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  • Europe

    Europe in Scotland #EU2

    In the third of our series inviting European citizens living in Scotland to reflect on the Brexit crisis, Svenja Meyerricks  contributes. #EU2 How has the Brexit […]

    Svenja Meyerricks 23rd Sep'16 8
  • Scots

    The Gypsy Traiveller “problem”

    Alistair Heather scrieves anent an ayebydand problem in landward airts o the kintrae, atween settled societie an the ‘gaun aboot fowk’ we cry Traivellers an […]

    Alistair Heather 23rd Sep'16 19
  • Tribe of Moles
    Bruce Scott 22nd Sep'16 23
  • Education

    Tunnelling Out

    Tunnelling Out: How Intellectual Property Created in Scottish Universities using Your Money is Given Away ‘For Free’ by the Neoliberal Scottish Funding Council. In a […]

    John O'Dowd 22nd Sep'16 26
  • Review


    Determination: how Scotland can become independent by 2021, by Robin McAlpine; Commonweal After “an independence campaign [that] was never more alive than after its loss”, […]

    John Herdman 22nd Sep'16 4
  • EU membership

    Help Me Rhona

    As a ‘Hard Brexit’ now looks more and more certain it’s important to recall the arguments made by Better Together during the referendum. Thanks to […]

    Mike Small 22nd Sep'16 15
  • WMD

    By Yon Bonnie Banks

    “The WHO (World Health Organisation) has calculated that would take 200 atomic explosions to create a nuclear winter, and in effect sterilise the planet. That […]

    Brian Quail 21st Sep'16 6
  • Arts & Culture
    Chris Cairns 21st Sep'16 6
  • Land Ownership

    Eigg – Our Island

    We sometimes think that land ownership is something that will never happen, something far away. Here’s a great practical example of real change. An amazing […]

    20th Sep'16 10
  • Backing Bella

    Support Us

    We’ve been publishing ad-free content and promoting new writing for almost a decade now. Producing Bella’s thoughtful writing is expensive – but supporting us isn’t. […]

    20th Sep'16 10
  • Consumer Culture

    Pizza the Polar Bear

    The plight of ‘Pizza’ the polar bear currently residing in a Chinese shopping centre is probably the most pitiful thing you will read about in […]

    Mike Small 20th Sep'16 3
  • Commentary

    Indyref – What we Won

    The Scottish Greens Maggie Chapman argues that  by defining ‘our identity as egalitarian, internationalist and committed to saving our planet we can claim back our souls […]

    Maggie Chapman 20th Sep'16 9
  • Arts & Culture

    Witsherface Rap Sheet

    As social media went mental about the Witsherface comedy routine at the SIC Reassembly event, they issued this statement in response to the ‘controversy’: We’ve […]

    20th Sep'16 20
  • Labour
    Tom Lomax 19th Sep'16 3

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