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  • Anti-Capitalism

    Acid Communism

    In the context of the stagnation of the indy movement in form and content – and in the face of huge global meme moments like […]

    Mike Small 17th Oct'17 3
  • Antifascism

    Help Catalonia. Save Europe

    “What’s happening here, in Catalonia, is not an internal Spanish affair. It concerns to each and every European citizen”

    Mike Small 17th Oct'17 16
  • Bella10
    Jim Monaghan 16th Oct'17 0
  • Scots

    Arrest this Moment

    ‘Bard o Vast Ingyne’ James Robertson on his new biography o Michael Marra, sang-scriever, musician and artist I kent Michael Marra (1952-2012), as freen and […]

    James Robertson 16th Oct'17 3
  • Bella10

    Manning Up

    Ruth Davidson’s plea that the Tory Party needed to ‘man up’ combined with the Scottish Mental Health Festival to inspire me to speak up about […]

    Mike Small 15th Oct'17 21
  • Commentary


    Advancing Scottish independence outside of Scotland Is there a place for Scots living outside of Scotland to champion independence? When it comes to advancing the […]

    Kevin Guyan 15th Oct'17 9
  • Commentary
    Joanna Pickering 14th Oct'17 18
  • Events
    Griogair Labhruidh 11th Oct'17 7
  • Catalonia

    Slash and Burn

    The anti-capitalist and anti-fascist left across the different autonomous regions in Spain have for years been telling anyone who would listen that the old remnants […]

    David Whyte 11th Oct'17 7
  • Commentary

    How to Build (and Demolish) a Country

    As the UK slides further into economic and diplomatic farce a new aspect to the cause for independence has emerged this week. Among the hotly […]

    Mike Small 11th Oct'17 26
  • Commentary

    May Day Warning

    Theresa May’s weekly media car-crash is now becoming so regular you could set your clock with it. This week’s self-inflicted catastrophe comes in the LBC […]

    Mike Small 11th Oct'17 20
  • Commentary

    Justifiable Assault

    “You haven’t hit me in a while Dad!” said my 10 year old self to my stepdad. “That’s because you’ve not given me a reason […]

    Laura Beveridge 10th Oct'17 19
  • Commentary

    Beyond Taboo

    To celebrate the start of the Scottish Mental Health Arts Festival , Nadine McBay explores the very different pressures affecting men and women’s mental health […]

    Nadine McBay 10th Oct'17 0
  • Scots

    Mercy O Gode

    The day’s the international day o the hameless. Hamelessness isnae restrictit tae borders an wilnae be cured by independence. Gin yir merchin doon the Marketgait […]

    Derrick McC lure 9th Oct'17 5

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