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  • Scots

    Moniaive or Bust

    Hit’s the nicht afore A’m giein ma brent new lecture Scots Language in Comics (142AD tae 2017) at the Moniaive Comic Festival an hit’s jist […]

    Michael Dempster 26th Jun'17 4
  • Interview

    How is Theresa May still in power?

    Owen Jones interviews Frankie Boyle. On Britain’s faux morality, independence, self-censorship and moral outrage …

    26th Jun'17 1
  • Commentary

    Glastonbury Blues

    So Corbyn spoke at Glastonbury reciting Shelley and it went down a storm and the right has gone into meltdown. Cultural incomprehension met petted-lip. Fraser […]

    Mike Small 25th Jun'17 20
  • Commentary

    The Brexit Trick

    This will not take long. I am able to give this guarantee because I am writing about the British Government’s “Plans”. This is a subject […]

    John S Warren 24th Jun'17 37
  • Commentary

    Generation Rent and Voter Intention

    Abi Wilkinson on the ABCs of Labour, and the demographics of political change in 2017. There’s a critique of Labour currently being pushed that goes […]

    Abi Wilkinson 23rd Jun'17 24
  • Commentary

    Independence Day

    It’s Independence Day today, though you might not have noticed and your home may not be festooned with bunting. Brexit is (and can only be) […]

    Mike Small 23rd Jun'17 19
  • Playlists

    Ela Orleans Playlist

    Choosing the playlist this week is Polish-born Glasgow-based polymath Ela Orleans who is currently on the SAY Award’s shortlist for her stunning album Circles Of […]

    23rd Jun'17 1
  • Commentary
    Richard Gunn 22nd Jun'17 22
  • Housing

    Our Housing Crisis

    Nothing will make up for the tragedy of Grenfell. What the millions of us who are angry can do is, to coin Theresa May, say ‘enough is […]

    Ben Wray 21st Jun'17 8
  • Postcard
    Bonnie Gallagher 21st Jun'17 1
  • Arts & Culture

    On Defamation

    How to protect free expression? Reforming defamation is a good place to start. Scottish Pen are hosting an event at Scottish Parliament with Andy Wightman MSP […]

    21st Jun'17 1
  • Gender Equality

    On Mending Mediocrity

    A routine and lazy response to the need to use mechanisms to restructure the gender inequalities of public life is often along the lines of: […]

    Laurie Fraser 21st Jun'17 3
  • Commentary

    A Dangerous Narrative

    Lost amid the clamour of ‘Advice for the SNP’ articles – plus, of course, carnage in London, the Brexit fiasco and chaos at the heart […]

    Alan Bissett 21st Jun'17 87
  • Commentary

    Catching the Wave

    We have reached a watershed for UK politics: Time for independence to catch the wave of change argues Gerry Hassan. These are bewildering and often […]

    Gerry Hassan 20th Jun'17 22

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