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  • Film and Animation

    What Is A Radical Film?

    Today is the last day of The Radical Film Network Festival and Unconference in Glasgow. To attend their closing events register here. Here’s Monday’s schedule – this […]

    Pat Kane 2nd May'16 11
  • International

    Meet TiSA, TTIP’s Ugly Sister

    Wikileaks expose new secret corporate takeover plans. Wikileaks have released massive new information about the secret trade deals that support TTIP. These revelations from Wikileaks […]

    Mike Small 2nd May'16 6
  • Holyrood 2016

    Fairer, Greener and Healthier

    ‘Fairer, greener and healthier’ – that’s the core pitch of the Scottish Green Party manifesto. It’s an apple-pie trio of aspirations that’s difficult to challenge. […]

    Mike Small 1st May'16 44
  • When Friday Comes

    When Friday Comes

    Here’s the bad news. You can set your phasers to stun for Jenny Lindsay and myself will soon plonk our asses in the Bella Caledonia […]

    Kevin Williamson 29th Apr'16 30
  • Commentary
    Mike Small 29th Apr'16 43
  • International

    America at its Best

    We may think that the only thing we are likely to hear from modern American politicians is bellicose shouting or stock neoliberal ideology; or from […]

    John Warren 29th Apr'16 26
  • Ghetto na Gàidhlig
    Daibhidh Rothach 29th Apr'16 2
  • Review
    George Gunn 28th Apr'16 15
  • Commentary
    Gerry Hassan 28th Apr'16 11
  • International

    War is Coming

    Today we publish the first of our series of ebooks. “The rotting sore of Iraq, the spreading fires of Syria, the disaster of Libya are […]

    27th Apr'16 13
  • Commentary

    The Department of Work and Pensions

    It’s a sad day for BHS, asset-stripped by Sir Philip Green of hundreds of millions of pounds. There will be thousands of redundancies and a much larger […]

    Mike Small 26th Apr'16 12
  • Refugee Crisis

    The 3000

    In May 1937 3000 child refugees from the Spanish Civil War arrived in UK – here’s some photos of first days at North Stoneham Camp. […]

    Mike Small 26th Apr'16 12
  • English Culture
    Mike Small 25th Apr'16 49
  • Film and Animation

    Nowt so Queer as Folk

    There’s nowt so queer as ‘folk’: is the word folk useful anymore? by Jamie Chambers. The Folk Film Gathering – the world’s first folk film […]

    Jamie Chambers 25th Apr'16 4

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