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  • Localism
    16th Nov'16 7
  • Commentary

    Notes On The Crisis: Trump

    Trump is intelligent, hard-working, strategic and purposeful. He is a dangerous kleptomanic and a threat to life and liberty, but he is not a fool. […]

    Gordon Guthrie 16th Nov'16 7
  • Media

    Dermot Murnaghan Loses it

    Here is an exchange you’ll want to see. This is ‘the news’ in which a man with extreme right-wing views is berated for not wearing […]

    Mike Small 16th Nov'16 19
  • Scots

    Scotland the Whit?

    Atween Friday an Sunday last, Scotland funn itsel representit by 3 sports teams. Ane each fir fitba, rugby league an rugby union. Wir fitba team, […]

    Ally Heather 16th Nov'16 5
  • Commentary

    On the No Plan Memo

    In response to the utter meltdown within the government over Brexit as reported in the Times today, John McDonnell for the Labour opposition is making […]

    Peter Arnott 15th Nov'16 55
  • Commentary

    Donald and the F Word

    As white supremacist Steven Bannon enters the White House a grinning chipper Evan Davies gives Raheem Kassam a free pass on Newsnight and the new normal […]

    Mike Small 15th Nov'16 17
  • Collapsononics

    When the maps run out

    I have been thinking about the slipperiness of history, how it escapes our grasp. When we study a war in school, the first facts we […]

    Dougald Hine 14th Nov'16 21
  • Review

    Stories from a Nation in the Making

    I am gratified someone wrote a book describing some of the cultural components of the 2014 Referendum campaign, because that was what the referendum was […]

    Peter Burnett 14th Nov'16 7
  • Review
    Fearghas MacFhionnlaigh 14th Nov'16 10
  • Commentary

    Action not Normalisation

    There are broadly three emerging responses to the coming to power of Trump and his movement in America. The first is denial (it probably won’t […]

    Mike Small 13th Nov'16 44
  • Commentary
    13th Nov'16 23
  • International
    13th Nov'16 32
  • Review

    My Bonnie Scotland

    MY BONNIE SCOTLAND by Jim Ferguson reviewed by Thomas Clark Yin wey tae weir intae Jim Ferguson’s poetry micht be tae think aboot it as […]

    12th Nov'16 4
  • Gender Equality

    New Responses to Domestic Abuse

    Jen Stout reports on the opportunity (and obstacles) to us having “the best response in the world” to domestic abuse “an opportunity for us to […]

    Jen Stout 11th Nov'16 24

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