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  • Brexit

    Non Negotiable Fish

    John Lamont talking tough whilst scrabbling about for credibility on BBC Radio this morning was as funny and as tragic as his colleague, the unfortunate […]

    Mike Small 20th Mar'18 8
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    Jamie Maxwell 18th Mar'18 21
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    Only Begin

    The Yes movement? A Renew movement? A movement renewed to renew a society that cares … argues Justin Kenrick

    Justin Kenrick 16th Mar'18 8
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    Now is the Time

    There’s a trope in early Hollywood: a girl, bound to railway tracks, an oncoming train. That’s the situation we’re in now: Brexit is the oncoming […]

    Simon Brooke 9th Mar'18 172
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    Scotland, Dark Money and the Prince

    As vans trundle around London in the crudest propaganda campaign for an insidious regime the Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman is welcomed to Britain […]

    Mike Small 7th Mar'18 2
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    The Reality After this One

    Peter Arnott suggests that Scottish independence, when it comes, will be ‘as natural as rain’, but we may have to wait until the Brexit plays […]

    Peter Arnott 6th Mar'18 137
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    Bordering On The Ludicrous

    Gordon Guthrie on the ongoing Brexit farce and the hypocrisy and shambles of the Westminster Government’s Irish policy. “We’ve got them right where they want […]

    Gordon Guthrie 3rd Mar'18 9
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    On the Road to Nowhere

    This was the Prime Ministers Road to Brexit speech, meant to be the crescendo of a series of public performances to put us all at […]

    Mike Small 2nd Mar'18 13
  • Brexit

    Crossing the Brexit Borders

    Contempt for the north of England, as well as the devolved nations is at the root of the Brexit crisis, argues Mike Small. As the […]

    Mike Small 27th Feb'18 6
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    In a Room with Brexit Secrets

    Over recent months few people can have missed the bizarre rigmarole UK Ministers got themselves into about the so-called ‘Brexit impact assessments’. First they were […]

    Patrick Harvie 25th Feb'18 5
  • Brexit


    March 1949. Four years after World War II and no end to austerity. Food rationing is still in force: a weekly adult ration includes two […]

    Paul Walsh 22nd Feb'18 9
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    19th Feb'18 3
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    Boris and the Freight of Terrors

    “I absolutely refuse to accept the suggestion that it is some unBritish spasm of bad manners. It’s not some great V-sign from the cliffs of […]

    Mike Small 14th Feb'18 9
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    Deluded Democracy

    In Fugue State Britain, feudal hangovers and anachronistic establishments mean power remains in the hands of a chumocracy dominated by Lady Mone and her ilk. […]

    Mike Small 3rd Feb'18 49
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