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    Present and Future Scotlands

    Skreak-tklik! Skraak! Gloopgloop ….. Btong! I Finding myself a candidate for a Yale seminar on PHOTOGRAPHY AND BRITISHNESS – anything to stop Simon Schama! – […]

    Christopher Harvie 31st May'16 15
  • Europe

    Swallowing a Substitute

    The great Russian poet Anna Akhmatova once wrote, “The thing about poetry is that once somebody swallows a substitute he will feel poisoned forever after.” […]

    George Gunn 31st May'16 6
  • Backing Bella

    14 Days to Help Bella

    We have 14 days left to reach our target. We need your help to raise funds and continue to build a better, pro-indy alternative media. If […]

    30th May'16 4
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    Tommy Sheppard 30th May'16 25
  • Scots

    Tak Tent O Violet Jacob (1863-1946)

    It’s time tae tak tent o the Scottish weemin o the early 20th century for thair muckle contribution tae the airts and cultur in modern […]

    Lisa Simmons 30th May'16 7
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    The Imiagrunts are Coming

    This morning the cacophony of unmuzzled racism pours from every news outlet as the full desperation of Brexit meets the pent-up false-victimhood of Tory Englandshire. […]

    Mike Small 30th May'16 19
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    Dave Scott 29th May'16 14
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    The Right of Protest

    Three Syrian students charged with resisting arrest and assaulting police officers at a Glasgow protest have been cleared after a senior Sheriff branded the police […]

    James Doleman 29th May'16 8
  • Corruption

    The Tory Fraud Crisis

    The number of Tory MPs under investigation for Electoral Fraud is now greater than the working majority in Westminster and escalating into an explosion of […]

    Jonathon Shafi 28th May'16 23
  • Music
    Jonathan Rimmer 28th May'16 0
  • Media

    Twilight Zone

    Anarchist Rod Serling, the creator of The Twilight Zone, talking in 1959 about the pressures of writing for commercial television: “The tools of conquest do […]

    28th May'16 0
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    Kevin Williamson 27th May'16 19
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    27th May'16 3
  • International

    The Republican Candidate

    The American Republican Party have just nominated an egomaniac racist liar as their candidate. Watch and share. “Look at him. Bigot. Racist. Nativist. Separatist. Sexist. […]

    27th May'16 9

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