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  • Commentary

    Trigger Happy

    Yesterday was a desperate day for the Scottish Unionist bloc. Cornered, frightened and facing obvious defeat, the Conservatives, Liberals and Labour united to try and […]

    Mike Small 29th Mar'17 27
  • Commentary
    Alf Baird 18th Feb'17 133
  • Commentary

    Scotland’s Pompidou Problem

    As Douglas Robertson’s recent article on fifty years of failed ‘renewal’ outlined, we’re frequently in thrall to under-ambition, short-termism and low aspiration. Things don’t get fixed, problems […]

    Mike Small 29th Nov'16 29
  • #Indyref2
    Robert J Somynne 16th Aug'16 23
  • #Indyref2
    Danny McGregor 15th Aug'16 28
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    Tommy Sheppard for Deputy Leader

    Tommy Sheppard MP has announced tonight his candidacy for the Deputy Leader of the SNP, joining Alyn Smith MEP, Angus Robertson MP as well as […]

    Mike Small 15th Jul'16 17
  • Environmental Justice

    Fracking Posturing

    Do Labour actually want to see fracking in Scotland? Looks like it. Because a fracking free-for-all is the real risk of their pointless political gesture […]

    Joan McAlpine 2nd Jun'16 45
  • Interview

    Interview with Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh

    In an interview with Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh we discussed Women for Indy, the Yes movement, gender and religion, online abuse and political journeys. *** PLEASE GO HERE […]

    Mike Small 1st Jun'16 9
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    Present and Future Scotlands

    Skreak-tklik! Skraak! Gloopgloop ….. Btong! I Finding myself a candidate for a Yale seminar on PHOTOGRAPHY AND BRITISHNESS – anything to stop Simon Schama! – […]

    Christopher Harvie 31st May'16 15
  • Commentary
    Tommy Sheppard 30th May'16 25
  • Holyrood 2016

    Self-Immolation for Dummies

    With Labour facing an extinction event very early on poor Thomas Docherty declared it ‘self-immolation for dummies’ in a desperate attempt to shift blame onto […]

    Mike Small 6th May'16 32
  • Holyrood 2016

    SNP Manifesto for the Future

    Despite the slightly toe-curling Presidential style of the SNP 2016 campaign, there is much to be commended in today’s SNP manifesto. The vast arena of […]

    Mike Small 20th Apr'16 81
  • Holyrood 2016

    SNP Holyrood Manifesto 2016

    Watch Nicola Sturgeon’s introduction to the Manifesto: Read the full manifesto here. Full Bella commentary on the SNP – and all other parties manifestos to […]

    20th Apr'16 1
  • Holyrood 2016

    Both Votes Yes

    “Nicola Sturgeon for First Minister.” This is what appears on the regional – or ‘list’ – ballot for the SNP. At best, this is disingenuous […]

    Liam Stevenson 15th Apr'16 292
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