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    A Dangerous Narrative

    Lost amid the clamour of ‘Advice for the SNP’ articles – plus, of course, carnage in London, the Brexit fiasco and chaos at the heart […]

    Alan Bissett 21st Jun'17 87
  • #Indyref2

    Faded Yes All Stars

    As we debate Section 30, here’s a word for the jaded, the tired and the disillusioned. While some folk have been jubilant, many people (even, […]

    Mike Small 21st Mar'17 33
  • #Indyref2
    John Alexander Smith 20th Aug'16 25
  • #Indyref2
    Hannah Westwater 19th Aug'16 4
  • #Indyref2
    Danny McGregor 15th Aug'16 28
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    Mayday! Mayday! After Labour

    We need to talk about politics after Labour. The Australian politician John Howard said, of political campaigns: “You can’t fatten the pig on market day”. […]

    Gordon Guthrie 16th Jun'16 1
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    The East Renfrewshire Problem

    At the 2014 independence referendum, turnout in East Renfrewshire, one of Scotland’s leafiest constituencies, was 90 per cent. By contrast, in Glasgow and Dundee, the […]

    Jamie Maxwell 12th May'16 90
  • Economics
    Ronnie Morrison 12th Jan'16 41
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    The Day Before a Year Ago

    In Whisky and Scotland (1935) Neil Gunn wrote: “any effort on the part of any section – such as Ireland or Wales or Scotland – […]

    Mike Small 17th Sep'15 76
  • #Indyref2

    Reflecting on Generation Yes

    A newly politicized generation? We continue our series exploring the legacy of the referendum. As young voters worldwide increasingly fail to use their vote, Scotland […]

    Lindsey Macdonald 27th Jul'15 30
  • #Indyref2

    #Indyref2 Research Project

    In a short nine months we’ve gone from a national debate characterised by limitless inquisitive energy, with new forces, sub-movements and alliances spawning each day, […]

    Mike Small 30th Jun'15 74
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