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  • Commentary

    The Way of the World

    This is not an opinion piece; at least it is written simply in the form of a timeline, and for the most part it uses […]

    John S Warren 3rd Aug'16 24
  • Media

    Jeremy Corbyn: What Was Done

    A ruthless & uncompromising satire from the creators of ‘Jim Murphy – Saviour of the Union’ – from Bonnie Prince Bob (& pals). Please support […]

    Bonnie Prince Bob 3rd Aug'16 4
  • Arts & Culture

    On the Scottish Six


    Chris Cairns 3rd Aug'16 16
  • Tribe of Moles
    Tony Cox 2nd Aug'16 14
  • Arts & Culture

    The Scots Festival

    Alistair Heather previews the Scots language shows at the Edinburgh Festival. Anithir Festival Fringe lours. Curtains are tae raise aa ower Embra as thirty thoosan […]

    Alistair Heather 2nd Aug'16 10
  • Ghetto na Gàidhlig

    Mùirn Mhurchaidh

    Nuair a chuala Mairead NicLeòid guth Mhurchaidh MhicPhàrlain airson a’ chiad uair, cha robh dòigh fios a bhith aice air a’ bhuaidh a bheireadh esan […]

    Ruairidh MacÌomhair 2nd Aug'16 17
  • International

    Hillary and the Balloons

    I’m looking at the pictures of Hillary among the balloons…as a theatre type…and thinking to myself, a bit uncomfortably… “She may have intelligence and experience […]

    29th Jul'16 28
  • Film and Animation


    This looks like an excellent addition to the emeregnt new media landscape from the talented Phantom Power Films… “PERSPECTIVE is a new regular documentary series […]

    29th Jul'16 4
  • Commentary
    Harry Alffa 28th Jul'16 90
  • Uncategorised

    Clinton Coronation


    27th Jul'16 8
  • Climate Change

    Feeling the heat yet?

    Last Wednesday was great. I stepped out into the blistering Leith sunshine, dark shades at dip, and walked about twenty yards before running into a […]

    Kevin Williamson 25th Jul'16 37
  • Commentary

    United Togetherness

    A ‘Reverse Greenland‘ sounds like something from a Nordic Kama Sutra. It is instead the unlikely proposition that Scotland stay in the EU and in […]

    Mike Small 25th Jul'16 13
  • #Indyref2

    Better Together Campaign

    This presentation by Rob Shorthouse is remarkable for a number of reasons, not least astonishing levels of assumption-making and self-deception (which we’ll explore fully in […]

    Mike Small 24th Jul'16 59
  • Commentary

    Wedding Invite meets Suicide Pact

    The letter from Jackson Carlaw to Kezia Dugdale calling for a new Tory/Labour “alliance” opposing #indyref2 via the marvelous and unlikely source of Michael Blackley, […]

    24th Jul'16 10

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