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    Mike Small 18th Dec'17 34
  • Media

    The Scottish Left, Reviewed

    As a socialist in the SNP, it’s difficult to know what message I am supposed to take from the editorial in Scottish Left Review 101. […]

    Craig Lundie 18th Dec'17 25
  • Arts & Culture

    Nae Pasaran

    The amazing story of the Scottish workers who defied Pinochet and refused to maintain and repair Chilean air force engines.

    17th Dec'17 3
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    Letts Take Back Control

    In a competitive group Quentin Letts (author of ‘Patronising Bastards – How the Elites Betrayed Britain‘) won the competition for Stupidest Tory Bigot of the […]

    Mike Small 17th Dec'17 2
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    Speak for England, Jacob

    …we learned in 2014 that Breaking Up Britain was too big a job for the hesitant, equivocal Scots. Breaking Up Britain was always a job […]

    Peter Arnott 16th Dec'17 5
  • Drugs

    The Case for a Fix Room

    The case for a safer drug consumption facility in Glasgow, by Mhairi Hunter (writing in a personal capacity). Plans to establish a safer drug consumption […]

    Mhairi Hunter 15th Dec'17 16
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    Cat People

    How a short story exposed the fiction of modern dating. Following its publication in the New Yorker on the 11th December 2017, Cat Person, a […]

    Jenny Constable 15th Dec'17 2
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    Creative Enterprise

    Ryan McDougall on the perils of being a young freelance worker in the creative industry.

    Ryan McDougall 15th Dec'17 7
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    The night of the 19th of February 2016 was among the strangest of my life. It had been my birthday two days before and a […]

    Fraser Stewart 15th Dec'17 8
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    Means and Ends

    As someone who has never been comfortable being described as a ‘nationalist’, who is suspicious of excessive enthusiasm about flags, and who mostly views the […]

    Caitlin Logan 15th Dec'17 10
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    David Jamieson 14th Dec'17 6
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    Croick to Kandahar, Back to Luxemburg

    Croick Church, a grey whinstone building that stands strategically at the junction of three small streams that feed the headwaters of the River Carron, was […]

    Jim Aitken 14th Dec'17 8
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    Grooming the Colonel

    Colonel Davidson is getting some high-powered backing as the political establishment look aghast as their normally ‘strong and stable’ leaders set fire to the house. […]

    Mike Small 13th Dec'17 27
  • Ghetto na Gàidhlig

    The Gaelic for Hygge

    Calum MacLeod on gaelic nonsense from Visit Scotland …

    Calum MacLeod 13th Dec'17 15

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