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  • New Yes

    From No to Yes

    Part #7 of Phantom Power’s Journey to Yes series…. Likes(49)Dislikes(2)

    10th Mar'17 9
  • Commentary

    Food of the Nation

    Joanna Blythman on the Errington Cheese case – and the wider implications for small-scale food producers and Scottish food culture. This article was first published in […]

    Joanna Blythman 9th Mar'17 7
  • Podcast

    Destiny Man

    In a tranquil spot near Connell an elderly man overlooks a beautiful loch from his living room with hope, few regrets and an enduring fierce […]

    Mike Small 8th Mar'17 17
  • Arts & Culture


    Playwright Sara Shaarawi from the Workers Theatre writes about her new Kickstarter, Megaphone. This article was first published in the Bella Caledonia print edition, available […]

    Sara Shaarawi 8th Mar'17 3
  • Review


    From Millais’ Ophelia to Alien’s Ripley, Kathryn Briggs’ Magpie utilizes a myriad of symbols to explore and subvert the female experience. Told through and over […]

    Katy Lennon 8th Mar'17 0
  • Women

    Bella Happy #IWD2017

    Here’s our top ten of the best ideas projects and protests from International Women’s Day 2017 … 1. Here’s a brilliant piece from Clash Music on […]

    8th Mar'17 0
  • Austerity Britain

    British Empire 1.0

    We thought this week’s ‘re-imagining’ of Britain and British Empire needed another look. Modern Britain formed in 1707. These are the countries it has been […]

    Stewart Bremner 8th Mar'17 17
  • Environmental Justice

    Beyond Black Gold

    The chair of the Growth Commission, Andrew Wilson has stated what a lot of us have been saying for a very long time, that the […]

    Mike Small 7th Mar'17 20
  • Commentary

    Belfast Child

    There’s so much to say about the election in the north of Ireland last week that it’s hard to know where to begin. But we […]

    Adam Ramsay 7th Mar'17 16
  • Commentary

    Authentic Nations

    The question of authenticity is crucial for nations storyboarding. A hundred-thousand undergraduate essays must have quoted Benedict Anderson’s “imagined communities” (by the way in Anderson’s […]

    Mike Small 7th Mar'17 29
  • Digital Culture

    We the People, are the System

    “Now is the time for fundamental change on all fronts because this is THE moment. Ours states are built around systems that are outdated, created […]

    6th Mar'17 1
  • Austerity Britain

    Empire 2.0

    Those of you who noted the, apparently serious, idea to re-float the Britannia, un-buckling it from Ocean Terminal and letting it set sail to act […]

    Mike Small 6th Mar'17 14
  • Arts & Culture

    Celebrating Scottish Political Women

    Here’s a great new series of prints being launched for International Women’s Day celebrating Scottish political women by Lorna Miller, available as signed Giclee Prints. […]

    Laurie Fraser 6th Mar'17 5
  • Commentary
    George Gunn 6th Mar'17 21

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