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    Empire’s End

    It’s over. Nothing says ‘end of empire’ as much as the closure of Britain’s military presence in Scotland. Today’s announcement that the MOD naval base […]

    Mike Small 8th Nov'16 29
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    Beyond Trump Panic

    Jonathon Shafi puts the Trump and Brexit phenomenon in the context of economic crisis and political schism. On the day of the US election many […]

    Jonathon Shafi 8th Nov'16 5
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    Splendid Isolation

    From the time he acquired the Daily Express in 1916 and subsequently throughout the 1930’s, the tycoon turned politician, William Maxwell Aitken of Ontario, or […]

    7th Nov'16 13
  • Film and Animation

    Red Carpet from Cuba to Scotland

    “Building bridges based on the belief that film becomes art only when its materials are as inexpensive as pencil & paper. Cine Pobre Film Festival […]

    Chris Bartter 7th Nov'16 1
  • International
    Peter Geoghegan 7th Nov'16 65
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    Donald Trump and the Second Sight

    Alastair McIntosh on the psychopathology that the American election has set loose upon the world. I was driving through Tong on the Isle of Lewis. […]

    Alastair McIntosh 6th Nov'16 31
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    Viagara Catfish and More

    I had better start by confessing about the Viagra. Right to cut the bullshit. Or rather explain it, and the role it plays in our […]

    Maxwell MacLeod 4th Nov'16 15
  • Renewable Energy

    Winds of Change

    On 2nd November, 2016 BBC Radio Scotland ‘Good Morning, Scotland’ broadcast an interview on renewable energy wind-turbine subsidies with Alexander Burnet MSP, who is apparently […]

    John S Warren 3rd Nov'16 16
  • Football

    Three Lions Led by Donkeys

    Great to see that the SFA, which can’t organise a fixture list, security at a cup final, discipline its own clubs or broker a broadcast […]

    Mike Small 3rd Nov'16 59
  • International

    Michael Moore on Why Trump Will Win

    The very real possibility of ‘shy Trumpeteers’ is terrifying (‘Polls don’t capture secret Trump vote’), and although Florida suggests different (‘Florida poll: 28 percent of […]

    Mike Small 2nd Nov'16 20
  • Arts & Culture

    The Real Mystery of Flannan Isle

    So the fantastic tale of the Flannan Isles lighthouse is going to be made into a film directed by the award-winning Danish director Kristoffer Nyholm, and […]

    Mike Small 1st Nov'16 26
  • Arts & Culture

    Women of the Hill

    From Hanna Tuulikki: “As the festival we now call halloween approaches, marking the beginning of winter, and the nights begin drawing in, the veil between […]

    1st Nov'16 3
  • EU membership

    England to Leave the UK

    Breaking Up Britain was always too big a job for the Scots. It was always a job for the English writes Peter Arnott. Well, now […]

    Peter Arnott 1st Nov'16 60
  • International

    Here Come the Pirates

    In June 2014 we brought Smári McCarthy from Iceland to speak about post-Yes constitutional options and learning from our northern neighbour. He later joined our […]

    Mike Small 31st Oct'16 4

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