos of children being sexually abused. BBC News – Facebook child abuse images ringleader jailed “These are real children who are abused in order to satisfy the sexual… Read More ›

  • Ideas Fightback

    Jimmy Reid addresses a mass meeting of the Upper Clyde Shipyards workforce at Clydebank, July 1971

    Even while Scotland is rejecting right-wing policies at the polls and the mainstream of Scottish politics is walking away from these agendas, still they are almost inexplicably dominating the airwaves and the press. How can an issue so far off the real agenda as the privatisation of Scottish Water (or some precursor step) still be floating around? Why is the question of creating a market in higher education in Scotland still being discussed?

  • Blasda – Scotland’s Local Food Feast


    Launching this week is Blasda – Scotland’s local food feast, a massive celebration of the alternative to supermarket food culture  happening across the country next month. From East Kilbride, where the entirely volunteer-driven  EKDT are heating their polytunnels with dung-heaps… Read More ›

  • Rorschach England


    This has been England’s Rorschach moment, where the collective bile against the underclass that 30 years of neoliberal policy has created comes to the surface. Where exactly did the rioters get the idea that there is no higher value than acquiring individual wealth, or that branded goods are the route to identity and self-respect?

  • When I ask why are they poor, they call me political…


    “10yr old looters? Created by scum to live as scum. Don’t make pathetic excuses for criminality” The explosion of rage of Middle England is something to behold…

  • A Call to Reason


    This from the excellent Steven Maclean on Dreaming Genius: London is bracing itself for a fourth night of riots. Towns and cities all over the country are also now on alert as the unrest continues to spread. As it does,… Read More ›

  • Love Life


    Love Life is also a reminder that being radical doesn’t have to mean being grumpy. Nietzsche reckoned that holding on to resentment about the world not being the free and equal place you or I might want it to be can be a way of holding on to that inequality and lack of freedom. I think he’s got a point.

  • Edinburgh Book Fringe 2011

    pauline black

    If you’re bored of the book festival and jaded by the fringe…here’s quick reminder that the Book Fringe starts this Thursday… from Thursday 11 to Thursday 25 August 2011 at Word Power Books , 43-45 West Nicolson Street, Edinburgh EH8… Read More ›

  • Kevin Williamson on our radical seditious patriotic Bard

    Rabbie 'Che' Burns

    It takes a brave or foolish man to try and step into Robert Burns’s Scotland-size shoes but Bella Caledonia’s Kevin Williamson is doing it for fourteen nights in August.  Here he explains why: I’ve never been comfortable with the concept… Read More ›

  • Commons Manifesto (Part 2) – How can we squeeze CARBON out of the economy?


    By Justin Kenrick Most of the serious commentators on climate change see us as having already gone past the point of no return. This is not because the emissions in the atmosphere and the degrees of warming we are already… Read More ›

  • Paul Jorion

    This courtesy of the ever brilliant Frankly : The systemic crisis experienced by major economies has drawn attention to the shortcomings of current market practices. Generating as much poverty as growth and as much hidden risk as profitability, these practices… Read More ›

  • US Debt All Fixed Then?


    If you don’t already follow Greg Palast, you should, here’s why: It was quite upsetting to find our President blindfolded and tied to a chair at the GOP Tea Party headquarters, but I’m sure the $2.2 trillion ransom we paid… Read More ›

  • The Flottila Effect

    Small countries would never be able to survive the coming economic storms, right? We need to cling on to great stable financial states like, er the USA and the UK, er, right? The potential economic benefits of Welsh independence have… Read More ›

  • Undocumented People Undocumented Stories


    This is the second of a two part article by Rebecca Nada-Rajah, our correspondent who has just completed  a 4 month, 7000 km cycle journey to Iran. Undocumented People It is 5:45 AM. A mobile phone alarm goes off in… Read More ›

  • Undocumented Seeds, Undocumented People, Undocumented Stories


    This is the first of a two part article by Rebecca Nada-Rajah, our correspondent who has just completed  a 4 month, 7000 km cycle journey to Iran. Specially for Bella, Rebecca writes on Undocumented Seeds, Undocumented People, Undocumented Stories as… Read More ›

  • Why George Monbiot is Wrong About Nuclear Power


    As the Scottish Govt wavers about it’s previously crystal clear stance on nuclear power – and powerful lobby groups circle – it’s worth reading this by Jonathon Porrit about why nuclear power is an expensive disaster we don’t need. For… Read More ›

  • The Nonsense Guide to Climate Change


    After recent exchanges we thought this was useful…from George Marshall, an explanation of the ‘position’ of climate sceptics, reproduced from chapter 3 of Danny Chiver’s new book “The No-Nonsense Guide to Climate Change”: Don’t worry. The planet isn’t warming up… Read More ›

  • Commons Manifesto


    A spectre is haunting Europe. The spectre of climate change…

  • Debt: The First 5000 Years


    “The real dirty secret is that if the deficit ever completely went away, it would cause a major catastrophe.” – David Graeber As the US plays tug of war in a peculiar Jeckyll & Hyde war of economic ideology, Jesse… Read More ›

  • Always the Bridesmaid


    You’ve got to admire the good sense of those good people at The List, who chose our very own Bella to (almost) top this list of Scotland’s best websites. See here. Allmediascotland covered the glory here. Our own favorites in… Read More ›

  • The Roots of the Far Right


    As Hope Not Hate unveil the connections to the English far-right, we look at where Breivik came from. By Kate Higgins The shocking and tragic events in Norway bring home in stark relief the dangers inherent in extremism.  With at least… Read More ›

  • Being Human


    By Justin Kenrick Mapping our route, based on a more accurate understanding of what it is to be human… If what we need is – in part – to create a set of proposals, a routemap, to help us disentangle… Read More ›

  • ‘Television: manipulation’ – Puerto del Sol

    Demonstrators gather and shout slogans in Madrid's famous landmark Puerta del Sol

    Real Journalism Now outline 10 guidelines: “a manifesto of minimal standards, of ten simple and fundamental guidelines; and we sent out a call inviting our colleagues to join us in debating, defining, and in some cases returning to, the aims and basic principles of journalism.” In the Murdoch debacle this is where Scottish journalists should be looking for inspiration…

  • Will Victory Take Us Left?

    Scotland repels the Union...

    Scotland has its own civic culture which must be nurtured and developed in a direction which is decided by the Scottish People themselves, through their political and civic institutions and through the right to self-determination as enshrined in the UN Covenant on Civil and Political Rights in that they may freely determine their political status and purse their economic, social and cultural development. It must be for our people to determine their own political future through our own Scottish Parliament and for us then to freely enter into treaties of international law which will see us take a future position of cooperation and equality of development opportunities with all the people of the World in an end to colonialism, imperialism and exploitation.

  • Not in My Name


    In advance of his Fringe show (National Library of Scotland 4-28 Aug), Darran Anderson from 3AM magazine interviews Kevin Williamson (see also the Not in My Name site here) 3:AM: Aside from exploring the poet’s life and works, Robert Burns:… Read More ›

  • Westminster’s Holodeck


    By Mike Small There’s been a lot of mumbling recently (mostly from Tories) that ‘this Hackgate story is over’ and ‘everyone’s a bit bored now’. News that Andy Coulson will be tried in Scotland for perjury should put paid to… Read More ›

  • Lost in Space


    First Woolies, then News of the World, now Star Trek. What’s up next? Anyone for the Euro?

  • Place, Power, Transition & the Uncut Movement


    What’s the potency of the Transition Movement?

  • In Bruges


    Last week delegations from civic groups campaigning for independence across Europe met to establish a network of stateless nations and discuss potential for  common working. The Scottish Independence Convention, Welcome Mr. President … to the State of Catalonia and the… Read More ›

  • Hit the North


    “Economic ‘failure’ was used as an excuse for the IMF to privatise services, decimate societies and prop up or restore dictators across swathes of Latin America, Africa and elsewhere; and this approach is currently being used across southern Europe and is likely to reach the rest of us very soon…”

  • Atonement


    By Mike Small If the arrest of Rebekah Brooks yesterday is a ploy to confuse or interrupt parliamentary questions then the police are off the leash, and this denoument isn’t a  media crisis but a constitutional one. We shall see…. Read More ›

  • Change: Accelerator


    Should those active in political parties who see the need to reign in corporate power, focus not on party building but on building a broader movement of which their parties are a part? Should they focus less on electoral strategy than on culture shift strategy, and on connecting this to addressing the democratic deficit?