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    20th Oct'17 7
  • Media

    A Rough Guide to a Rough Media

      Slightly better news from the OECD, if you can find it in the world’s most beautiful country On the morning that the Herald did […]

    Neil Blain 18th Oct'17 5
  • Antifascism

    Help Catalonia. Save Europe

    “What’s happening here, in Catalonia, is not an internal Spanish affair. It concerns to each and every European citizen”

    Mike Small 17th Oct'17 16
  • Events
    Griogair Labhruidh 11th Oct'17 7
  • Commentary

    How to Build (and Demolish) a Country

    As the UK slides further into economic and diplomatic farce a new aspect to the cause for independence has emerged this week. Among the hotly […]

    Mike Small 11th Oct'17 26
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    Beyond Taboo

    To celebrate the start of the Scottish Mental Health Arts Festival , Nadine McBay explores the very different pressures affecting men and women’s mental health […]

    Nadine McBay 10th Oct'17 0
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    A Platform for All

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    5th Oct'17 0
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    All Points North

    The Nordic neebors and wir brother Balts … Friday last the Scottish Government released All points north: The Scottish Government’s Nordic policy statement. An it […]

    Ally Heather 4th Oct'17 20
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    George Gunn 1st Oct'17 7
  • Review
    Màrtainn Sgioba Misneachd 20th Sep'17 25
  • Commentary

    England their England

    In The Lion and The Unicorn, his great 1940 essay on the nature of Englishness, George Orwell, in Hampstead, as the German Bombers flew overhead, […]

    Peter Arnott 20th Sep'17 36
  • Commentary

    Three Long Years

    “Ever get the feeling you’ve been cheated?” – John Lydon 1978 Three years after the biggest exercise in mass political education met a professional propaganda campaign backed by […]

    Mike Small 18th Sep'17 14
  • Commentary

    Devolution 20 Years On

    Twenty years on, devolution, which seemed a historic victory at the time, now seems an event marking a timid and low-aspiration politics. At the time […]

    Mike Small 11th Sep'17 14
  • Economics
    Andrew Mitchell 9th Sep'17 0
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